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Saturday, March 21, 2015



Good Morning my dear Friends & Followers and Welcome
to Saturday's TipsFromtheGarden!
I hope that you all have Enjoyed my post every Saturday
on Gardening Tips that I started a couple of months ago?
 At least I know I have had fun bringing you these wonderful and
fun tip for the Garden and lots of these I have used myself!
For today's Saturdays Post I found a fun one for your Gardens,
This post is called the Underground radio to bring music
as plant therapy to your plants and flowers. 
The story is about a family planting a garden on a 
warm Saturday afternoon, kinda fitting since this is my Saturday 
Garden Tips. Anyways the family was at their 
grandparents farm and were going to help with 
the spring planting of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce which
the come and do every spring on the farm.
As they started to plant the veg's, their Grandfather
brought out his small portable radio, thinking it would 
help with the heat of the day and help with the gardening to
go faster too. Also he loved his music too.
Besides he had heard that music helps plants grow faster. So
while they all were planting the garden at his farm they would
sing along to the radio music that their Grandfather brought
to the Garden. It made the much more fun for the family.
When the time was to water the plants they gave the hose
to their grandfather to water all the new plants that they had planted that day.
When all was done one of the daughter of the 
decided it would be a interesting idea to plant the radio with 
the plants so it would help them grow faster.
So while everyone was watching her grandfather water the
plants, she dug many small holes throughout the backyard of
the garden, before she realized she only needed only one to plant the radio. 
So she filled up all the holes including the one containing the one
with the radio, which she made sure the volume was turned
up on high so all the plants could hear the music coming 
thru the dirt. After she covered all the extra holes and the
hole that had the radio on high in it, she could hear the 
music nice and loud. It was her Grandfather that noticed 
that his radio was missing and asking if they had seen it?
Well we could here the music, however since I had made
so many holes and area's of place where I had buried the 
radio they couldn't find it, we could only hear the music. 
They couldn't  find it and the sound of the music got faint as the 
night came on. Soon we couldn't hear it at all. But they Grandfather
was upset at first, however, then he began to laugh.. 
The next season their grandfather had the largest, tasty, tomatoes,
cumbers and heads of lettuces of all time on his farm.
From that point on they always passed it on with the family for generations, 
adding a radio in the spring Vegetables as

another plant. 
I hope that you all enjoyed the Saturday post 
Love you all my dears Friends & Followers 
Have a wonderful weekend my dears 

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