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The Secret History of Mermaids-2013

The Secret History of Mermaids-2013
In In this discussion I will cover the history
Myth, Legend and truth of the Mermaid. I hope
That this will help clear up some questions about
History Of the many ancient centuries ago in our oceans.
 The Mermaid legend kinda goes like this to some but most believe that they are still swimming deep in the un-charted oceans hiding for good reasons:
Mermaids are reported all over Europe. In Ireland they are called

Irish Mermaid 
Marrows or Murirruhgachs, in Cornwall, Merrymaids, in the Shetland Islands. Sea-throws. While the Germans on the Rhine called them Meerfraus. The Scandinavians call them Navmands
And the Russians, call them Rusalkas. Reports of mermaids go
right back to the Ancient Greeks and continued right up to the end
of the 19th Century.
There have even been a few in the 20th century. Perhaps we need to look at mermaids in a different way. In most
Stories/Myths/folklore and legends of the Mermaids & Mermen,
The female is sighted-Yet there are a few reported of mermen too.
Whereas logic would say there should be as many reports of mermen as they're are of mermaids.
In many mermaid stories we are told they come out of the sea and to marry fishermen to because they wanted a different life style, but always ended up going back to the sea, but not all mermaids.
Which is a very clever trick, because when they come to shore they
are able to come as women without their beautiful tails. The ancient Greeks called mermaids "sea nymphs' or nereids and described them  as simply as nude women who swam in the sea, similar to a
reported sighing in the 19th century, on September 8, 1809 a school
master in England wrote to 'The Times stating that twelve
years previous he was on the shore of Sandside Bay when he saw a naked women, he made no mention of a fish's tail. It seems he only change his mind when he realized that when she sat where it was dangerous for swimmers. Another question he may have asked himself was, what was a naked woman doing swimming in the sea in the 19th century in Britain? 
Such Behavior
Reports of mermaids having legs are not that unusual. In Ireland
old tales claim that the mermaids lived on dry land below the sea. 
There have been also many reports of mermaids of having two tails
or different forms of tails too...
The key to making sense of all these tales comes through the
story of a Dutch seaman called Hamel.
He was on a Dutch ship, "Sperwer" that was wrecked near the Korean Island of Cheju in 1653. Where he and the other
survivors of the wreck spent ten months on the island.
On returning to Holland, The Captain wrote a book about his
experiences and claimed that there were mermaids on the island.
There have been reports of women divers working on the coasts
and islands of Japan going back as far as 1500 to over 2000 year
ago. These women dive for shellfish, seaweed, starfish, octopus and
of course mostly the different varieties of pearls. [white. pink, yellow, and black are some that I have heard of]
They do this all year around, even in the winter then the water
temperature Is down to about 50'F. The women have been known
to dive as deep as 30-Meters which is 360 feet in the ocean and stay underwater for over 3-minutes at a time. The food that they gather
while they are swimming these depths are placed in a net that's
strapped around their waists. Many of these women mostly from
Japan will keep on diving up to 60years of age sometimes even
higher. It just depends on their heath and luck with the sea Gods... you might say.
In the past they only dived in a loincloth but in more recent times
they use more modern flippers, face masks and snorkels. Scuba
gear was banned by the authorities as they feared that the use of
modern equipment would over fish the area.
In Korea they allow wet suits but are banned in Japan.
There are a few male divers as well as but women are able to work far longer in the freezing cold water that the average man.
In the 1960's western journalists discovered these divers and
topless photo's of some of the more attractive women appeared in magazines and books. Yet it seems these women were not just half
naked-bimbos, swimming in the warm shallow waters of a tropical sea. They are tough working women. A clue to how tough they are comes from the fact that they are both Chinese and Japaneses mermaids.
'dragon - wives'. The Cheju-do women are referred to by some Korean women. It seems that while the women are out diving, the men stay at home and look after the children and house,
In the extremely 'macho' society' of Korea, these 'tough' women and their 'weak' husbands are an embarrassment to their family life/society. For this reason at one time no documents exist about the women divers in Korea. because historically records concerning them were forbidden.
It suggests that because of this embarrassment of the women doing
a tough job better than the Male. It could, patriarchal institutions
which have kept silence about the women divers. This would also be true in other countries as-well.
Now the water around Japan%Korea are fairly cold but North of
Japan in the Ussuri Territory, there was also once a local tradition of professional women-divers.
Even in these freezing waters women divers would continue to go diving even in the autumn months.
Then is the 1920's the Russian authorities began to use more
modern diving gear and motorboats that were equipped with
dredges. Needles to say, when they adopted modern equipment the area over time - became over fished until all shell-fishing was banned in 1960...
Demonstrating the wisdom of the Korean's and the Japanese
authorities in banning modern equipment for shell fishing.
According to the late Jacques Cousteau there was once a
woman who dived completely naked for clams and crab in
Tierra del Fuego. These islands are at the most southern point of
Southern America in waters of 42' F. So how is it that women divers are able to dive in very cold waters.
In much the same way, marine animals like dolphins and seals have a many layers of extra skin to keep them warm. The fact that women can survive in these waters was proven again by Lynne Cox in 1987. This American woman swam across the Bering Strait from the U.S. to the Soviet Union with water temperatures down to 38'F. She achieved this without a wet-suit, wearing only a normal swimming suit, cap and goggles.
In the sporting world we are used to men out performing women, yet there is one sport there women now out perform men, the sport of the marathon open water of swimming. 
The first woman to swim 21 miles across the English Channel, was Gertrude Caroline Ederle of the USA. 
In 1926 she broke the record held the fastest man by one hour and fifty-nine minutes, in site of having to battle through heavy seas in the second half of her swim. Since then the record for the fastest channel swim has been held at different times by both men and women.   It seems that the longer the marathon swimmer, the easier it is for the women to beat the men.
Another sport where women can out - perform men is the very modern sport of 'free-diving', that is to say, diving without the use of air tanks. This sport has surprised scientists who have found that in deep dives the bodies of trained free-divers reacts exactly like that of a marine mammal. Where the human heart beat goes right down until it barely beating at all. The water pressure crushes the lungs until they are the size of a can of soda, without the ill effects
to the divers. Then what little oxygen is left in the body, it is uses that to keep the heart and brain to keep it just barely ticking.
This is exactly what happens to the bodies of whales and dolphins
when they deep dive.
This makes the human body more than capable of dealing with
the problems of deep diving. As we can see the following info...
On August 17, 2002 a new free-diving world record was set by
Tanya Streeter, at a depth of 160m/525ft in a total time of only
3mins and 26 seconds. This dive shattered the previous women's
No Limits World Record held by a Canadian - Mandy-Rae Cruickshank  who's depth was [136meter's/ 446 feet] and even
surpassed the men's No Limits World Record of [154meters/505feet feet held by Frenchman Loic Leferme.

