Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Family Christmas Story

A Family Christmas Story

Good afternoon my dearest friends, followers and viewers. I thought I would tell a family story for today’s post. I was thinking of different Christmas Holiday posts that I could do for you all, with Christmas just around the corner. I hope you enjoy the tale. I even got photos from my father to add to the story so you will understand it more when I tell it to you.

Here the tale of Matthew’s Christmas ornament-

It started many years back when I was Wendy Ross my maiden name. I was probably around, well I’m guessing but it was the house that my sister(Betty), brother(Matthew) and I were raised in Riverside Ca in the late 60’s and through the 70’s yes, I am aging myself. I’m thinking I was 12-13years and Matthew8-9years Betty10-11years. Remember this was ages ago!!!! Since I am now 56years old now heheheh! Anyway, we would always have a beautiful Christmas tree and my mum would let us my siblings decorate the bottom/middle part of the tree. One day while we (my sister Betty and brother Matthew) were looking at the Christmas ornaments, my brother had an idea I think? I think he asked my mum if he could make an ornament. Of, course this was a long time ago and it’s my brother story. So, I believed he found a loud & brightly colored kinda flat golden 70’s Christmas ball, that mum never used. Then a cute tiny elf that my mum did use. Once Matthew got mum’s OK with the two ornaments, it was time to create his master piece that has lasted all these years into a family Treasured ornament.
Today it is still a wonderful thing between my mom and my brother all through the holidays. And now that my mum isn’t as tall she can’t get to the silly ornament as easily as years ago, now that my brother is 6feet. However back in the day when we were young! Well, the [Flying saucer elf] as we sometimes called would end up many place on the Christmas tree.

As children Matthew, would put it as high as he could in the very front of the tree. As it caught on or as he discovered that it irritated our mom, he would do this very Christmas. And he would move it everytime my mum would move it in the back of the tree. This Christmas tale of Matthew’s Flying Saucer Elf continued on till we were teens in our second house. As Matthew grew! The Flying Elf got higher up on the Christmas tree much to my momma irritation but it was all in good fun!! Even when Matthew left for college, got married and became a father the Flying Saucer Elf lived on in the Ross house! Now in 2016 we are all grown up the three of us siblings Matthew 50’s Betty 50’s and Me 55+’s but were still very close with each other since that day. Our parents we are very close to all three of us, which we are very close to. And we are very blessed to have. They are healthy and happy. I don’t live close as I wished but I get to see them in the summer.


The Legend of the Flying Saucer Elf lives on in the Ross Family for generations to come…


I hope that you all

Enjoyed the Legend

Of the Flying Saucer Elf

Love you all


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