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Wendys Magick Creature Collages1

Magick Creature Collages-
These are works that I've created over the
years of different pictures of some of  my favorite Artists. 
I hope that you will enjoy my creations.
And the Artist that provided they're amazing art work   

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Magic Power of Blue1

Magic Power of Blue
Photos below are of different interpretations 
of the Magic of Blue.All are in the form in paintings,
photographic photo-shop, digital painting,
 Magic Power of Blue
Magic Power of Blue 
Magic Power of Blue 
Magic Power of Blue 
Magic Power of Blue 

Magic Power of Blue
Magic Power of Blue  
& drawings too. Many are from Talented Artist who are able to make are dreams come True. Thank you to all the talented Artist who have created all these beautiful images for all of us to
Magic Power of Blue
Magic Power of Blue 
 Magic Power of Blue 
Magic Power of Blue
Magic Power of Blue
 Magic Power of Blue 
Magic Power of Blue 
 Magic power of Blue 

How to Get Rid of Mold off Your Bee Balm Plant

How to Get Rid of Mold off Your Bee Balm Plant-
Mold thrives in areas where there isn't any air circulation and sunlight is very low. On the Bee Balm's and on
 Powdery mildew
Powdery mildew 
your Roses this can happen quite offend. The name of the mold is powdery mildew . It can be an unattractive taint on any plant. The Bee balm flowers/Roses are exceptional  susceptible to any kinda mold called powdery mildew.
Luckily with proper treatment and care you can safety and inexpensively get rid of these terrible powdery mildew on your Bee balm flowers/Roses without having to loose your favorite plant.
Note: I know this because I've gone through this myself with my own favorite Red Bee balm flowering plant, that I've had for many years. Although this year since we had a early bloom on the bee balm's and them the June thunder storms and heavy rains and winds it was to late for my Red Bee balm to be treated for the powdery mildew. I had to basically cut it all back for next year. But for you lucky ones I have what you will need to save your plants-
I will included a few photos so you will see what the powdery mildew looks like too-
This is what you will need-
1) Baking soda
2) Dish washing liquid soap
3) Bottle sprayer 
4) Clippers
5) Trash bags 
1) First you need to get a set of good pruning scissors and prune the infected areas of your bee balm plant. This will increase air circulation and will reduced any more chances of the powdery mildew to grow on your plant. It also directly removes any of the mold and can be incorporated into regular pruning through the summer months till late Sept early Oct.
2) To make your mixture to rid the powdery mildew from your bee balm, you must combine 1gallon of cold water, 1tbsp. of baking soda and several drops of dish washing soap ( I would use dawn soap). Mix the contents well to form a soapy mixture. pour into your spay bottle.
3) Spray the mixture onto your infected areas of you bee balm, covering all the leaves, the tall stems in which the flowers are connected too, especially those that are thickly covered with the powdery mildew. This makes it impossible for the mildew to continue to grow.
4) Continue to spray the mixture everyday, twice daily if needed, until the mildew disappears completely. You must check the plant often even after all mildew is gone, so that it does not return. If it does - repeat the previous steps above.
5) Another trick is too Fill your spray bottle with cold water, then add two to three coves of crushed garlic. Spray the garlic water directly onto the bee balm at the first sign of the powdery mildew. This will ensure that the top and bottom of the leaves are covered with the solution and that you may not have to go through the first few steps..

When pruning your Bee Balm Plant /Roses with the powdery mildew - the tools can spread the mildew, mold spores to your other plants. So you must clean all your tool and trash all trimmings from your infected plant without it touching any of your other plants. Yes this is very contagious disease mildew for plants.
I would have a bucket with a mixture of one part beach to four parts water ( I would put 2 cap fulls into the gallon bucket - but don't fill to the top. fill 3/4 high or less depending on how many tools you use). Anyway this will kill any of the mildew spores and help prevent any spreading to your other plants or to the rest of your garden.
Watering the Bee balm/Roses  in the morning will allow the sun to quickly dry it to reducing the chance for the powdery mildew to create its spores on your plant and to build-up on your plants too.
I hope that all of my hint will help you have a healthy garden and rid you of the nasty
Here are a few examples of healthy bee balm of different varieties..
 Red Bee balm 

Purple bee balm 

Lavender bee balm
Orange bee balm 
Red bee balm in pot  
 Snow White bee balm 

Red bee balm 

A Legend of the Dragons Kings

A Legend of the Dragon Kings
Long ago, there were no rivers or lakes in China. Rain fell from time to time to the peoples 
crops, but the only large body of water in the world was the Eastern Sea.
At the time this body of water was home to the four Chinese Dragons Kings-
The Black Dragon, The long Dragon, The Pearl Dragon & the Yellow Dragon. Who later 
gifted the Emperor Fu Hsi with the vital secret of writing!
All of these dragons, like everything else on earth, were under the rule of the 
Jade Emperor, who is also known as Father Heaven, or the August Personage of Jade
He lived with his court in his heavenly palace that lies far above the clouds and from there, 
he over saw the affairs of the world-. 

