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Where Do Fairies come from? How many different kinda Are they?

Where Do  Fairies come from? How many different kinda
Fairies are they Really?
Celtic Fairy
Celtic Fairy
Celtic Fairies may be seen as the clever, mischievous and capable of assisting or harassing human endeavour. And English human translate phenomena. They have dozens of language that they can understand, from Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, cornish and Breton. More confusingly they also can understand ancient Celtic Myth Legend Saga and Folklore; Celtic concepts of all different kinds of fairies of that too. Many 
characters form depict diminutive or pygmy persons. These Celtic Fairies generally are often invisible or can become so at will often by donning a magic cap. They prefer to live underground, especially under hills,caves,burrows, mounds or heaps of stones...
Another common theme found among the Celtic Fae is described among the 
fairies race is of diminutive people who have been driven into hiding by the invading of human kind. Yes us HUMANS! The Celtic Fae came to as another 
race, or possibly spirits and were believed to live in an Otherworld that was variously described as existing 
underground, in hidden hills, and mostly ancient burial mounds. A less-common belief was 
that the fairies were actually humans; one folktale recounts how a woman had hidden some of her 
Celtic Fairy
children form God, and then looked for them in vain, because they had become the hidden people ,
the fairies. This is parallel to a more developed tale of the origin of the Scandinavian huldra Creature.
I found that in the very old Celtic fairy lore the sidhe fairylore are immortals living in the ancient barrows.
I thought to understand these Celtic fairies, we should first have a look where they first came from and 
from what I guess most fairies roots are. I found that in Celtic mythology and other Celtic 
traditions many cultures and civilization have started with the Celtic Fairy.
In the Celtic religion, there was Celtic deities in Gaul -France and Belgiun, Hispania -Spain and Britannia
 Britain during the Roman occupation of these regions or provinces. But the situation changed when Christianity spread to the west and north. These deities that were worshipped before the 
conversion to Christianity were reduced to the status of the fairies in Celtic mythology and Folklore. 
These earlier Celtic traditions of the fairies, the former Irish or even the Welsh deities were also not 
fairies in the usual sense. They looked very much like human in size and shape except they had 
special magick powers and they weened eternally young like elves; They had no wings
So were getting into another race of the magick that i love The Dananns or their Welsh 
counterparts were usually seen as a race of Fae people that couldn't die just as mortal can, but their lives could 
last hundreds or even thousands of years. Of course the human leaders in the Christian faith had
problems with this. thinking they were with the devil of sorts the elves and fairies. And of course
those stupid humans were crazy... if only I could have been back in those day. Well  thank god for 
time.. for those beliefs are no longer shared today. for the most part.  

