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The Browney Fairy

The Browney Fairy-
I've heard many folklore, fairytales and Novels about the Browney fairy.  It's interesting in my first discoveries of this tiny human like creature, which is not really much like a fairy  is of British
origin. Then I did a little more search on the Browney's, I did discover that they are truly of  Scottish descent .
I first encountered these wonderful creatures, [note: the Browney must not be annoyed or taken for granted! I will go over this more in detail later on in the post!]  when I was reading a wonderful book called Fablehaven by Brandon Mull . If you ever get a chance to read any of his books you will be wrapped up in some of the best fantasy writing you've ever read. Any time you ever would like to look up something you are more than welcome to use my search button and my Amazon search to find different books that you may be looking for while you're  on my blog. It is for my readers YOU!
The personality of of the browney fairy is described as being very quiet and to themselves. They are very small in height and dressed kinda shaggy but to them, that is their style. And they don't
want anyone telling them how to ware they're clothes  or how to style their hair.
They have a more human looking trait to them , than that of a fairy. These Browney Faeries don't
have wings, in some instances they don't have a nose but just have two nostrils. This is what makes these browney Faeries rather odd little creatures, both in their personality and their appearance. Sometimes these Browney Faeries will have their fingers attached with a web or even  joined completely together. Apart from the thumb.
Lifestye of the Browney Fairy-
Human Families that know they have a Browney fairy are very proud will protect their Browney.
It is said that these tiny creatures with these human like qualities in
appearance and lifestyle will bring the family that it is connected to good luck and good good fortune to the home.
But outside of the home , one must be very cautious! with these tiny creatures. As they are prone to be mischievous when they are annoyed!
But when you do have a happy Browney Fairy in your home, you are in luck, they do all kinds of household things for your home.
These Browney 's are mostly industrious type of Fae spirits of the household they are connected too.
What this means: These Browney fairies would do duties like - ploughing, reaping, grinding the grain from the fields, cleaning the homes, barns & churning the butter. Of course this was in ancient times. Basically these tiny Browney fairies will gladly perform any household task for the home that they are attached to [that's why they are called Browney spirits] .
All these tiny browney spirits EXCEPTED! IN RETURN-
I found these to be very peculiar fairy spirits. They are attached to a family but they don't want anything other
that the food return. Well actually they demand a special type of food in return. They would rather live in shaggy clothes and do things the old fashion way like they did in the ancient times. Curious creatures-
I would image that you all are probably wondering what it is that these curious creatures as I call them, demand as payment for their duties. Well, these browney spirits feel that they are entitled to a bowl of the best cream and fresh baked cakes or bread. These foods or course should ALWAYS! BE PUT WITHIN THEIR REACH AND THIS TO BE LEFT OUT EVERY NIGHT FOR THE BROWNEY SPIRIT. EVERY NIGHT!
Now if these Browney Fairies spirits don't get their Nightly Bowl of Cream - Cakes - and Breads. They can be very hot-headed, bitter and outraged with their family which they preform these enchanted household duties. So if you are so lucky to have a browney fairy living with you, always have a bowl of the best cream, the best cakes and fresh bread for your browney every night where they can reach and have plenty of it to eat. This will assure that your Fairy Browney will be happy.
Note: If you ever offer a browney spirit any other form of payment - like money etc. Especially if you take
pity on them by giving them new clothes. This would be an insult to the tiny creatures and you would never see your Browney again.
Another insult to the browney is if you were to ever criticize anyway or form of their duties or the work they do for you! If this is ever done you could be setting yourself up for a disaster. And what I mean by this is- Your browney spirit will not only undo everything they have done to the home but they will also destroy everything in the home as well.After that they will vanish.
So keep an eye out if you find anything in your home clean-up for no apparent reason. You might have a Browney Fairy...
note: the images are not my. But do enjoy the artist who 
have done a beautiful depiction of the fairy browney..   

