Friday, June 24, 2016


More Rain & Less Snow
Due to Climate Change-
Good evening my dears friends and followers with another of my climate Change warning posts...
As I said before I had did quite a few of these in the past when I was on sites 10years ago
and I thought since the world is seeing more and more of the changes that I wrote about
I would try to do my part by doing a few post here and there to help prepare all of you around the world. Hence it is all around the world that it is happening. All you have to do is turn on your TV or your laptop and its there. So for todays its about how we are having more rain than snow in the states. I sure that it is world wide too. I just could find a app that shows everywhere and for that I am truly sorry. In the next post on climate Change I do have some that are more on more world wide.. Its just when you are in the Us its hard to find them.. I still would think the same would apply everywhere.
In many locations in the States it seems the snow season is getting shorter and shorter. Less snow because of weather not being cold enough. So besides the rising seas we have the Rain to deal with too. Snow is much easier than rain. You see without the snow season, it will change our economic, recreational and environmental area's with huge consequences. And it has already has felt the environmental in many of the northern area's of the states.
However, even though our world is warming year by year, snow still will fall in some areas. The question is how much & how long will it stay. What some scientists say happens, when snow falls it will likely change as greenhouse gases build up in the atmosphere. In the scientists findings, they discovered the Northwest and the upper Midwest are the climate regions seeing the largest decreases in snow fall over the past 66 years. So basically we are getting more rain on land and the oceans from the melting ice glaciers. Doesn't look good sadly. But then again I was writing this stuff 10 years ago and it didn't seem like anyone believe me. How that is happening they are starting too. I hope its not to late to stop the BIG FLOOD OF RISING SEAS?
It would appear that rainfall is happening in specific parts of the states. The decrease of snow is happening during -October-November & March-April when warming temps are causing more rain instead of snow. Some might think that less snow is good but it truly has an effects on the environment that we don't realize, besides the business side - there is additional rising of temperatures earlier in the year when we don't have a snow season. 
Another problem is place depend on that snow for water resources to stretch sometime by the summer time. Which hasn't happen in years with having so much raining winter's and no snow winters these last couple of years. And I don't think things are going to change any time soon sadly.
Another good thing about snow, that we are missing these last couple of years for our environment is-It is a great insulator. What this means it helps keeps soil moist during the winter, rather than exposing it to the bitter Arctic winds that can dry the soil out or just turn it all to running mud or worst land slides of mountains all over the world.

At any rate I hope these few posts will help all in the near future and now too.
I love you all very much and I do see what happens around the world.
Yur friend always ... WENDY