The Solitary Fairy
There are many different kinda Solitary Fairies, such as the House-spirit and the Water-sheerie
which is the own brother to the English Jack-0'-Lantern; the Banshee in many
The Leshy or Leshovik keeper of
the Forest
different forms; concerning these presently; there is the brownie, the Dallahan, headless phantom- one used
The Phooka in his rabbit form
to stand in a Sligo street on dark nights till lately; the Black Dog, a form that can change change at will- the
Phooka, And on ships at the Sligo quays are haunted sometimes by this spirit, who announces his presence by a sound of the flinging of all 'the tin porringers in the world' down into the hold. He even follows them into the sea. The Phooka, Selkirk,Changeling and the Male woodland Sprite called The Leshy or Leshovik.
There is the Leanhaun Shee -fairy mistress, who seeks the love of mortals. If they refuse her she must be
Male Drow
their slave, if they consent her, they are hers and could only escape by finding another to take her place.
The fairy lives on their life, and they will waste away over time. Death is not escape for her.
She is the Gaelic muse, for she gives inspiration to those she persecutes. The Gaelic poets die young, for she is restless and will to let the remain long on earth -- this malignant phantom.
The Great distinction between the Solitary fairy and the Social fairy is, that the Solitary Fairy may
elect to ware an red, brown or grey instead of the customary green. He/She avoids large gatherings and
Male Brownie
prefers to be left by himself/herself, disdaining the unbridled gaiety of a Social Fairy or
Trooping Fairies. The Solitary Fairy is often associated with a specific household, place or
occupation, notably the a shoemaker brownies or leprechaun of Ireland.
It is said that many solitary fairies will appears ominous to mortals and are also very easily irritated
by humans too. None the less, these fairies are not indifferent to the human kind and is more likely to
interact with our lives then any of the other type of fairies. This being men, women or children.
Solitary fairies generally will give lavish gifts to mortals, but the consequences of
accepting these gifts may be not worth the gifts themselves. Faithful, but suspicious Christians at the ancient
times have also accused Solitary Fairies of being in the league with the devil himself, a perception not
widely shared by many. Mind included! It could be because of the type of fairies associated with the class
of the Solitary Fairies- here are a few more... banshee, baobhan sith, brownie, bwci, cadineag, 
caointeag, cluricaune, dooiney marrey, dooiney oie, dullahan, ellyll, fairy lover. Leannan sidhe fenodyree, glaistig, gruagach, leprechaun, piskie, pooka, phooka, pwca, siabraid, s'thich. 
These are yet just a few ofthe Solitary Fairies besides there are the divers monsters too --
the Augh-iska, the Water-horse, the Payshtha, the Lake-dragon and other such creatures like fairies or spirits.

Trooping Fairies
Trooping fairies, are those who live in groups; 
These fairies prefer green to all other colours yet in my research I did find that they do ware other
Trooping Fairies 
colors too and they range more widely in size than the other Fairies that I've done on this post. Some of these Troop fairies can be so tiny as to have a caps the size of a heather bell-while other troop fairies can get 
as large as an human to have intercourse/sex. Although they may have higher spirits than the Solitary fairy, they still may present more a threat to mortals/humans; especially in the Scottish Gaelic Sluagh! Take careful cause with them because they host the unforgiving dead!
But with all the scariness/I still think these Troop fairies are in themselves quite unique and are
important to all. These Fairies can be found in merry bans about the hawthorn trees, at feast and at
gilded fairy palaces too. They delight in company, while the solitary fairy avoid the large gathering, preferring to be left by themselves and would much rather be separated from one another. Fairies exist all over the world. In Ireland they are the 'Sidhe' a name retained from the ancient days. In a group they are the 'daione sidhe' or fairy people. Some say that they get their name from ' Aes Sidhe' --- folk of the 'Sidhe' meaning
Troop Fairies at their Fairyland
hilock meaning mound. from the large sidh/mounds that they all inhabit in Ireland. But others claim that the mounds that they live in got their name from the fairies themselves who habitation of them.One will really never know..? The troop fairy are found living in the bushes and & circles of stones that crop up all over
Ireland- the fairy raths. The fairy raths crop up in pastures all over Ireland and the farmers never plow over them for fear of disturbing the fairies who live there & it could bring bad luck upon themselves and their
families. These fairies are said to be very beautiful, with long yellow hair, and perfect delicate forms.
They love milk, honey and drink flowers nectar as their fairy wine.
The fairies can assume any form & can make horses out of straw. They have the power to affect human life,
especially unbaptized children. They love music, and often lure mortals into an eternal dance with their piping and singing. These Troop fairies love to dwell together in larger societies. The Tuatha de Danann is an
ancient race of fairies descended from the Celtic goddess Danu. They are said to be very wise and love
to learn. Legend says a battle ensued between the humans and the Tuatha de Danann  for dominion of Ireland.  Well you can guess who won... The humans ultimately did win the battle and the
Tuatha de Danann retreated into a hidden location only known to the Otherworld.
I hope you all Enjoyed my post on Fairies. I haven't done one In a while.
I try to make interesting Posts and stories for you all my dear friends and followers
I hope that this one will be a fun one for you all! 
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Primrose Fairies

