Saturday, July 27, 2013

Goddess Danu

Goddess Danu
Life giver
Where Ocean meets land,
The Kiss of the salt air.
Queen of Spring.
Queen of Fertility.
The shinning jewel of Ireland.
I am enveloped in your mist,
your loving embrace a child coming,
happily home.
                                             Danu is the oldest Celtic Goddess known in Celtic times, her
influence spread far across the
British Isles and Europe, where the Danube River was named after her. There were even fewer stories that were told about Danu and how she had survived.
Yet the reverence in which she was held still remains.
It is told that those who worshipped her, the Tuatha de Danaan - the children of Danu retreated into
the hollow hills of Ireland when Christianity overcame into the oldways.
They, became immortal, in the hollow hills of old Ireland and the fairy folk and Danu's legend lives on as the Goddess of the fairies which lives on to this day.
Danu is the power that is in the land that never is to be over comed by mortals and her power is in the imagination of those who see magic in the twilight's mists between the two worlds-
"I am the force that turns the flower to the sun"

Danu is the Mother of Irish Gods, Link to the Goddess Don of Wales. Her tribe is the first of May.
The Tuaththa De' Danann battle the Fir Bolg, and eventually won an uneasy peace. In their turn the
Tuatha De' Danann were displaced by the mortal Milesians and retreated to the hollow hills, to become the fairy folk. The coming of the Milesians is likely Mythologizing of the christian conversion of the Isle that outside the pagan Gods and Goddess.
Danu is a Goddess of fertility and plentifully and there is evidence that the river
Danube is named after her.
A mother of the faeries, she is close to the land of the rivers too.
This is one of my favorite Goddess simply because that she is connected to the land of the faeries and is the mother of the faeries too. I love this goddess simply because she is the power that is the land that never is to be over comed by mortals and her power is in the imagination of those who see magick in the
twilight in the mists between the two worlds of the Fae and Ireland.
Goddess Danu
I hope you will find the Goddess Danu in your dreams and in the hills of your own backyard as I have..The Goddess Danu as the Mother of the faeries lives everywhere..
I truly believe that she lives on in our hearts and in the faeries that are still her force that make her a powerful goddess.

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