Now one day, the four dragon kings had risen out of the sea to fly around in the sky, 
when the Pearl Dragon suddenly noticed that everything was not as it should be on earth. 
All the people had grown very thin, for there had been no rain 
for a long time, and their crops were withering 
and turning yellow in the fields.
The Pearl Dragon saw them putting out fruit, cakes and other offerings 
as they prayed to the Jade Emperor. 
"O, Great Jade Emperor, " called out one particularly thin woman 
who was carrying a little boy on herback," Please send us some rain so that we may grow rice for 
our children to eat!" 
When the Pearl Dragon pointed this out to the other Dragon Kings.
They all became greatly concerned.
The Yellow Dragon exclaimed, "these poor people are sure to die if there is no rain soon!
"We must as the Jade Emperor for help at Once! suggested the Long Dragon. And
so  all the four dragon kings sped away up into the clouds to visit the
Jade Emperor  in his heavenly palace,
but the Jade Emperor was not pleased to see the
four dragon kings- he was enjoying listening to some especially
delightful fairy music.
The Long Dragon King stepped forward and said," Your Majesty, I beg
you to send some rain to the people quickly, for their crops are withering
and dying in the fields."
But the Jade Emperor wanted to continue to listen to the lovey music, and so he
pretended to agree to the Long Dragon King's request.
"Yes, all right," he said. "You four go back down to earth and I will send some rain tomorrow."
The Four Dragon Kings were happy with this answer, so they returned to earth.
But nearly two weeks passed by,
and not a single drop of rain had fallen,
by now the people were getting so hungry that they were trying to
eat the grass and roots in order to feed themselves.

The Four Dragon Kings felt very sorry because they  realized that
this time the Jade Emperor had not pain any attention to the
problems in China.
It was up to them to help solve the problems of China.
So they all wondered what to do, and eventually the
Long Dragon King
had an idea as he gazed at the Eastern Sea.
"There is so much water in this sea where we live," he said. Why don't we
use that to help the people? We can scoop it up and spray it toward the sky.
Then it will be just like raindrops!"
The Three other Dragon Kings agreed that this seemed
like a good plan, but they were all worried because they knew that
the Jade Emperor would be angry if he discovered that
they had helped the people without asking his permission.
"Well, I am happy to risk the anger of the Jade Emperor," exclaimed the
Yellow Dragon King.
"Indeed," Agreed the Black & Pearl Dragon Kings too.
"We must do anything necessary in order to help the people."
So the Four Dragon Kings flew back and forth, scooping up the water from the sea
in their mouths and with a noise like thunder, carrying it far over the land,
where they sprayed it all over the earth.
The people below were very happy
that it was raining at last, and they came out and danced for joy!
Soon the rice and wheat and sorghum in the fields started to look a lot healthier.

But the God of the SEA had been watching what the Four Dragon Kings had been doing
and he reported what he had seen to the
Jade Emperor.
The Jade Emperor was outraged that the Four Dragon Kings had acted
without his permission and he soon called out his heavenly generals and troops to
arrest the Dragon Kings. Soon the Four Dragon Kings were brought back to the
Jade Emperor' heavenly palace.
"Fetch me Four Mountains", the Jade Emperor told the Mountain God.
"These Four Dragons must never escape to disobey me again!"
And so it was that the Mountain God summoned up four great mountains, and
pressed them down on the Four Great Dragon Kings, one in each part of
But the story doesn't end there-
The Four Dragon Kings, weren't about to let the people of China
go without water ever again. They were determined that even with the
Jade Emperor's summons on them, they would transform themselves into-
First rivers in China
Flowing out the four mountains - The Black Dragon became the -  Heiloug Jian -
in the far north;  The Yellow Dragon became the - Huang he or the Yellow River-
in the North: The Long Dragon becomes the - Chang Jiang or  Yangtze River in the centre part of
China- While the Pearl Dragon became the Ahu Jiang or Pearl River  in the South.
Those four rivers are still flowing to this day ind
       by Ernest Drake

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mysterious Fantasy Women1

 Mysterious Fantasy Women-
Below are many different images of kinds of Fantasy Women
that I have found over the course of many years...
I love all these beautiful paintings,photographic photo-shop,digital paintings & drawings
of these many Fantasy Women. All of these are from many talented Artist's
that are so amazing,they are able to make dreams come to
Reality in their paintings... Enjoy..  Thank you again
to All the Wonderful Artist who have created all these beautiful works of Art...
Fantasy Woman
Fantasy Woman 
Fantasy Women
Fantasy Women
Fantasy Woman 
Fantasy Women
Fantasy Women
Fantasy Woman 
images for all of us to enjoy... Wendy
Fantasy Woman 
 Fantasy Woman

Fantasy Woman 
Fantasy Woman
Fantasy Woman
Fantasy Woman 
Fantasy Woman

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