Primrose Fairies-
Primrose Fairy
Primrose Fairy: The primrose forms a special portal to the fairy realms, and a primrose-studded bank around the time of the Spring Equinox is a very good place to see fairies of all kinds. Blue and red primroses growing in the garden attract fairies too, and keep the household from harm.
As all Fairies they all live in either, land, water, air, fire either on our Earth and or both another plane of existence. These places could also be parallel worlds that are very close to our world yet still light years away. Most people have hear these places called Elfin Avalon, Realm Perilous  Enchanted World and so many others. It is told in the legends that once there was a time when the human world was one with the Fae, but because of some dramatic changes, probably do to natural and over population of the humans. Most faeries have retreat to the fairy mounds, deep in the forests, caves and gone to their homelands only to an avant-post on our world. However, some of the same legends that say that fairies still exist come from the same gateways & portal between the the world of the Fae and ours.
Primrose Fairy
There are folks who have the gift or even posses the magick to enter fairyland. These folks are chosen by the Fae because of the kind hearts and open minds. These are most often children, but as the world is changing today the Fae is opening their gates to a few chosen adults too. For example in the legend of the Childe Roland, he gained entrance to a fairy known by circling it three times widdershins, crying 'Open door! open door! open door!' At the third pass it opened and he found himself in the Dark Tower of Elfland. Now its up to you the readers if you believe this truly happened or not.. If you do! Well Time doesn't exist in fairyland and neither is there any
ugliness, sickness, age or death. Mortals taken to fairyland may live pass as much as 900 year there, thinking its only one night. Although no one dies in fairyland there appears to be a fairy birth, as there are many stories of fairy infants and children who require mortal mothers to nurse them. This could be one of the reasons why they choose certain humans to come to live in the land of Elfland. To help with the raising of their young. Fairy Palaces- Are thought to be lavishly decorated in gold and silver. Which is true so some extend. Where there residents and their guest are they have much lavished castles, gardens and grotto's and spend much of their time consuming immense banquettes of the richest, most delicious food and drink.Much time is given to dancing and music too. Fairies favour two domestic animals like that of the horse, although they fearful of dogs and cats. Fairies will ride on procession on their white horses, which manes are braided and decorated with tinkling silver bells.
I hope you find my blog it interesting & enjoy the fun stories 
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Great Fantasy Wallpaper Art-

Great Fantasy Wallpaper Art-

The images below are different interpretations
Of the Media Great Fantasy Wallpaper Art. All are in the form of paintings, Photographic photo-shop, digital painting and other Media. Many are from Talented Artist... Thank you to all the talented Artist, who have created all these beautiful images for all of us to Enjoy...
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Well I hope you all Enjoyed 
My Great Fantasy Wallpaper Art.
Life has be a little busy and hard as Yet! 
So I hope You all don't mind the Photo's
kinda post now & then:o)
I needed a little break in my writing so I hope you all 
Enjoy the Group of Artist art Work.
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Tokoloshis Creatures

