Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spiders in Hairdo- UrbanLegends

Spiders in Hairdo-

For our Next Creepy Urban Legend, I found a nightmarist kinda one 
for you ALL!  This one is called,
This folktale was told originally in 1969 by a young woman in 
Princeton, Indiana. The Urban Legend of the
'Spiders in the Hairdo'.
Since it was told originally in 1969, some say in the story started
in high school, since at the time the hair in the sixty for 
teenage girls was to tease their hair. At the time, this style
looked nice on a lot of the girls, However, there were some girls
that carried the style to the extremes. 
[note. I do remember watching my aunt teasing her hair when
in the late sixty when I was 9 and 10 years old and it look so cool!]
But These other gals that took it to the extremes had huge!
bouffant hairdos on top of their heads, plus they would use
hair -spray to the point that their hair wouldn't even move. Not even to 
the smallest amount of breeze! 
Some say at the time or the style, these girls that went to
the extreme of the hair-spray would put as much of 
the hair-spray on their hair as they could.
This is where they got into trouble!
So it was said that one day they heard about an 
teen girl who went to high school in Evansville who had just
died because of her teased hair. 

After the girl had died the teachers tried to scared all the 
girls to not tease their hair anymore or use hair-spay, However it didn't 
work even with the death on the one girl, since style is style.
Well, more the the girls at Evansville high still teased their hair
however, the problem with the girl that had died was, she had one 
of the most bushy teased hairstyles and from what what they all heard
she also kept lotsssss of Hair-spray in her hair. Also it was said she hadn't 
washed her hair for over three months.
When she died she was just sitting in class and just keeled over. When
the teacher came over to check on her, she saw blood trickling down her face.
After she was taken to the hospital, they had found a nest
of black widow spiders had made a home in her hair and had started to
eat into her scalp and brain.

There are other legends from the same period from 1968-1969 that talk 
about hairdos infested with 
Cockroaches, Ants and even Maggots too. 
It all comes form the legend/folklore of the 1950's beehive hairdos
Then later the drealocks that if not well care for will bring the 
insects and maggots in some cases. 
As i looked for images It was creepy me out! 
and it seems that it is still a problem even today
 I hope I have creep to many of you out 
love you 

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