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Saturday, May 28, 2016

'Encountering Sorrow'

Qu Yuan
'Encountering Sorrow'
Good Evening my dears and Welcome to my blog. Tonight I have
A ancient Chinese poem that is beloved by the people of china.
I didn't get to posting to late today because I did a bit of house-cleaning
on my blog. I went through my music box an make sure all the songs
are working. And checked all the Video posts to make sure that
they have all working video's on them. I do this once a month
because it seems that the music box needs to be checked so that
If you want a peticuliar song I want you to be able to play it.
and if you find a video on my blog I want you to be able to watch it.
So this is why it takes a entire day but I feel you ALL worth it!!!.
So my new Post On the writer Qu Yuan from ancient China
Qu Yuan was famous for his many poems that he wrote in ancient times in China.
Many of his poems described his search for a new Master worthy
of his gifts..One of Qu Yuan most beloved and famous poems was called
'Encountering Sorrow'
Even today the people of China treasure this one poem of
Qu Yuan. So to honor the man & his poetry I give you his most
famous poem of them all
'Harness winged dragons as my chargers
Build my chariot of ivory and jade
How can I stay with those whose hearts are cold to me?
I leave on a far journey to rid of them,
Saying thus, I took the road to Kunlun Mountain,
Along, long way with many a winding turn
The cloud-sewn banner flapped wildly above us
and the jade yoke-bells jangled merrily

I set off at dawn from the Ford of Heaven
And by evening came to the worlds western end.
Phoenixes followed me, bearing my pennants
soaring high aloft on majestic wings.
'See, I have come to the desert of shifting sands!
carefully I steered along the banks of the Red water then.
Calling the water-dragons to make of themselves a bridge
I summoned the God of the west to take me across

I tried to curb my monthly steeds and slacken their swift pace
But they soared high up, far into the distance,
we played the nine songs and danced the nine dances
Snatching time for pleasure and dalliance.
But when we had reached the splendor of the heavens
We suddenly glimpsed below our former home
My grooms heart grew heavy and our (dragon) steeds for longing
arched their heads back and refused to go on.

Enough! There are no true men in that land, none to comprehend me. Why should I cleave to the city of my birth?
Since none is worthy of my services is good government
I will go and join Peng Xian in the palace where he abides.

Well, that is the beautiful poem of Qu Yuan
I hope that you all enjoyed it
Love you all very much

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