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Friday, January 16, 2015


Spriggans in his tiny Form
Good afternoon my dear Friends and Followers I found a new type of Magical Critter for you all! It's the Spriggans! I have been looking for new and interesting new faeries, elves, dragons, and magical critters for you all my dears for the new year of 2015. I have found so new folktales too. That I will be doing soon. So now for the Magical Critters Spriggans, it seems that they can be quite small, but have the ability to inflate themselves into monstrous size when needed. This has led humans to believe that the are the ghosts of dead giants, that haunt the old ruins and catacombs in which their treasure is. They can be quite ugly and grotesques in shape and size when guarding their home and treasure. Spriggans are a group of magical critters that are very skilled in stealing, infamous in being villains and most often very dangerous. They have been blamed for the mysterious destruction of buildings, cattle, blighting crops and all kinds of unpleasant mischief. The Spriggans are said to be legendary creatures from the Cornish Faery Lore. These Faery Spriggans were said to be very grotesque, ugly and were found living in the old ruins mostly of Ireland. Faery bodyguards. As I had said before they are usually very small but since they are faery's the have the ability to swell up to enormous  size which frightens the average human who things the are ghosts of ancient giants. Some have even been as evil as to steal away mortal children and replace them with one of their own ugly changelings.
Spriggan in a tree stub where
they guard their Treasure
They would burrow into old tree stubs guarding their buried treasure and generally acted as
They are, also know for sending strong storms to blight crops of the humans. There was a story and it was said it was of an old woman who got the better of an band of these Spriggans by turning her clothing inside-out to gain their treasure. How did she do it?Well, it seems that by turning your clothes inside-out is just as effective as iron your clothes with Holy Water. It seems to repel the faeries very well! As far as their appearance they are described as short little men with very large feet, skinny body's, wise-looking features and a crooked body. They are often dressed, with pieces of stones. Since the Faery Spriggan don't have much of a chance in life, the adults are notorious child snatchers and if the have the chance, they will find a human parent-child to replaced with an unhealthy changeling baby.
Spriggans Dressed in Rocks
This seems to happen quite often in folklore in Cornish Ireland. So they would watch the newborns very carefully. These Creature Faery's will also cause illness, bad weather and intentionally lead humans into danger too. Now for a bit of history on the Spriggan's. The name was given to the family of faeries in Cornish Folklore and they are vey closely related to the Piskies. However, they are generally a bit darker and a lot more dangerous than their mischievous cousins - Piskies & Faeries. The differences are generally, whereas the Faeries & Piskies are described as being cheerful and fun loving. Spriggans are more spiteful, dark, very dangerous & full of malice. Also, they have a deep hatred toward humans. One fact, that I did find out as a common trait & their hatred, toward humans was how they 
would lead lonely human traveler into either swamps or near dangerous 
crumbling cliffs where they would lead them to their doom. 
The other was to frighten humans by expanding their small body's

Into Giants proportions -
 so that the mortal thought they were Giants. 


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