Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Thoughts for Election 2016

My Thoughts for Election 2016
Good afternoon my dears. Welcome to my humble blog. I thought I would write down my
feeling after the very long election has ended. Well, I woken by my dear husband telling me the
news. I don't know any of your opinions, but mind was very frightful & I cried all morning. I prayed for my family and all America's that didn't vote for Trump. I have in my own way, acknowledge he is our next President . What have I done?Well, I have Depression, Social Anxieties, Personal Anxieties . So I went to my laptop this morning which has windows 10 and lots of apps on it. Movies, games, news, weather etc. I decided that I just could look at the incoming news that I would get everyday. Now that Trump is now going to be our next President. So I took off all my news or anything that related to him, that I wouldn't get any new feed as I work on my computer. I also cut out my News Feed on my Browser Microsoft Edge too. This is a help hint for any of you out there that just can deal with all of this...Like myself. I am also lucky that my husband and son don't turn on the news when I am in the room. So that is my take on what is happening and my thoughts on it. I heard that in my State of WA. that last night after Trump was elected the next President there were a few groups of people that stated their opinion on the streets of Seattle. So these are my Thoughts for the Election of 2016...I am still very frighten on what is going to happened to our Nation/country but I have to have faith. I thank you all so very much for being so supportive of me and my blog these pass 3yrs. love you all 
Your friend always WENDY...

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