Tuesday, October 27, 2015


~For My Love of the Hummingbird~

To me Hummingbirds are are Gift
These tiny jewels of the skies, forests, 
mountains and valleys around the world give 
joy and hope to all that look upon them.
I love to just sit on my porch & listen to their 
amazing sounds. Watch their amazing 
Arielle movements in the skies and
the beauty of the colors that brighten the
feathers with the sunlight in flight.
In the Summer-Spring-Fall and Winter, 
they come to visit me in my Garden.
Especially one Anna Hummingbird that
has been living on my porch for the last 7+ years.
This tiny hummingbird has given me joy
during some of the rough times and 
happiness times in my
 life here.

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