Sunday, January 3, 2016


Good Afternoon my dears, it's been so cold these couple
of days, I have been very concern about my tiny friend
Rosy. It has been between 20 to 25 degrees outside which is 
very cold for us Washington's - basically, it's freezing here in
Kent Washington. I just wanted to
let you know about my tiny friend Rosy
the Hummingbird that has made his home here for the last almost 10years even when there is terrible weather like 
snow, freezing weather, flooding pouring rain, and winds that have gone up to 65 to 75 miles here in my small apt. Rosy has always 
lived near my porch side, protecting it as he always does even in these freezing temperatures of 25 below sometimes. I saw him this morning after I brought his feeder outside so that it wouldn't be frozen ice food as I always do in these cold winter days. If you have a hummingbird that has made his/her home in your backyard, garden or porch always make sure you have food that is not frozen.
These lovely creatures feed in the morning sunrise and just before sundown so you need to keep the food out for them, after that you need to put the feeder back inside so that it will not freeze. I do have a few tips for you all since I have been looking after Rosy for many years now. I hope these will help your tiny friends that might have made a home in your area if it happens to get cold like me or even colder. 
1-If you have any hummingbirds that live with you in the conditions that I have mention to you, one way to protect the food from freezing is to make a large sock that will go over the entire feeder. Also, I always use plastic feeders, not glass! Why the glass will crack in the winter. You must do this because the food with FREEZE!
Rosy on a very cold night 
I have done many stories on my Rosy but in the time of very cold weather I wanted to help the hummingbirds and you folks that might have a few hummingbirds that have stayed over in your yards during the colddddddd! Winter! So now you can have the tools how to keep them safe and have food fro them all winter long. The feeders that I use during the cold/raining winters are plastic. You can us metal too, however, they
are harder to keep clean and they will rust easily--very bad for the hummingbirds. Glass with crack and that is a mess. I also check me
feeders every other day.To make sure that they are clean from the mold. Also, when the temperatures get down to the 20's and teens you have to check to make sure that your food nectar has not frozen on them. You must remember that this is their only source of food during this time. There are no flowers around for them to get the nectar to give them the source of food they need. 
If you need the food nectar recipe, that I have posted many times but you might have missed it my dearest friends, readers and followers Well, here it is;
If you need the food recipe that I had posted before-And you might 
have missed it my dearest readers, friends, followers too.
4 cups of water
1 cup of white sugar
1 teaspoon of pure orange extract
Boil the 4 cups of water first, then add the 1 cup of white sugar til
all sugar is dissolved. let boil for 1min then cool completely. After
cooling add 1 teaspoon of the pure orange extract. Then put in a plastic container to keep in your refrigerator till needed.
I hope these tips will help you all with your own hummingbird in these winter months Wendy...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Father Time