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Baku Dream Eater

Baku Dream Eater-
Good Afternoon my dearest friends & followers, Today I thought I would bring you into the world of
Japanese folklore/urban legend. They have so many different stories that are so interesting, so I hope that you like them too! This one is called the Baku the Dream Eater. Which in some ways I could use this spirit if it is a good one. You see I have had bad dreams most of my life and I take medication to stop the bad dreams, which works most of the time. When I started doing the research for this post I tend to look for the images first, this gets my interest going. Then I look-up the legends. I found many different kinds of images of the Baku Dream Eater. Some were even a bit scary as other were more kinder looking. So on with the tale of the Baku Dream Eater of Japan.
In Japan if a child wakes from a nightmare, he/she knows what to do. They been told by their parents or grandparents of the Baku dream eater if they were to ever have a nightmare what to do. And this is what the children of japan do 'Hugging their face in the pillow after they awake, the child will whisper 3times- Baku-san, come eat my dream. Baku-san, come eat my dream. Baku-san, come eat my dream. As you see in the drawing to the left, if the child's request is granted, the monstrous Baku will come to the child's rescue and suck the bad dream away. However, a word of caution- You must remember that the Baku is a monster and cannot be summoned without consequences. What I mean by this is: If you happen to summon a hungry Baku, he might not be satisfied with just a single dream and suck away the child's hopes, ambitions & soul along with the bad dream, leaving them hollow.
What is the Baku Dream Eater-
From what I could discover, the Baku Dream Eater is said to be a legend according to
Japanese. As to how it was created, one legend says, it was the Gods of Japan when they were finished creating the animals of earth- they took all of the odds and ends lying around - then put them back together creating the Baku Dream Eater. What the Gods of Japan ended up with was your classic Baku- the body of a bear, the nose of an elephant, the feet of a tiger, the tail of an ox and the eyes of a rhinoceros. But of course there is the dark side to everything, as there is to the Baku the Dream Eater. As I said earlier in the post, the Baku eats all dreams, not only night mares. This includes dreams of aspirations, dreams of your future and dreams of hope too.
History & Legends of the Baku Dream Eater-
As for the History, legends, & folkloric of the Baku Dream Eater, there are many different creatures of the Baku that have changed over the centuries. It was said in some of the most ancient Chinese legends, the Baku were hunted for their pelts. Why? Well, Some said by using a blanket from a Baku, was a Talisman. And it could be used against illness & other malice evil spirts too.  However, due to the lack of the unavailable Baku pelts and hunting the creatures were eventually none to find...
The Baku was change to an image of the Baku over the bed to afford you equal protection.
During the Tang Dynasty 618 -907, it was very popular to have folding screens that were decorated with the Baku Dream Eater to protect the Emperor & his Dynasty. Later the legend of the Baku  transmitted to Japan. This is where the beast became associated with the Dream Eater Monster Baku that is best known today.
Since the Tang Dynasty the Legend of the Baku Dream Eater has stayed consistent with Japan.
However, I did discover in this post and my research of the Baku Dream Eater that there are not just one way of summoning the Baku. Yes, there's a variety of ways.  

1- In Fukushima they say, if you wake after a bad dream and say, 'I give this dream to the Baku'
    Then that dream will never trouble you again.
2-Other ways of summoning the Baku is if you repeat, 'Baku-san, come eat my dream' three times 
    in a row'. He will come eat your nightmares, A word of caution- You must remember that the Baku is a monster and cannot be summoned without consequences. What I mean by this is: If you happen to summon a hungry Baku, he might not be satisfied with just a single dream and suck away the child's hopes, ambitions & soul along with the bad dream, leaving them hollow.
3-During the Muromachi Period of Japan-1337 to 1573, it became popular for people on their
   death bead to hold an image of the Baku as a Talisman.
4-Finally during the Edo period 1603 to 1868 there were pillows in the shape of the Baku Dream Eater, that were said to protect the sleeper from bad dreams.
Baku Dream Eater in Modern Japan-

Many of the legends have faded away in time, but the Baku Dream Eater has not. It is still a
popular figure in Modern Japan.
It appears in many modern animations, comic books, trading cards too, Although in appearance they look more and more like authentic tapir and less and less like the folkloric monster on the ancient times.
So that is the tale & legend of the Baku Dream Eater of both China and Japan. I hope that you enjoyed the tale.
Love you all. Your Friend Always... Wendy.. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

August 2015 Last Years Vacation-

August 2015
Last Years Vacation-
Well, I thought I would write a bit about my vacation last year and of course put a
few images and home video's too. Since my vacation is coming up very soon. Yes, as of
July I am going on vacation to visit my Parents and entire Family Yeah!
I do miss them all so much. The images you will see is a bit of what I did and
what I will do a little be again. Because some of these places are truly my favorite places
on this earth beside my family. I will include a few images of my family and of course my
father and his Moka. I wish if you could to say a pray for my big loveable yellow lab, he has a eye
infection and has for a couple of weeks. It isn't getting better so we could use some prays that
he gets better soon. I will be showing you all the famous Redwoods - the Corescrew which is one enormous Redwood that has grown together 5 trees. It is truly amazing to see. A zoo and so much more. I hope you enjoy the pictures and few video's of my Vacation of last year. I am sorry it took so long to get it together I hope it doesn't
take as long for this one that is coming up

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