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Sun Elves/History& Images - 2015

Sun Elves History& Images -2015
The Sun Elves
The images below are different interpretations, of
 All Sun Elves Art Media.
 The  images you 
see are in the form of paintings,
Photographic Photo-Shop, Digital Painting 
and other Types of Media.
Most if not all, are from Talented Artist... Thank you to all the talented Artist, who have created all these beautiful images for all of us to Enjoy...If it wasn't for this amazing Artist I wouldn't 
be able to have these beautiful posts of Art for you all!
YOURWENDY."(✿◠‿◠)˙•٠•●c Celibate life♥´Magic Surrounds Us ƸӜƷ ♪♫♪♫♪❤❤
I thought I would tell you a little bit about 
these amazing Elves first before I give you a beautiful
group of images of Sun Elves 
Sun Elves are one of the oldest known races in the 
world and have used their knowledge throughout time
to give them stable and successful thought out their lives
for thousands of centuries.
Though they require the sun's rays to recharge 
them, they can live in most areas & climates as long as 
the sun comes out. They live in the Capital city,
where they claim to have first come to come from, 
building a grand empire kingdom alongside the ancient 
humans. The Sun Elves can be either individualistic or 
group like elves, surviving easily either way as long as the
sun always comes out everyday. Though they try to 
interact with the ancient humans, their appearance has
often excluded them from the humans.
Their Physical characteristic are quite close to that of
the humans but there are so very notable differences that
excluded them from the ancient humans.
The sun elves have a kinda bronze-color to their skin
and their hair color is often of copper, golden blonde
black or red which is more uncommon but not unheard of.
The sun elves typically have green eyes, however they
also have golden one too which are very common that often
have a liquid like appearance. There are also silver,black
hazel or even copper hues with the Sun elves too. Some
of these are not heard of as often but still some do have them.
It is said they are similar to their kin the moon elves, 
the male sun elves, are typically are taller and heavier than
the females. The sun elves have generally abandoned what was once their ancient realms during the many centuries of 
their Gods. They are most famed for their command of bothe
arcane and divine Magick which exceeds that of all their 
cousins. The sun elves work on an Elfin magic that is thousands of years older & still has survived within their own realms hidden in refuges of the Sun elves. Sun elves 
are responsible for the majority of the grand Elfin cities 
of legendary times, although there are often elfin cousins that 
aided in the construction of these magnificence 
cities & empires. Who these Elfin cousins were? One will
never know! It wasn't written down alot in the Elfin history
and it was so long ago.  These cities were what dreams 
were made of. They were beautiful empires/kingdoms. Sun
Elves realms are the stuff of legends are made of & integral 
part of history of the Fae world for thousands of years.
These Elves certainly know this too, for they distance 
themselves from other Elfin races. No humans world ever
be within the realms of their cities or allowed. 
They felted & often wouldn't let lesser beings' into their lands.
You might say they were a bit snooty. Well that just my opinion anyway. Sun Elves have bronze skin, hair of 
golden blend, copper or even black. Their eyes are either
deep green or golden. What they loved to do mostly was 
study magick their history, they are quick at games, love-songs, but seems to embody the unearthly beauty, grace &
presence of the Elfin Folk. The Sun Elves have generally
abandoned what was once their ancient realms during the
many centuries of their Gods. They are most famed for 
their command of both arcane and divine magic which exceeds that of all their cousins kin.   
The Sun elves work on elfin magic that is over a thousand of centuries old & still have survived  their realms hidden in 
refuges of the Sun Elves. The sun elves are also 
responsible for the majority of the grand elfin cities of
legendary times, although there are often Eflin cousins that 
aided in the construction of these Magnificence cities.
Who these Elfin cousins were? One will never know! It 
wasn't written down as alot of the Elfin history was not and it 
was so long ago. 
I hope you enjoy the brief story on the 
Sun Elves and the beautiful Images

love you all my dears 
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