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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Lilies of the Valley
For today's TipsFromtheGarden I thought I would give you some Spring tips For 2015.
With February almost at its end and March around the corner we are almost there!  So my dearest Friends & Followers I hope that you are all ready as I am for Spring!
I know that I have been ready since December hehehe. So here we go... Tips for Spring for 2015...
1-This one is probably for more fall but its a good one still, you hollow out your pumpkins and fill them with cracked corn and birdseed to give the ground feeding birds a special treat! Although watch out for those squirrels.
2-Another good one is an turkey baster to water your delicate plants or your starter plants that you have started from seeds indoors. It prevents you from overwatering or flattening the tender plants.
3-If you like the woodpeckers, this is one way to attract these amazing birds. You can plant a dead tree in your yard and then turn it into a bird buffet. How? After you make sure it is secure, you can drill 1-inch holes along the trunk and then fill them with suet and peanut butter. Also you can attract more by nailing in a few oranges, apple halves too. have fun!
4-Another idea to help support your spring plants that will be coming up soon, like even the tomato plants is by saving your old shoestrings and soft fabric in long strips. This way you can use these instead of harsh string on your delicate new plants...
5- Recycleling egg cartons can work very well for starting those first seeds for spring!
Simply fill the compartments with good seed-started soil. After you have done that you can add your seeds. I would only put one seed to each compartment. This will give the seed the better chance to grow into a tiny plant to replant later.
6-Another great idea, you know those expensive kneeling pads at the garden stores? Well why do that when you can just use a cheap piece of old carpet as a kneeling pad and it sometimes will work even better. Also you can cut it to the size you want too!
7-We all love tomatoes or least most of us! so this one is for the tomatoes lovers...
I would have problems with my tomatoes not making it to the end of the summer to that beautiful RED! they would either be very small or barely pink. Then the critters would eat them,like the squirrels and slugs. So I found this hint; I hope it will work for you all and me too! Slip sandwich bags over the ripening tomatoes and seal each bag near the stem. This way the critters can't get to them but they can still get the sun. I hope it works for you all...
8- I have another one for you Tomato lovers! If you find that your Tomato plant is looking a bit sad, put a tea bag or two into the pot cover it with some of the dirt and add some water. You should see improvement in a couple of days.
9-  Another idea to help your tomato plants is by planting a marigold between them, it seems to help with keeping the aphids and other bad insects away...
10- Trick for taking pictures of the wild, find a spot in your backyard or porch that your comfortable then be patient/still. Once you become part of the environment the birds wit go about their routines and you'll get the best pictures ever!
11-As for taking pictures the best time is early morning and around 4 to 5pm. The light is ideal and the wildlife is too.
12-I found a new great flower that the birds/butterflies love; its the purple cone flower seed heads. I am going to try a few this year too, I guess they come in a varieties of colors too. but the bold colours are the best! Why? because they are the most Fragrant happy planting!
13- If you love the hummingbirds like ME! plant trumpet and honeysuckle vines. these tiny wonders love these plants because they are full of juicy nectar.
14- Hint for your birdbath, if you place a few pennies in there it will slow down the algae buildup.
15- This one is Great! To keep those nasty flies away when you are outside doing your barbecue, I found a great hint for you all. plant the herb savory in some pots around your porch and you won't have that problem anymore! You see Flies don't like the smell of this herb. I know that I will be looking for this herb..
16- Well I haven't had this problem but that doesn't mean that some of you! out there might have. So we have to agree that bunnies are cute, but not in our gardens eating our veggies so hear is another hint to help; I you plant again the marigolds around the perimeter of your vegetable garden it should work?
17- Lastly To protect your perennials from the harsh winters, cover them with either wood-chips or the leaves that have fallen all over the ground it will truly save you plants.

Well my dears Friends & Followers I hope that all or some
of these Spring Tips of 2015 will help you all!
I love you all very much 

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