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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

MyGoal for2017

MyGoal for2017
Good evening my dearest friends, followers and viewers.
I thought I would share my weight loss goals! I believe I started when I
began this blog...It was a photograph that did it for me! Now I understand
why my lower back, neck and knees would always hurt, if I would do just a little
bit of exercise. Also if I would go to the market or just walking in the mall. I could
barely walk that far without being in a lot of pain in my lower back that I would have
to stop and always take rest-stops. The biggest thing that got me
was when I had to put my 501's away in storage. My shirts, shoes, and blouses too.
I couldn't fix in anything I owned. My husband being the dear that he is
went with me to the store to help me get clothes that I could fix in. It was
the worst day in my live...I was always a size 6-8 being only 5' tall most of my life.
Now in my 50's I have shorten to my great grandma nana' height 4' ll''. So it was
very difficult to find out that I had grown to a size 22. I truly understand what
women of size go through. And of all people go through trying to loose weight too!
It isn't easy at all...This is the reason why I decided to do this post, to try to help others.
I truly believe my weight gain was caused by a few reasons:
These are some of the reasons that I have thought of...
1-My depression, anxieties and panic attacks starting in 2006-7
2-Taking medication for so many years-since 2005 to present.
3-Cancer at 45years old...Lots of Meds and Chemo
4-Early full hysterectomy at only 46 to prevent my cancer coming back
These are just a few that I have thought of...
I'm not complaining. Really I'm blessed to be alive and happy too. It took a lot
of therapy; Mary1 since 2007-2009 then Mary2 therapy since 2010 to present...
So after looking at the photo decided I had to do something! Besides I couldn't fit
into any of my clothes. I had to put them all in storage. The kicker for me; I
discovered that I was heavier than when I was pregnant with my son
[weighting at 165-170 pounds] ouch!
weight 180 2014

How I started?
We got this thing called the 'Nutri-Bullet'. It is my key to losing weight. I couldn't
afford to join one of those fancy programs like that of weight watchers or many
others that are out there. I needed something easy and a free program to loss weight.
So my husband said to me lets try the Nutri-Bullet and we started in the spring of
2015. It hasn't been easy but losing weight never is...You have to make it a life style.
When I started this journey I had no idea how hard this journey would be and how heavy
I had gotten over the years. 
I think another trigger was; A couple of months before I had a bad panic attack and had to go to
the ER. When you are there they want to know your weight. My husband had been keeping
track and a log for me. So I didn't know it till that night which wasn't a good night. As you might tell that didn't
help my situation.
So I had to look at my husband about my
weight and I was very sad...the truth was told. After that he took me aside and said to me that
I had done very well, considering what I had weight before. He had told me that I had lost
35 pounds since we started the shakes of fruits and vegetables. And lite lunches no sugar to lite.
He told me that I had started at almost 180pounds; lost 35pounds; and now weight 146pounds...
not to bad! So only 31 pounds to go. It hasn't been easy but I would try this because it works!
And its healthily too. As for me I would make just the shakes with fruit and fresh or frozen
 vegetables. I usually have one for breakfast and other for lunch. I cut out almost all sugars. And grains.
2015 weight 147
In the summer of 2015 I visited my parents. It is this trip that also gave me a hard look at myself. Even though I have a wonderful time and I love and miss my family so very much. I found that I couldn't do much of the activity's like I would do before. This was very hard on my soul. When I got my photo's back from the trip it made me work harder that year.
Aug 2016 weight 145
Then in the summer of 2016 again we visited my family but this time I was able to walk longer and have much more fun doing things with my camera and the family without pain. It was all do to the weight on my small frame...

I also was able to get down to a size large shirt and large pants...They are still stretch pants but at least they are getting smaller. Over the almost 3years you could say I have found a new way of eating too. You see over the years I have found that I've also got a problem with digesting my food. So all these greens are good for me anyways. I the summer of 2016 I felt so much better. In the photo above I was coming back from the ocean taking photos...My stomach was much smaller too. And I could get around easier. I think the new hair cut helped.
December 2016
weight 140
However in December of 2016 I break the goal and I am on my way...I love to actually look at myself which I haven't been able to do that in quite awhile. I ask my husband to take a photo of me just so I could know what my hair would look like so when I need to get a hair cut again.
I had no idea that it would change the goal again...
And I would have the confidence to put it on my blog...
So here I am in 2017 at 140 pounds looking good...I have only
25 pounds to go! I may take the whole Year...But I hope I can do it.
It would be 3years that I have been on this journey...To loose 180 pounds to
goal of 115pounds...Which is a loss of 65pounds.
I will be updating this post as I loose weight through the year...
Please stay with me on my journey my dears. I also hope that my goals
may help any of you too! love You all WENDY...

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