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Friday, January 25, 2013

'Planting Hummingbird Flowers & the Zones to Plant them"-2013

'Planting Hummingbird Flowers'

 When planting hummingbird flowers. I've used the perennial flowers
for many years, because they thrive year after year. In the winter months
my flowers kinda go into a winter sleep & then when spring comes along,
they come back to life. Living in the Northwest - near Cana
da I've found 
that this has worked the best for me. But it really depends on where you live. The one thing you want to look for when you first go looking for hummingbird flowers is their planting zones - This is something that I didn't know much about when I first started my hummingbird garden. I hope to help all of you on this, so you won't go thru some of the heartache that I have gone thru over the years of planting flowers, that I loved - then when it came around fall to December they would all died.   
So first before I talk about hummingbird flowers & the different kinds
     of flowers, I am going to go over planting zones.      
Planting Zones ~

Zone 3 : -30 to -20 degrees
Zone 4 : -20 to -10 degrees
Zone 5 : -10 to 0 degrees
Zone 6 : 0 to 10 degrees 
Zone 7 : 10 to 20 degrees
Zone 8 : 20 to 30 degrees 
Zone 9 : 30 to 40 degrees 
Zone 10 : above 40 degrees

These are the planting zones that i hope will help you when you pick out 
your hummingbird flowers. I also will include a picure of a map of the zones to help you to.
As far as the flowers:
These are some of American's Award -winning hummingbird plants, 
I hope these plants will come useful to you in your own  hummingbird garden.......
Sparkler Blush Cleome - 2002 winner
Not your typical cleome, this hybrid was a breeding breakthrough when it was introuced -
Densey covered with pink flowers, Its more closely branched than other cleomes, giving it a denser appearance on a more compact plant - The airy  blush - pink florets attract not only hummingbirds but butterflies and bees too.
Quartz Bugundy Verbena - 1999 winner
The intense wine-colored florets will attract the hummingbirds first with their color,
then with their nectar, They have an improved resistance to mildew & will flower a lot longer than most many other vebeuas type of flowers. 
Note - these flowere will thrive in any container or hanging baskets.
Twinny Peach Snapdragon - 2010 winner
The shape of this variety of flower & colrful florets makes it especially
easy for hungry hummingirds to reach the nectar  - with their bewitching blend of 
peach, yellow & light and orange blooms. These snapdragons provide excellent 
coverage for both annal borders & containers.
Note: These are great floweres & easy care - exceptional tolerance to all climates too-
I've found they have even made it thru my cold winter months in the Northwest too.
Evolution Salvia of Many  Colors - 2006 winner
This vaiety expands the Salvia color range with its lilac spikes.
Hummingbirds, bees, & butterflies all love them & are attracted to the well - brached, 
robust plants -
Note- It comes also in a flower called 'Lady in Red' & 'Summer Jewel' variety too-
These are favorites of the hummingbird

Penstemon -  (zones 3 to 10)
These come in Red, purple  & white. Then reach heights of up to 4 feet, remaing in profuse bloom for 
most of all of the summer. They need full sun and well drained soil is ideal- 
(damp or rich soil may cause them to rot)
Butterfly Weed - (zones 3 to 9)
These beautiful flowers will dress up the wild part of your yard with summer -blooming
wild flowers in shades of orange & red. It will reach heights of 3 feet tall &blooms for most of the summer. 
Columbine - (zones 3 to 9)
These beauty bloom exuberantly in spring to early summer, the columbines comes in a broad range of solid colors and bicolors too .All  of these pretty flowers can reach heights of 1 to 3 feet high.
Cardinal Flower (zones 3 to 9)
This  beautiful flower is  - full of moisture & has all your favorite shades of red, pink, and white.
The flower grow to 3 to 5 feet tall and blooms for most of the summer.
Verbena - (zones 9 to 10)
You can expect this flower to bloom all summer long with the most beautiful colors -
The plants features spires of red, pink, purple or white and reach about a foot in height.
Keep their soil moist & dry conditions 
Coral Bells - (zones 3 to 9)
The Coral Bells needs reach, fertile soil - this is best for this type of flower.
Also they need partial shade which is ideal for this handsome plant. The Coral Bells are valued for their colorful, often purple - hue foliage - Then in late spring  the plant sends up pretty long lasting wands of tiny flowers. This is a wonderful plant- but I have found it to be a difficult one to grow.
Crocosmia - (zones 5 to 9)
This dramatic plant reaches up to 3 feet high & blooms in mid  to late summer, with fabulous red and Orange blooms - Moist soil is very important for this flower.
Bee Balm - (zones 3 to 9)
This flower is a staple in any hummingbired garden, and it has a fun shape to boot! Find it in
its traditional red if you can. It  also come in shades of pink, whit and purple too. 
But I have found that the hummingbirds love the red one the most.

Also the red flowers are edible & the leaves are too. You can use them for tea too. The tea taste kinda like mint tea.  The Bee Balm is my Favoite Flower flower & I have been growing them for about 6 to 7 years.
Red - Hot Poker - (zones5 - 9)
Terrific in mixed flower borders of smaller groups - dramatic red - hot poker plant grows up to 4 feet high and delivers bright plumes of red, yellow, orange and bicolors - For best results well drained soil is important for this plant - against rot in the pot - They do best in full sun 
Fuchsia - Annual
One of the most recognizable annual arounds fuchsia have dainty flowers that resemble ballerinas & hummingbirds will flock to the red, white, pink and purple blooms - you can find both dwarf and upright varieties but most grow  up to 6 - 24 inches 
These flowers thrive in baskets even in the winter months.
I hope that I've help in some of your questions in picking the right flower for your hummingbird gardens- 
And I hope that you share your favorite flowers and hummingbirds in my comments. I would love to hear what you all have discovered with these tiny Jewels-



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