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So I thought I would do another post on the Greek Nymphs, but
this one is going to be much more in detail and so much more
info on the Nymphs. I hope that you all my dears will all find
it interesting and fun to read. For I am going to put quite a bit
of information in this post for you all. So first of all, the most obvious question? What is
a Nymphs? Well, they are like fairies if you will of sorts, but they can be very unpredictable, a little
scary and they seem more human like too. They is one thing that I can tell you that makes
them different from a fairy and that is they come from different cultures, plus they are entirely
different than a fairy- 1) Nymphs are only women [fairies can be both men, women, and children too].  There was a diffident reason for the
Nymphs to be only women and that was their sexuality. I think that is why there was never any men or child nymphs. If you noticed in most in all mythology of the Greek or of another culture of the women nymphs it is the common theme. By using their beauty, their sexuality, chastity and that adds up to a scary Nymph at times. If you really think about it, in  folklore and mythology of these spirit women of the waters, it really shouldn't shock you that when every time they get involved with a mortal man or men and sex enters the picture, which it always does with these alluring beautiful & sexual Nymphs something very scary always seems to happen. I should also note that all Nymphs whether it be water, earth, tree, etc all are personifying nature and are protectors of Nature.
I will cover I hope many of the more famous Nymph women who are often associated with nature and
the wildness as things beyond the control of 'civilization'. As I have said before that it is only women that are
the Nymphs, but I must say this: even these spirits of nature can have children. Yet they are not Nymphs like that of their birth mother. Because the fact is these Nymphs often have or not of their own choosing have lovers of the Gods. Nymphs, like all females, deities, are quite beautiful more than even some of the female Goddesses. When they aren't inhabiting some specific part of nature, they are often the attendant of more important deities of the Gods. In some ways, they are both God like/ and human like all wrapped up in a Nymph. I am going to go thru as many as I can below and I hope you all will Enjoy the post, my dear
friends and followers. love you all Wendy..
Amnisiades-These were the nymphs of the Amnisus river in Crete. They were also devotees of the 
Goddess Artemis. They care for the Goddess' sacred deer. 
Anigrides-Are the nymphs of the Angridus River in Elis and
they are healers. They had a grotto at the river and folks with
skin diseases would come to bath there and gave the nymphs gifts in hopes that they'd get better 
from their illness.
Dodonides-These Nymphs were brought to a
 site by Zeus, that was one of the most ancient oracle sites in Greece.
DryadesThe Dryades were the Nymphs of the Forest,
woods and woodlands. The Dryades were immortal, unlike the Hamadryades who actually
lived within the Oak trees or the many different kinds of trees the Hamadryade Nymphs they
were in ancient times. These type of Nymph would die when the tree died or if there was a fire
or if there the tree was plagued with illness.
EpimeliadesThese nymphs were the Protectors of the
HaliaiThe Haliai were another type of sea nymph. Their name
was a bit uncommon as yet, but Haliai come from the word
Sea and also means Salt.
HamadrayadesThese are like above, a type
of tree nymph. The nymphs life force is connected to the
tree itself. She lives and breathes within the tree. plus they
can be very powerful if angered. If her tree is hurt, then
she/the hamadryad gets hurt. If her tree gets cut down, then
the hamadryad will died.
 HespiridesThis was three sisters nymphs whose father was
Hesperos God of the Evening Star/ they guarded the Tree of the
Golden Apples. Their names were- Aegle, Eritheia, and Hesperia.
NaiadesThe naiades nymphs were of the freshwater streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, fountains
actually there was no limited to these naiades nymphs. Many of the Naiades could be found
prancing around with Artemis who chose up to 20+ Naiades from Amnisus for his companions.
Of course they were all the daughters of the rivergods. They all had extremely long lifetimes, but
they were not considered immortal and were believed to have sat on the Gods discussions on Mount
Olympus. Note there were 5 different types of Naiades:
Pegaiai- Nymphs of Springs
Krinaia- Nymphs of Fountains
Potameides- Nymphs of Rivers and Streams
Limnatides- Nymphs of Lakes
Eleionomai- Nymphs of Marshes
NereidesAs for the Nereides Nymphs there were more than fifty daughters of Nereus God
of the Sea and Goddess Doris. The Nereides had one very famous Nymph and that happened to be
Amphitrite. There was a story About the Amphitrite and the Island of Naxos in ancient Greece; It is 
said that when the Nereides including the Sea Nymph Amphitrite had performed a dance on the island
of Naxos the God Poseidon decided to claim Amphitrite as to be his bride.
NyseidesThis is an interesting one! These were the Nymphs in Greek Mythology that were to have
lived on Mount Nysa. As to the Mount Nysa & its where  I couldn't find [ I might just have to come to this post at a later date to write each of these different Nymphs in more detail when I have  more 
time]. At any rate these Nyseides Nymphs that suppose to have lived on this mount Nysa had  raised the 
young Dionysus after he was stashed there up on the mount by Zeus after his thigh-birth. As for the names
of these Nyseides Nymphs there were quite a few of them- Here are a few that I could find for you 
my dears: Cisseis, Nysa, Erato, Eripha, Brome and Polyhymno.
OceanidesWell, if you thought the Nereides had a lot of sisters/ like that of the Nereides Nymphs of
the Sea - Fifty Daughters, the Oceanides Nymphs were 3,000 strong. And they were all the 
Nymphs of the Ocean. Their mother was that of Titaness(Tethys) and their father was the Titan of all the Oceanus. 
Oreades- These were the Nymphs of the Mountains, of course there was one in particular that 
you would recognized and that would be the beautiful Mountain Nymph of Echo.
Thriai- This was a very interesting one of all the nymphs that I discovered and that is because the 
Thriai are the Bee-Nymphs who used honey to make prophesies. Apparently there were three of these
Bee-Nymphs & they all had raised Apollo, God of the Oracle of Delphi. There is much more to these Bee-Nymphs but as I said before I will come back and reblog this post again my dear friends and followers:o)
ArethusaThe Nymph called Arethusa was one of many
water Nymphs who attended Artemis. This Nymph was a Virgin Goddess and she had not
interest in men. So when the River God Alpheus pursued her, Arethusa the Nymph goddess of virginity asked for help - Artemis helped her by turning her into a fountain. Although the River God Alpheus,
could not be denied her so he changed himself to the flow underground so that he could touch her. I'll tell
you these Gods of the Greek times are kinda crazy when it comes to loveeeeeeeee!
Well I hope you found this post to be interesting as I have
I do plan to Reblog this because I believe there is lots of info 
for me to come back here, I just have to get the energy to get all these 
different Nymphs and spend a day or two at it but be surprised
Here a few images of Nymps for YOU!

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