Here is another Creature from southern Africa that I found while 
Tokoloshis Creature
doing my last post one the Abatwas Tiny Creature of Southern Africa posted 
April 10, 2014 if you curious. These creatures also live in Southern Africa
and there are many of them unlike the Abatwas which are quite rare. There was 658 of these
Tokoloshis last count in Swaziland of Africa. They are very small creatures too are the
Abatwas.  The Tokoloshis standing about knee high to an normal size adult, but
the Abatwas's are even smaller standing at only 1/2 inch tall. Living among the
ants and ant hill all around Africa. I would image even so of the more dangerous
ants like the fire ants too. They are covered in very long hair and they look a bit like small monkey's.
They have eyes that are very narrow and black and small ears aswell. Their hands
and feet are like a monkeys. And also have a very longggggggggggg penis that looks like tail.
Hummm so what do you all think about this little creature Eh! hehehehhe.
Well now! These Tokoloshi can be found living in crevices and holes amongst the stones near
a river and in small caves on mountain sides. He/She are very shy and scared of humans and will
stay away from the humans. He has a bad reputation and has alot of enemies. The Tokoloshis only
friend is the lizard who will help him clean his house and they dance together.  These Tokoloshis's are
quite mischievous creatures and do many different tricks to stay live! If things get broken or sweets are
stolen in a homestead on the planes of Africa, then its usually blamed on the Tokoloshi ! The danger lies in witches or wizards getting a hold of one of these creatures, because they tend to turn them into their slave and use them for their evil deeds. These Tokoloshi people can also make themselves invisible and will send one of their own into huts to harm people in their sleep or even to poison their foo. Some witches will kill these tiny creatures if they can get a hold of one and then will kill the tokoloshi and then see the tiny body fat as a protective medicine. It is said that many people in Africa would put their beds on bricks or sticks so that the tokoloshi couldn't can't them in their sleep. It might be a good idea when yu check into your hotel in Swazjiland to ask if they can give yu a couple of bricks.. just to be safe!
The Tokoloshis Creatures 
Tokoloshi likes children though, they are the only ones he can trust and he will appear before them. They will entice human children to play with them, by preparing a delicious feast and they will all have a party. Note: if
any of the children's parents sneak up through to watch, the tokoloshis will put a magic stone into his mouth and disappear! They are also very scared of dogs, mousetraps and chameleons too.
Cows and goats milk, fresh are some of their favourite food and he will try to sneak into cattle kraal to drink as much as he/she can. When a farmer realises his cows are running out of milk he will know it is the tokoloshis fault and summon a sangoma.
A spell will be cast and if the Tokoloshi walks into it he will became paralyzed and visible, but if you shout 'Hey, I see the tokoloshi!' then the spell will be broken and he becomes invisible again.When you are visiting Swaziland keep a sharp look out when you sit on a stone near the river that you haven't disturbed a tokoloshis home.. and remember the advice about the bricks!
Note I found this post just by chance that had to do with these creatures the TAKOLOSHIS- Its called 
Witchcraft legalised in Zimbabwe-It seems that in Zimbabwe where witchcraft and wizardry was ban for about 107years has just been legal again after all those years in Zimbabwe. It is said to be a surreal Time in Zimbabwe for the people. But it seems that their President Robert Mugabe's new legislation is applied humanely then only good witches will find any solace in it, as the act prohibits the practice of witchcraft by anyone who uses their supernatural powers to harm others. The 1899 prohibition which made it illegal to accuse anyone of being a witch or a wizard was perhaps a wise colonial decree because to this day throughout Sub-Saharan African people accused of being witches are killed unpleasantly in traditional ceremonies which bypass national laws. Among the most recent recorded mass burning of witches were  
those organised by Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi, who killed scores of women D and their children D on public bonfires after tapping into deeply held tribal beliefs about witchcraft. In reality,
the victims tended to be women who had refused Savimbi's sexual advances.But with inflation not at 
1200% and a loaf of bread costing more that one million Zimbabwean dollars, some agree that you need a bit of magic to keep body and soul together. 
Professor Gordon Chavunduka, a former Vice-Chancellor at the University of Zimbabwe and Chairman of the 50,000-strong Zimbabwe National Traditonal Healers' Association, were delighted at Mugabe's thumbs-up to Wizardry. OWitchcraft and Tokoloshe's are making a comeback, he said.
Tokoloshes, familiar to anyone living in Sounthern Africa, may stretch the imagination of even JK Rowling devotees, but Google has nearly 20,000 entries devoted to these tiny demons who cause  
havoc out of all proportion to their tiny size. First-time visitors to the regions are often puzzled by the fact that so many Africans have their beds raised on high piles of bricks to prevent Tokoloshes getting into their beds with them. Women have a particularly good reason to FEAR THE TOKOLOSHES AS SLEEPING PARTNERS IN AFRICA!
Have I got your attention! Cool and very interesting and very REAL! Eh!
These creatures arrive naked in the dead of night, though sometimes covered by a cloak which makes them invisible, and try to impregnate the Aftrican women or any visitors too! 
The Vendors of muti-traditional medicine all over Southern Aftrica sell and advertise products for 
protection against these TOKOLOSHIS CREATURES .
I found that even to day from different researcher's, one being that of Theodore Petrus who lectures on the trditional magic and superstions that have always formed around an integral part of Southern African Indigenous folktales, in which the tokoloshe is a common and significant charater in Africa. And is believed to part of their witchcraft, perpetuated throughout their myth and stories passed on from one generation to and other.  Which is widespread among most if not all African communities. If is mostly in the rural areas' but it  don't stop there. its just because of less access to tecnolgy and the modernized . And more focuse on the supernatural explanations for illnesse and mistortures.
Even today many rural and urban people of African still believe in the power of these mischievous and sometimes evil spirits. It is said that in the Zimbabwean newspaper some believe that the counselors at AlDS workshops have agreed that the evil spirits Tokoloshes have probably spread the Hiv virus by sexually abusing women during the night. Like I had said early in my post the people believe that these nasty creatures attack women in their sleep and that is why they have the beds up on bricks  and have extrordinarly long penis slung over the shoulder from climbing up and getting under the sheet beside the women of africa.
Well that is the Tokoloshis of Southern Africa which is very much alive today! I hope your found

