Monday, May 6, 2013

Black Dragons - Legend/Myth

Black Dragons
The Black dragon has a particular form of element that is based on their natural element that allows
them to adapted to any environment they choose that they are in based on the special natural element they have which is - (Energy)

These Black creatures of the night are part of the Earth Element family dragons-
They say that they are the most civilized race of the black dragons. Which make me believe that there are more than one type of species of the Black Dragon. I just haven't found they other Yet! But until then. Here is the history of this particular Black dragon.
For the black dragons of the East - Black is a Chaotic color  too. These dragons are said to cause lighting storms when they are fighting. 
These dragons are said to be Pure Evil.  The Deathwing is one of the fiercest and most evil creatures
in existence today. He has destroyed many ancient cities and often makes deals with intelligent races, trading members of his own dragon flight crew for slaves and humans. And other interests in conceal different worlds. 

They say that that the Black Dragons are cruel with callous looking features, almost serpentine looking for some of these dark dragons. 
The Black Dragons are quite large, thickly built with a massive chest and long, sensuous necks. 
It's hide is a rich and lustrous black with large scales that are supple yet hard as lava stones.
Black dragons do not shed individual scales, but rather molt once a year-
Usually by spending a week resting within a lava flow of an active volcano, which will peel off and consumes their discard skin, The skin of a black dragon nearing its molted grows dull grey.
Most Male- Black Dragons appear with their horns and wings in a shade of a orange or brown. 
Most Female- Black Dragons are black with their horns and wings being a purplish in color. 
But this isn't always the rule! There are some Black Dragons that are Black from head to tail. These dragons are using called Deathwings.
A crest made of peaked bone spikes run from its head down it back all the way down to his enormous tail. And those bristles that run down his entire back to his tail, well when the great beast gets angry all of those spikes will pop out.
His fangs shine a coppery red and deep inside its massive jaws is a constant sulphurous light that emits a faint glow.
Some  say that the Black Dragon has the most powerful breathe of the world-
So strong that they can create and sustain Blue and White flames. There are very few dragons of the race that have ever been able to do this- 
They are also very resident. Their ability to pull pure energy from their surroundings allows them to survive where other dragons would not. There is a rumor that there essence turns into pure energy 
when they succumb to a fatal blow or die at an very old age.  

Element Power of Energy in their Environment~
These Black dragons can transform the Energy they gather from the relationships between the living
things that surround them and translate it into a particular effectively spells. They are also expert at deception and hiding, which is why they are seldom found. If they desire to remain hidden from prying eyes of other dragon kin or even human or elves's - their abilities extend to objects which can leave their lairs and the items of value extremely difficult to locate.  

My Thoughts on the Black Dragon~ 
Black dragons are thought to be the most evil of all the other dragon race that I've have done. and I believe this will be true because of a number of reasons. 1) They have a deceptive way of doing things and are often doing these thing to meet their own needs. 
They are know as the Plight of the Land. Meaning they usually and are loathed by the people they live near. 2) When you think about it, Black Dragons are like the undead - And considered evil 
simply because of their color.
3) Black is know as a color of evil typically. It represents dark and the chaotic too. These dragons are also known for clearly not like being in the open and are great a hiding in dark planes or cave etc. Which clearly has given their name as the dark dragons.
But to sum this up in my own opinion. I believe that the dark dragon or Black dragons are evil . Even with all this with the color. It doesn't really matter.  
I hope that you also enjoy the images that I have found. 
The Artist have done a beautiful job 
as always. Note; they are not mine
Cynthias Fairies and me


FallingStar said...

This is a beautiful site, artwork and music is very pleasing for a peaceful and educational experience.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by they are the most civilized race of the black dragons. Have you spoken to them. If so where are they. “Been looking for evedince of real dragons to find them”. I like dragons and am drawn toward finding them. Don’t care if I don’t get to show them to the world when I find them. I’d rather not actually, mainly because the bad way people think of dragons

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