Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Ice Dragon - Legend/Myth

The Ice Dragon 
by George R.R. Martin.

The Ice Dragon was a  crystalline white, that shade of white that is so hard and cold that it is almost blue. It
was covered with hoarfrost, so when it moved its skin broke and crackled as the crust on the snow crackles beneath a mans boots, and flakes of rimes fell off.
Its eyes were clear and deep and icy.
Its wings were vast and bat-like, colored all a faint translucent blue, Adara could see the clouds through them, and often times the moon and the stars, when the beast wheeled in the frozen circles through the skies.
Its teeth were icicles, triple rows of them, jagged spears of unequal length, white against its deep blue maw.
When the Ice Dragon beats its wings, the cold winds blew the snow swirled and scurried and the world seemed to shrink and shiver. Sometimes when the door flew open in the winter, driven by a sudden gust of wind, the householder would run to bolt it and say, "An Ice Dragon flies nearby."
And when the Ice Dragon open it great mouth, and exhaled, it was not fire that came streaming out, the burning sulfurous stink of lesser dragons.
The Ice dragon breathed cold. 
Ice formed when it breathed, warmth fled, fires guttered and went out, shriven by the chill.Trees froze through to their slow secret soul, and their limbs turned brittle and cracked from their own weight.

Animals turned blue and whimpered and died, their eyes bulging and their skin covered with frost.
The Ice Dragon breathed death into the world; death and quiet and cold. 

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