Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Joy of Faeries1

The Joy of Faeries-
Below are Many different Images of of all kinda of Faeries
that I have found over the course of many years..
I love all these Beautiful paintings, photographic, digital painting & drawings
of these many Faeries. All of these are from many very Talented Artist's
that are so amazing, they are able to make dreams come to
Reality in their paintings..  Enjoy..       Thank you again
to All the Wonderful Artists that have created all these beautiful 
images for all of us to enjoy... Wendy

Elves & faeries 
Elves & Faeries
The Mystery of the Elves 
 The Mystery of the Elves
The Mystery of the Elves 
Shy Elf 
Beauty of the Elves  
 A Dark Red head Elf 
Thank you to the talent of the Artists!
 Faeries & Elves 
Faeries & Elves 
Faeries & Elves
 Beauty of  Elves 

Magick of the Elves 
 Purity of the Elves  
Water Fairy 
Tiny Fairy resting on a mushroom 
Sleeping Fairy 
Female Dryad  Fairy
Faeries & Elves 

 Enter the world of Faeries & Elves

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