this post interesting.. I hope to find more interesting true and fun stories to come..
Love you All my dear Friends and Followers 
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Jenny Greenteeth the Water Fairy

Jenny Greenteeth the Water Fairy-
Jenny Greenteeth is a well known figure that is part of the English folklore
Jenny Greenteeth Fairy
The tradition says it lived in Yorkshire, and that it was a very bad spirit of rivers.
As I told you I would do a post On Jenny Greenteeth the Fairy  in my Water Fairies around 
the World. The story tells that sometime ago there was a family with a mother, father, son, daughter
and a grandmother who was crazy. The mother and children were engaged to collect the 
vegetables from the fields, the father took care of the wood, traps and collecting any prey to 
take to the water from the well and the grandmother had the task of tidying up the house 
and cooking. During the summer the family could get along without much trouble, but in the 
winter the food was scarce and all went hungry. And that is the time when the family had their problems
between each other. 
Jenny Greenteeth Fairy
One day the son asked why it was not possible to fish from the river. That way they would have
more food and a that moment his grandmother slapped him across his face and replied that he was
crazy and that nobody ever went into the river because of Jenny Greenteeth. 
So the boy asked who this Jenny Greenteeth was and his grandmother laughed at the 
ignorance of her grandson and told him it was a creature that lived in the lake. This creature that would
seize anyone that would be looking near the lake/rivers. Once caught by the evil creature, you are killed and
not always completely dead are eaten alive to the bone. The young boy just laughed and denigrated his 
grandmother, how is even more angry and told him go be careful because Jenny Greenteeth was ready 
at all times. Its skin was completely green, long hair, razor-sharp teeth and very large eyes. It's favorites
Jenny Greenteeth Fairy 
preys were the young people and children because more tender and tasty to eat
Well course the boy paid no attention to what his grandmother had told him, partly because they they
all thought she was crazy too.And also as the winter continued to advance the food was being getting 
to get very scarce and all was getting very hungry, he decided to take care of everything himself. So he 
took a net and went to the river in order to catch some fish. He remained for sometime on the shoreline,
but strangely did not see any fish pass so while he was searching the waters for fish he saw one stranded in 
some green algae. He tried to take a hold of the piece of green algae, but the more he pulled it out of the water, it seemed to anchored to the seabed, so he pulled harder and harder until he managed  to detach the algae and the fish escaped. He looked at his hands and noticed that the algae 
was very strange looking. He had a better look at the algae and he discovered that there was no algae at all
Jenny Greenteeth Fairy
that was around his hands and arms, but long green arms with long nails and that they were attached to a body underwater. He also saw a grinning  face and was pulled into the river where he drowned... So He should have listened to his crazy Grandmother

