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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Mithero' of the Sea-2013

The Mithero' of the Sea ~
The Sea Mithero' grants life to every living thing, brings warmth to the oceans and calms the 
storms that bring sorrow to many an Orkney family~
She is the force that affects everyday life of the sea. The Myth of the Mithero' of the Sea is possibly one of the oldest surviving strands of Orcadian  folklore.
This is an old Orcadian Verse of Mithero' of the Sea -
Bit luck thee niver noo in vore,
cin man hear tale o' Teran
Rampagan' on da ocean floor, Fur
folk ir little carin
Hoo tullyas or brullyas, Fowt wi'
de great sea - mither' 
swordship gae lordship, Tae ane or else the tither'
   ~An old Orcadian Verse~

In all good tales of the Sea Mithero' the forces of good must have a bitter nemeses. Her powerful and Hostile rival is Teran, the spirit of winter. Teran's screaming voice is heard in the fury of winter's gales and in his anger can be seen in the mountainous waves that crash against the beautiful coastline that he destroys with his waves of foam and massive amounts of water. 
The Spring struggles to stay ~
Each Spring around the Vernal Equinox The Sea Mithero' returns to Orkney to take up her summer residence in the Sea. 
Her return prompts the beginning to the 'Vore Tullye', the Spring struggle - which is a fierce battle against Teran, that lasts for weeks and will manifest itself in devastating storms that curn the sea into a boiling froth...
The result of this conflict is a foregone conclusion. The Sea Mithero' has returned, refreshed and strong always triumphing over her terrible adversary the Teran. 
Once overcome, Teran is bound firmly at the bottom of the sea and thus begins the Sea Mithero's beneficent reigns.
She immediately sets to work restoring the damage caused by Teran.
She stills his violent storms and calms the raging Seas. Warmth and life return to the water. Only interrupted by the occasional squall caused by Teran as he struggles to break his magical bonds set by - Mithero' of the calming of the Sea. 
The Autumn Tumuft~
As winter approaches and the equinox grows nearer. The Sea Mithero' grows exhausted by her labours over the summer months and is forced to confront Teran again. 
Breaking free of his shackles that had bond him thru the spring and summer - another battle was on.
"The Gore Vellye" or  Autumn Tumuft" - ensues. 
But this time, Teran emerges victorious, gripping the islands once more with his terrible embrace.
His foe banished, Teran once again reigns~
He is Supreme and for a while every living creature must submit to his tyrannical rule.
During these dreadful days of winter, The Sea Mithero' Mother is able to hear the cries of every drowning man from their ships in the raging seas, and the only thing that consoling her is the knowledge that when spring arrives, she will return refreshed and invincible - and will  prevail again as it always been. 
I hope that you found this story as interesting as I have. I love the stories of old Celtic flavor to it..

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