Oldfather Time~
I thought since we are into the new year I would
start with a few legendary legends such as
Oldfather Time. Before the holidays, I got lots of
feedback on urban legends so I thought I would start with
the Father Time/Father Christmas legend. It is said that in the
ancient times of the Romans they
would celebrate Saturnalia which was a week-long harvest festival in
December to honor Saturn. It was likely that the festival was influenced by the Christian people and their traditions, the year
354AD, when Pope Liberius ordered that December, 25 be
observed as the birthday of Christ. The Pope Liberius then cited
Father Christmas
the precedent of Saturnalia, which probably in the hope that
the new holiday would divert attention from the pagan revelry.
This is why the images of Father Time & Father Christmas plus the
passing of the old year and the coming of the new have
all come to be associated with one another over the centuries.
Here's to the bright New year And a fond farewell 
to the old; Here's to the things that are yet to come
And to the memories that we hold. -Anonymous-
So what better way to start the new year with a bit of history, trivia, myth, murder, incest and intrigue, Well that is what some say with the legend of Oldfather time--Father Time--Old Man Time--Aka Old Man Time--Father Christmas.
It is usually said that Father time is depicted as an elderly bearded
man, dressed in a robe, carrying a scythe and an hourglass or other timekeeping devices. Sometimes he is pictured with an infant or young child to symbolize the coming of the new year!
However, there are over ways that Father time has been depicted too. Have you noticed who he resembles? Well, I think the Grim Reaper is one to synonymous with death, which is sometimes depicted as a figure in its own right. Father Time, Old Man Time, and the Grim Reaper and Death the same person?
So the question is?
If you want to know where Father Time originates are it is from Greek Mythology.
The 2 greek gods with the similar names
Cronus -- Chronos
1-Cronus was one of the descendants of  Gaia, the earth, and Uranus, the sky, With his siblings they made up a collection of deities known as the Titans. Cronus being the youngest and also their leader. Cronus envied the power of his father Uranus and with the connivance of this mother Gaia, he ambushed Uranus. Using a sickle made and provided by Gaia, he castrated Uranus and threw his testicles into the sea. Thereafter Cronus ruled with his sister Rhea as king and queen. Appropriately, he was and is usually depicted with a sickle in his hand. The period of his rule is known as the Golden Age. The festival of Kronia was held in his honor and to celebrate the harvest, suggesting that he was also the patron saint to the harvest.
Cronus had been told by Gaia and Uranus that he would be overcome by his own son. To stop this happening as soon as rhea gave birth to a child, Cronus pre-empted the prophecy by swallowing his unborn children. By the time she was due to give birth to child number 6 Rhea had had enough, She enlisted the aid of her mother in law Gaia and together they hid the sixth child in a cave, where he was raised either by a goat or by Gaia  depending upon which version you wish to believe. Cronus was given a stone to disguised as the baby and swallowed that in the belief that it was his son. The baby became the God Zeus. When he grew to the God Zeus he used an emetic to force Cronus to disgorge as the babies he had eaten, who had remained alive. The war that followed saw Zeus victorious with Cronus being imprisoned for eternity.
2-Chronos was a very different entity to that  all around good guy, Cronus. 
Long before Cronus, before Gaia and before Uranus, the universe was unformed, a mass in the shape of an egg. In addition to the cosmic egg, there were also the primordial hoods Ananke and Chronos, sometimes written as Khronos. Ananke was the primeval goddess of inevitability and necessity and had emerged fully formed at the beginning of time. She had a serpent's form. Chronos was the time god, also, serpentine in form but with three heads, that of man, a bull, and a lion. Chronos and Ananke wrapped the egg in their coils and squeezed, shattering the egg and thereby creating the earth, sea, and air. Chronos and Ananke remain forever entwined within the universe so created, being the forces of fate and time. The younger gods then created are said to be controlled by them. An alternative version holds that Chronos impregnated  Ananke who then laid the cosmic egg. Eros hatched from the egg and created Chaos from which came Gaia Uranus, Tartarus the abyss and so on. Whereas Cronus, the evil guy, was considered by the Greeks to be a tempestuous force of the chaos and disorder, Chronos, the God of time controls the past, present, and future of everything.
Although most frequently depicted as a young man, Chronos was  sometimes pictured as an old wise man with a long white/gray beard. His name in modern Greek means 'YEAR' and his name has given rise to such words as chronometer, chronology, chronic, anachronism and
is where I found this article have a look if you like;
Father Time; Similarity of the names Cronus and Chronos are believed to have resulted in a blurring of the distinction between the two, the confusion causing the time god to become depicted as an old man with a scythe. The sickle used by Cronus and Saturn has become symbolic not of the castration of one's own father but of the unrelenting flow to time. It was the sickle or scythe which had emasculated Uranus/Saturn thereby enabling the next
generation to rule the cycle of birth-life-death. Sometimes Father Time is depicted with an hour glass, symbolizing the flow of time. Time's elderly body and long, white beard are reminders that time itself is a devourer of all things. Nothing can escape time. Nonetheless, time also gives serenity, experience, and wisdom.
The downward flow of the sand in the hourglass and the loss of the body's vitality is balanced by the upward flow of the spirit  the increase of wisdom of the spirit and the mind. The young bull and the old bull of words
The Grim Reaper: From the 15th century onwards, Death has been depicted as a
skeletal figure that carried a large scythe and clothed in a black cloak with a hood. He has also been termed as the Angel of Death, Stemming from the Bible too. The image of the Grim Reaper, aka Death, comes directly from the combined image of Chronos and Cronus.
The Grim Reaper is sometimes depicted as being accompanied by a crow too.
It may be that in ancient Greek culture the crow was somehow associated with death, perhaps because crow pecked at the corpse on the battlefields. It is also true that the greek word for crow means 'Corone' sounds much like Cronus and Chronos. By the Middle ages, there were many engravings of the Grim Reaper which depict a skeletal 
Figure holding a scythe and the 
hourglass with a crow nearby. Also, you must
 not forget the lady Morgain too.
Well I hope you enjoy my first post of the 
a new year with I hope I will have many
more for you to come 
Happy New Year 
Love you all very much
your friend always 

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