Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Lung Dragon

-The Lung Dragon-
Good afternoon my dearest friends & followers. Welcome to my humble blog. I am going to bring you into the world of the Lung Dragon of China. I found the tale of the lung dragon very fascinating so I hope that you do too, my dears. I also find the dragons of china so interesting because they have been around so long ago. 
The Lung dragon of China lives in the sky during the summer and hibernates in the deepest lakes during the winter. It has the likeness of nine other beasts, so the Lung Dragon is an enormous. His appearance of these nine other beasts were the head of a camel, antlers of a deer, ears of a bull, throat of a huge snake, paws of a tiger & finally the claws of an eagle. As for the scales of the Lung Dragon well, they are very different than your average dragon. You see they have scales of a Carp, not your usual shimming scales. The carp scales number up to eighty-one, this being nine which is the number of a dragon multiplied by itself & hence the luckiest of numbers. Under the lung dragons throat the scales are reversed & beneath its chin there is bright pearl scales. These are the most fortunate of gems because its the source of the dragons power. These pearl scales has the power & charm of multiplying anything that they come in  contact with. So it anyone was to find one of the Lung Dragons pearl scales it would be like finding the lotto in ancient times. Why? you might ask... Its, because if they place the pearl scale into anything like that of a purse of gold, the purse will be overflowing the next day. Another example would be, if you were in need of food for you family. Just place the pearl scale in a empty sack of rice the same thing will happen as the purse. The voice of the Lung Dragon is an beautiful mix of chiming of a gong. Some said, that the lung dragon was deaf & the meaning behind his name was so. However, it has not been found or proven to this day. It is true that the lung dragon had no ears but it would gather sounds through its two horns(of an deer/horns). On each side of its mouth are whiskers & on top of his head too. It is said that since the lung dragon has the Poh Shan, the wooden foot-the rule without which he can fly into Heaven. When its breath escapes it forms the clouds in the sky, which sometime become rain & then changing into fire when the dragon breath meets the dampness it becomes bright... When the lung dragon meets the water it becomes flame-This dragon flame can be extinguished by ordinary fire. The dragon is fond of roasted swallows for their food, however swallows which are offered in sacrifices when it rain is needed. These Dragons are also fond of arsenic too! The lung dragon also, fears the large Centipede leaves of the lien tree-Melia Azedarach, the Blue-Flowered Bead or China berry Tree & Chinaberry Tree & Silk thread dyed with the five sacred colours. Lastly the lung dragon is also afraid of iron because it said that just one iron needle or lance will kill the dragon.
So, my dears I hope that you enjoyed this tale of the Lung dragon of China.. I found it to be interesting and fun.
I hope you all have a fantastic day
Love you all my dears

Saturday, May 28, 2016

'Encountering Sorrow'

Qu Yuan
'Encountering Sorrow'
Good Evening my dears and Welcome to my blog. Tonight I have
A ancient Chinese poem that is beloved by the people of china.
I didn't get to posting to late today because I did a bit of house-cleaning
on my blog. I went through my music box an make sure all the songs
are working. And checked all the Video posts to make sure that
they have all working video's on them. I do this once a month
because it seems that the music box needs to be checked so that
If you want a peticuliar song I want you to be able to play it.
and if you find a video on my blog I want you to be able to watch it.
So this is why it takes a entire day but I feel you ALL worth it!!!.
So my new Post On the writer Qu Yuan from ancient China
Qu Yuan was famous for his many poems that he wrote in ancient times in China.
Many of his poems described his search for a new Master worthy
of his gifts..One of Qu Yuan most beloved and famous poems was called
'Encountering Sorrow'
Even today the people of China treasure this one poem of
Qu Yuan. So to honor the man & his poetry I give you his most
famous poem of them all
'Harness winged dragons as my chargers
Build my chariot of ivory and jade
How can I stay with those whose hearts are cold to me?
I leave on a far journey to rid of them,
Saying thus, I took the road to Kunlun Mountain,
Along, long way with many a winding turn
The cloud-sewn banner flapped wildly above us
and the jade yoke-bells jangled merrily