I we assume that mermaids are in fact women divers, then it meansthat the many sighting of mermaids indicate a post tradition of
women divers throughout
Europe, [as well as America before it was conquered by
Europeans.] What is more,
Judging by the sighting of mermaids this tradition must have
Continued into the
19th century. However this leads us to another mystery.
If this was the case, why do we not read about it in our history
books? Why was it kept
a secret? We can get a clue to the reason from historical accounts
dating back to
Medieval times. Where there were bizarre stories of priest who
encountering mermaids on the sea-shore, would course them as
devils and threaten them with eternal damnation.
The mermaids usual response was to burst into tears. These stories
only sound weird if we take the traditional view of a mermaid. If
we assume that mermaids are women divers then it makes a lot of
sense and gives an insight into the Christian Churches hostility to these working women. It seems that the mermaids were associated with witches as being evil women [reminds me of the crazy times of the salem witch hunts in 1500's to the late 1660's if only those crazy old men could have been show the truth of their most evil and most inhuman ways. More people would have lived through sickness and stand of died if they would have had a more opened minds!!!] & we know what the  Christian's leaders did to anyone, that they though that had to do with natural herbs, and healing on their own. [Which in my opinion I would much rather have the medicine of any woman of highly trained in herbs then those crazy English men!].
It seems that the mermaids that were associated with these women that were accused to be an witch, were also given the same mark as being a evil woman as we all know what the Christian Churches heads/ mostly men but some women would do to women back in the day!
The infamous witch hunts of the middle ages completely wiped out our profession of women healers and herbalists, allowing this vocation to be taken over by the male doctors. Also to be remembered is that until the 20th century women were discouraged from doing anything to do with medicine, except the lowest paid menial jobs.
Or to work with no pay as a housewife...
The Question remains are Mermaids Real?
The answer is Yes! Even with all the Scientific studies of women
who can dive at
such amazing depths and have been doing this for century's and
for all the different
sighting of the mermaid... There is so much in this Big Beautiful
Blue Planet that
we haven't discovered and some of it will never be dis covered for
I believe some should be left alone and this happens to be one of
Also there is so many different variation of how people think the mermaid might look; Here are a few...Enjoy!.


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