Magic of Photography2-Hawaii 2011

Magic of Photography (2)
Trip to Hawaii in 2011
 Hawaii 2011
Hawaii 2011
Hawaii 2011
Coconut Tree in  Hawaii's  2011
My favorite Tree in Hawaii 2011
 Windsurfer's in the Hawaiian surf 2011
Cool plant in my families backyard 2011
The beautiful ocean surf in Hawaii 2011 
Close-up of my favorite tree that is above 2011 Hawaii  
Another plant from my families yard....

Hawaii 2011

Redwood Forest Photography1-Redwood Forest 2011

Redwood Forest Photography (1)
Artist Wendy 2011

Redwood Forest 
Redwood Forest 
Redwood Forest 

Redwood Forest 
Redwood Forest 

 Redwood  Forest 
 Redwood Forest 
Redwood Forest 
Redwood Forest  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Peri Fairies

Peri Fairies
In this post I am looking into the Tiny Peri Fairies. These tiny faeries are known to be from ancient Peria. These tiny winged female nature spirits are so beautiful that it is said that they shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.
Peri Fairy
Peris Fairies are usually always female too! Before the coming of Islam, Peris Faeries were held responsible for catastrophic nature events such as comets, eclipses of the sun and huge crop failures of land. 
With the advent of Islam, the Peris Faeries were deemed to be fallen angles, who repented of their transgressions too late to be restored into Heaven.
Tales are told how the Prophet Muhammad was sent to convert them to Islam. In the earlier Zoroastrian faith of Persia. The Peris Faeries were thought to represent the light and good forces of nature that constantly at war with the dark and evil forces called Deevs. 
There are tales of the Deevs that have captured these beautiful Peris fairies, and have locked them in iron cages at the very tops of old growth forest. They were sustained by eating the odor of perfumes that were brought to them by other Peris that looked after them, until they could figure away of releasing them. 
I found theses faeries fascinating myself. Its Probably due to the  fact that they are both heavenly and have a bit of a dark-side too. I have always known I have had a little bit of a dark-side, probably due to the last 8years of discovery and my health. Anyway. I hope that you all enjoyed the post. Wendy..  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Adhene Fairies

Adhene Fairies
The Adhene fairy is  known as the Manx Fairy. They are also called the Cloanny Moyrn Fairies - Which means Children of the Pride.
These fairies are not your typical fairy. You wouldn't find them in a old growth Oak forest or even your own backyard. The Adhene fairies are more a Dark Fae. And have a bit of a bite to them. 
In many folklore and legends of  these type of fairies, it is said they were fallen angels that were
exiled from heaven along with Satan who at one time himself was an angel too!
The legend goes-
"When they fell, they rained down from the heavens in a thick shower that lasted for three days and three nights. These fallen angels lived in the earth the air and the sea. They will continue to live in these places on the earth until Judgement Day.
They are not like the small English Fairies but are very shy; usually female. You can see them playing in waterfalls and dancing on mountain tops. Adhene Fairies are very beautiful, probably due to the fact they were once angels. But even though they may be angelic in their appearance, they are very mischievous too.
Overall the Adhene Fairies are mostly benevolent, however they are some who are more sinister who ten to go to the dark side of the Fae. 
The Adhene Fairy lives apart from all other types of fairies. The reason I say this is because of  their lifestyle and living quarters. For example: These fairies seem to like the dark deep caverns that have some of the most evil and scariest creatures within them, the heaviest fogs, and the darkest places they could find. They delight in causing misery to others. But it is believed that these fairies cannot harm a being on the earth, if one is on an errand of Mercy. (Since they were once angels) 
So if you ever find yourself walking along at night on the Isle of Man and you don't happen to be on an errand of Mercy. 
As the old legend tells, you must watch your step for the benevolent Adhene Fairy. 
So you might want to keep the old legends pray on hand-
It is always recommended to chant this prayer when you find yourself walking along at night on the Isle of Man-
"Saue Jee Mee Voish Cloan ny moyrn"
('God save me from the children of the pride')   

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