I set off at dawn from the Ford of Heaven
And by evening came to the worlds western end.
Phoenixes followed me, bearing my pennants
soaring high aloft on majestic wings.
'See, I have come to the desert of shifting sands!
carefully I steered along the banks of the Red water then.
Calling the water-dragons to make of themselves a bridge
I summoned the God of the west to take me across

I tried to curb my monthly steeds and slacken their swift pace
But they soared high up, far into the distance,
we played the nine songs and danced the nine dances
Snatching time for pleasure and dalliance.
But when we had reached the splendor of the heavens
We suddenly glimpsed below our former home
My grooms heart grew heavy and our (dragon) steeds for longing
arched their heads back and refused to go on.

Enough! There are no true men in that land, none to comprehend me. Why should I cleave to the city of my birth?
Since none is worthy of my services is good government
I will go and join Peng Xian in the palace where he abides.

Well, that is the beautiful poem of Qu Yuan
I hope that you all enjoyed it
Love you all very much

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Jade Palace-

The Jade Palace-
The Jade Palace
Good Afternoon my dearest friends & followers I am so glad that you all have been enjoying my post these pass few months. And that you like to come and visit my humble blog. Without you all I would be able to stay here. For my next tale I found in many of my favorite dragon books-this tale about the Jade Palace is very ancient so it was very difficult to find an image for you. I did find some that were with the Disney story with the Panda Bear 1-2 & now 3 in the theaters. However I wanted to find something that had to do with the true Jade palace. After looking for about an hour I did find a few that I will share with you along with the tale. I hope that you enjoy the story. Wendy.
'The Jade Palace'
'In ancient china, there was a palace that was built entirely of Jade. Surrounding the Jade Palace was five cities. There was one centre city that surrounded all the other four cities and the Jade Palace too! Around the Jade Palace you can see an range of twelve towers that have nine gates between them on each side of the towers. There were also nine rings of smaller mountains that surrounded the Kunlun Mountain like it was the palace city walls.
It is said that the Kunlun Mountains are a haunted monsterious abyss, that also contains the Ruoshi River. This Ruoshi River is very usual water, meaning it was crimson in color. What this meant in those ancient times was that not even a feather would be able to float upon the usual fast moving crimson river. Hence it was often said that the only way for an mortal to reach Mount Kunlun was to ride on the back of a Dragon.
Hence then he or she could go beyond the abyss which was rings of fiery mountains which burned day and night. Also there was huge lighting clouds that burst over head. The cliffs of Kunlun were so steep that only the craws of a dragon could climb the mountain of Kunlun. To the northeast of Jade mountain was the beautiful Peach Garden. In this Peach Garden was an latter, so one could climb up into the heavens above. This is what the Yellow Emperor would do often, to refresh his spirits by visiting the enchanting Peach trees within the Garden.
Inside this amazing garden which was tended by Xiwangmn, the

Queen Mother of the West, a beautiful but often wild & capricious Goddess. The Queen mother's garden contains very special everlasting peach trees which bloom only every 3,000 years to bear its magick fruit. The Chinese Goddess/Queen Mother of immortality. In her Magical orchard of Peaches, she grows the most fragrant peaches that they can be smelled from miles away. It is said that her peaches has the power to bring peace to those who can smell them & if one is so lucky to get ahold of these magical peaches, it will grant you immortality. Just one of the Queen Mother's Peach Trees will bear fruit every 3,000 years [which takes another 3000 years to ripen]. When the Queen Mother Peach Trees are ready, it is usually held with a great feast to celebrate her birthday. At the time, all that were invited were all the immortals of the Gods to share her peaches of renewing their spirits. Also the Goddess/Queen Mother would make a very special drink of an

elixir from her magic peaches to renew their immortality. Well, this is the true story of what they might of
basic the Panda Disney movies on... I am not sure so don't quote
me on that. But there is a lot of similarity to both tales.
I hope you enjoy the tale.
Love you all my dear friends and followers
Your friend always

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