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Monday, March 3, 2014

Kronos the King of the Titans-

The Titan Kronos-
I thought I have done another post on the Great Gods & Goddess of Ancient Greece. It seemed that You all
Enjoyed the few Olympians that I have done so far, so I thought I would continue with this subject.

Gaia Mother Earth/ Ouranos of Sky
Parents of King Titan Kronos
 In this post I will start with the beginning, the Titans if you will. 
The King Kronos of the Titans was the, youngest son of 
Gaia-[Mother- Earth] and [Ouranos-Sky]. 
This is how the story of King Kronos of the Titans 
Ruler and fell as many of the Titans did. 
First of all, The Titans were giants you could say... And were the 
cleverest of all the offspring of Gaia & Ouranos, the first divine pair in 
Mount Olympus to have the children Titans. 
Note; Kronos would be the one and only Titan of their children that would 
Gaia Mother Earth
of King Titan Kronos
Ouranos of Sky
Father of King Titan
rebel against them, his father Ouranos King of the divine Sky, which
led to him becoming king of the Titans.
It seemed in the story all of Ouranos children were imprisoned in their
mother's Gaia's body. To end this uncomfortable situation, Gaia Mother Earth
gave Kronos a sickle and the next time she mated with Ouranos,
Kronos attacked his father while they were in the Act, by castrating him.
Thus Kronos seized controlled of the world and mount Olympus as
But that wasn't the end of his Fathers Power!
Even when Kronos threw the severed genitals down from the heavens into
the oceans below, the drops of blood in the ocean became the Furies-giants and nymphs.
Of course there is another tale of this Mythology of Kronos genitals being thrown into
the sea, where as the foam gathers around them and form that the beautiful Goddess of love
Aphrodite is born.
Aphrodite Goddess
of Love is born
Kinda crazy if you think about it, but  these were different times. The times of the Titans, Gods
and Goddess and later the Olympians. 
Rhea & Kronos
With one of six of their Children
So all of this made since to them! The Titans, Gods & Goddess.
The Story continues with the reign of Kronos who soon became as tyrannical as that of
his Father - Ouranos of divine Sky. All that his mother Gaia Mother Earth hoped had
back fired.
What happened was as now King he forced the giants, including the Cyclopes back
underground and having been warned by his mother that one of his children would
depose of him.
So Each time his wife Rhea, had a child he would swallow them at birth. Rhea gave birth
to six children and each time she did Kronos would shallow them at birth. These children were
King Kronos Titans
Shallowing his children
Rhea giving the King Kronos
a stone wrapped in
swaddling wrappings.
Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and the youngest Zeus.
But Kronos ate only five of his six children. His youngest Zeus, for whom his mother Rhea protected
by substituted the infant as a stone wrapped in swaddling wrappings was given to Kronos at Zeus birth.
And since Kronos was so absorb himself - stopping the one who would depose of him as his mother
Gaia Mother Earth had warned him he never really noticed the difference.
What happened next was the Infant Zeus was taken away to be reared in secret.
King Kronos Titans
In his Giant Form
 Eventually with the aid of the Titans, Zeus was able to throw Kronos into the abyss of Tartarus where
a hundred-armed giants were appointed to guard him forever into exiled In another version was
that Kronos was exiled to an island near Britain where he slept with his followers and lived to
around 700BC.

 There are versions of what happened to Zeus and his brothers and sisters too. Thus before Kronos was flung of mount Olympus and as soon as Zeus was older and strong enough, he
forced his father to vomit up all his swallowed brothers and sisters. Then from that
Zeus and his brothers and sisters were able to overthrow their fathers Kronos of the Titian's and his
giants relations that had lasted for over ten years.  During this time Zeus was greatly assisted by the
Cyclopes - The One-Eyed Giant who forged his Thunderbolts. Afterward the great war of the
Titans ended is when Zeus and his brothers Poseidon and Hades divided the World between
themselves by drawing lots for three different realms.
Zeus became God of the Sky-
Poseidon God of the Sea-
Hades God of the Underworld-
Both the Earth and Mount Olympus's, were the home of the Gods And were regarded as
common territory.  Note: Later I will do a post on Hades God of Underworld on how he felt that he got
thus the far less desired realm then his brothers.
Zeus & Hera
Zeus married Hera, but  he had many indiscretions with both human and divine. He always
used many various guises when he would have his encounters with the mortal woman.
Of course Hera hated all of the children that Zeus father illicitly, probably due to a early rivalry
between his cult and hers.
Whereas Hera was a Pre-Greek Earth Goddess & Zeus was an invading Sky God, brought by
his father Kronos the original Titans.
Zeus was never as regarded as powerful as his father Kronos or even his Grandfather thus
Ouranos Divine God of Sky, who was the Original Titian's along with Gaia Mother Earth his mother.
Zeus was just the offspring and the beginning of the Olympians ...
This like all both the Olympians and Titans are quite
a peculiar, exotic and strange lot of gods, goddess
and giants you could say. I have don't a couple of the
Olympians and now the first Titian and I must say
they are different. And have kinda creepy and weird
customs, but then again they were gods, goddesses and
Grand Giant Titans of the time. So anything could happen
at that time I guess?
I hope you found this one interesting! I know I learned
alot from this post that I didn't from this Titian.
I will be doing more as time goes by and if you all show
interest too. Love you all my dear Friends & Follower's
Your Wendy:o)

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