and her tales.Eh!
This is the legend Jenny Greenteeth, an evil that drives especially children into the water to drown,
where they are eaten. Kinda like Hansel and Gretel story in the states . This legend I found is from England, Britain and the Creature Jenny Greenteeth has a couple other names; Ginny, Jenny Wicken o'Nell & Peg. Still today mother tell their children the story of Jenny Greenteeth to persuade them to stay away from rivers in England.

'If your path takes you near a riverbed or across a stream, you'd best look out for Jenny Greenteeth. A water witch of greenish tinge with frog-like, yellow as big as two lamps, Jenny dwells beneath the river's suface, darting like a fish across the mudding bottoms, and feeding upon the misfortunate who stumble and drown in her waters.'  

I did find there was a legend in Ireland and Germany about the Jenny Greenteeth Fairy. Although her name
Irish Legend of the deadly
Jenny Greenteeth Fairy
and her appearance is a bit different, the legend seems very similar. In these to countries Ireland and Germany the Greenteeth Fairy will appear as a beautiful woman in a white gown and is called respectively Bean-Fionn. And Die Weisse Frau. Although her visage is change she is still the same dreaded Jenny Greenteeth, that haunts the river banks and drags her victims to their untimely deaths. 

Jenny Green mermaid Fairy 
I tried to find the origins of what happen to the spirit of the woman that change her soul to the dark side of evil, but it was a bit tricky to find. But I think I have found it. Of all the Moral Jenny Greenteeth stories, it is said to stay away from rivers and lakes, and it is thought that the original girl/woman was the imagined creation of mothers who wanted to warn their children away from the waters edge with frightening tales. Her stories may have also derived from duckweed, an aqueous plant that wraps its tendrils around one's leg and traps them underwater. 
I think it just depends where you read the legend. In so places the stories or most are described and painted
Jenny Green Water Fairy
as a morbid creature such as unredeemed tones of dark greens and red. And Nasty sharp teeth. Other tales will show the Greenteeth Fairy as somewhat tender - albeit mislleading kinda Jenny Green Fairy . as side to the Greentooth Woman. In these accounts she uses her long bony arms to emabrace her victims stroking them with her sharp fingernails until they fall into a deep sleep where upon she devours them. It is said that some Sailors of the past called the Jenny Greenteeth of the Ocean- The Sea Hag and believed that she sang as she got closer to her victims.

Maybe the Venal  Spirit
Young girl named jenny who drowned
in 1870 near the rivers of Birmingham England
Jenny Greenteeth was a water fairy and was also associated with Lancashire area.  Ok my dears I think I found the origins In England at least... or this is as close as I am going to get... Jenny was overwhelmingly as a  Lancashire bogie, but there are some referees form further afield that might suggest she once had a wider kingdom. In 1870 weed in Birmingham was sometimes called 'Jenny' or Jenny Greenteeth'  the wording is ambiguous. There is also an east Riding legend about a young girl who drowned in that are who was called Jenny that sounds as if it may be Jenny Greenteeth or a close cousin dwells in the rivers of parts of England. 
Well I really don't know if Jenny the Water fairy of the river is a legend made up to keep children away or was actually a legend of a spirit of a young girl .. I couldn't find the lot on the legend, but that's how these legends go. Its really how much you believe.. I hope you found this one interesting I sure did..
I hope to find more interesting tales and stories
Before I left this post I did find a few images of what the Russian and 
German folklore call their Greenteeth Fairy and that happens to be the 



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