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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bad Dream~Happy Memory's for Kai

Bad Dream~
Happy Memory's for Kai-
I wrote this because you had a bad dream at 4years old about me dear son. You were afraid that I would leave you and go to heaven. That I would die soon because of the cancer. I told you many years ago, Kai remember that I will always be there for you even when I've gone to heaven. Always just look for me in my Story's I've written about you and your favorite friend Blue Monkey, look for me in all those Scape-Photo Books I've done for you and the ones we've done together. Look for me in all those videos we did together and all the Photo albums too. Look for me in the handmade quilts I made for you when you were very young. Remember the good times in my garden playing in the dirt and helping mum dig. Remember the good time we had riding your first bike and carrying all those huge rocks back home. The time I taught you how to climb a tree, playing water guns in hot summer days, learning to drive a stick-shift and learning to drive. Think of all those good times as a child, teenager and young man and I will always be watching over you! Remember all those memories we had together and I'll be right inside your heart and soul always. So I'll never really be gone when that day comes my son. I will love you forever Your Mum. Remember your Dad will be with you if this happens. Besides I truly believe that god has a plan for me to let me see you grow-up. Both of us your Dad and I. That's why we went through all the hard times with the cancer. Which is in the pass. I will always love you son and am so proud of you too. Your Mum...
Write By Wendy Yukihiro
I just wanted to share a little part of my life...Since you all have been so graces too me in following my blog these pass almost 2years .. Which I thankyou so very much. I love you all:o)
First time in 2004 - Then re-written in 2014...

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