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Amaterasu Goddess of the Sun
Good Afternoon my dears, Readers, Friends & Followers. I hope you all are having a fabulous Thursdayafternoon. For today's post I thought I would bring you to the world of an Japanese Sun Goddess and the Ancestress of the imperial family. There are many myths & legends that surround her form the cor of he indigenous faith Shinto "The way of the Gods''. I give you AMATERASU-
I have had this Myth/Legend tuck away for some time and I almost forgot I had it, but you know when you go through your stuff trying to find things; well this was one one of those days.. So I hope you Enjoy the tale as much as I did when a wrote it about a year ago. I will of course fix the tale as I post it for you all. 
Amaterasu Goddess of the Sun
Amaterasu was born when Izanagi - One of the first Japaneses Gods. She - Amaterasu was given the sky to rule as her domain and her duties also included weaving the robes of the Shinto Priestesses. Her brother Susanowo was made responsible for populating heaven with a new generation of Gods. At his request, Amaterasu broke his sword into three pieces, chewed them up and then breathed out a mist from which three Goddesses emerged. Then Susanowo asked her for the five strings of jewels she was wearings he cracked then between his teeth, then breathe on them and produced five Gods. The oldest of the Five Gods was considered to be the first of the Japanese Emperors. I hope I haven't lost you all I know that it is a bit confusing, but it will get better I promise:o Susanowo was so elated with his deeds that he lost control. Darkening the sky's with storm clouds and caused untold havoc on the land below with the humans. In spite of Amaterasu' entreaties, he wrecked  all the rice-fields of the Japanese people below, up-rooted trees and ruined their sacred temples. 
Amaterasu Japaneses Sun Goddess
The Japanese Shinto Sun goddess, ruler of the Plain of Heaven, whose name meant 'shining heaven', was   central figure in the Shinto pantheon and it seems that she was part of their Japaneses Imperial family too that, claims to have descended from her. She is the eldest Daughter of Izanagi and she was so bright and radiant that her parents sent her up the Celestial Ladder to the heavens, where she has ruled ever since.
Sun Goddess
looking in the glass
Then there her brother the Storm-God; Susanowa, who ravages the earth with his enormous and terrible storms of wind, rain, lighting-storms and much more. So Amaterasu- the Japanese Sun Goddesses retreated to a cave because her brother Susanowa was so noisy. Amaterasu closed the cave with a huge boulder, too stop the terrible noise that her brother Susanowa was making while she was on earth. When she disappears into the cave it deprived the entire world of light and life. When this happened Demons ruled the world/earth. The other gods used everything in their power to lure Amaterasu out of the cave, but with no
After the Japanese Sun Goddess
comes out of her safety of her
cave the gods grabbed her and
then she returns to the sky...
avail. Yet they finally did prevail and it was Uzume who was the one who made it happen! How? Well this is how it all happened in the legend - Its seems that the laughter of the gods when they watch Uzume comical and obscene dances aroused Amaterasu's curiosity! So when Amaterasu the Sun Goddess emerged from her cave a streak of light had

escaped [note a streak nowadays people would call dawn or sunset]. So the Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu apparently saw her own brilliant reflection in a mirror, which Uzume had hung on a nearby tree that was very close to the entrance of the cave in which she was living. So when Amaterasu drew closer to the reflection of herself in the mirror to have a better look, the Gods had grabbed her and pulled her out of her safe cave. Doesn't sound very kind to me but then again these gods of all cultures have different ways of doing things. So as the legend goes once she was pulled out, the Sun Goddess then returned to the sky, and then brought the light back into the world. It seems later being that she's a forgiving Goddess, she created plenty full fields of rice, which was called inada, where she cultivated rice for her people. She also invented the art of weaving with the loom and taught the people how to cultivate the wheat and silkworms into beautiful fabrics for clothes.
It is said in the Japanese legend of this beloved Goddess Amaterasu that she has a main sanctuary which is on the island of Honshu. This temple apparently is pulled down every twenty years and then rebuild in its original form. Inside the inner sanctum is a represented  of the Goddess holding her mirror. I guess this is a great importunates to the Japanese culture. It just seems odd to me to tare down such a sanctuary of a great and kind Goddess every 20years but, then again I am not of the culture so
Amaterasu Japanese Sun Goddess 
I don't know their customs. Well to sum up these post I would say that the Goddess Amaterasu of the Japanese culture and Mythology was a beautiful and compassionate woman/goddess who ruled both by the sun and the heavenly fields of rice that she feed her Japanese people. She also was the supreme deity who was the divine ancestor of the Japanese Imperial family. Besides being the Sun Goddess having the responsibility for illuminating to entire world, she was also an accomplished weaver, with many attendants who had joined the goddess in weaving the stunning satins, silks [from the silk worms that she taught the Japanese people], and beautiful brocades for which japan is quite famous for. Uzume was a lesser goddess who was responsible for laughter and revelry. Although she did have her good points because she was the one that brought Amaterasu the Japanese Sun Goddess out of her deep depression and I can understand that completely personally for that I would give the goddess Uzume many good graces.  So I guess I should give some acknowledgement to her brothers her goes; As your probably already know the grace of Amaterasu and the 
greatness she was as the Japanese deity who along with her brothers , ruled the eight million gods of Japan. It seems that she and her brothers, the Storm God, Susano-o, and the Moon God, Tsukiyomi, shared the power of governing the universe.
It seems that her brothers or at least her brother Susano-o God of the Storms was very jealous of his beautiful, powerful and popular sister Amaterasu. So much so that one time Susano-o slaughtered a young horse which was apparently a sacred horse of his sister Amaterasu. Well to show how vain and jealous her brother Susano-o was it was said that he threw the poor young colt bloodily body into the weaving room where there were many ladies working on looms on precious fabrics of fine silks. When the dead body of the young bloody colt was thrown into the room it seems that it was a mess of frighten attendants, looms flying everywhere and even in some legends it was said that that Amaterasu herself was wounded when her brother attacked her with a shuttle and some of her attendants were killed too. This was the act I found that but the graceful and kind Goddess into a deep depression and grieving over this violation act of her brother against her and her attendants. Its seems that is why she crept away from the heavens into a dark cave on the earth, into the high mountain and refused to return to the heavens again. However without her there would be no Sun, and rice fields lay dying in the endless night, while the people of
Goddess of the Sun Amaterasu
japan grew hungry every day on end to almost to starving. So in the legend of this tale Hundreds of the Gods
 and Goddesses would come to the entrance of her cave high in the mountains every day and would beg Uzume the Goddess of Mirth that came up with a plan, like I have said above in the tale, The Gods help by rolling a large bronze mirror in front of the entrance of the cave and the rest you know.. Now there is another myth and this one involves Amaterasu brother , the Moon God Tsukiyomi. What happen here was, her brother had killed a goddess that he felt had insulted him. Apparently The Goddess Amaterasu was so angered which didn't happen that often but, since her brother had taken a life, she told her brother God of the Moon Tsukiyomi that she never wanted to see him ever again. which happened because if you thing about it She is the goddess of the Sun and he is the God of the Moon so they are always at different times on the sky. Amaterasu to please come out, but her grief was so huge that even with the Hundreds of Gods/Goddesses that came to her entrance of her cave could not move her with their pleas. It was
So that is the legend and the Myth of the Goddess of Sun Amaterasu and her brothers and Uzume who 
helped the Goddess Amaterasu out of her depression with the power of laughter and dance.
I hope that you all enjoy the legend of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu 
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