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Friday, March 11, 2016


March Madness High Winds & Rain

Today my dears I thought I would write a short
Post on how my garden is trying to hold-up through one of the
hardest rain seasons we have had here in
Washington, in the northwest. 
I've  had most of my plants on my porch until February, however
I thought it would be save to put them out in March in
honor of my Father's Birthday.

However this month has had some of the highest
winds our state has every had. In my app# complacent they have
been cutting down trees almost every day, so they don't slam into
the apartment's. However, it seems that with the 45 miles winds
here in Kent Washington it is still having its effect on us.
Yesterday I found after hearing the howling of the wind
all night long that a couple of large branches clipped my daffodils
that were in full bloom. Well as you will see they are all smashed.
But at least my lilac tree was missed for which I am so thankful.
Because I got that tree in honor of my dear friend Gail that I lost
do to Brain Cancer. The rest of the garden is doing fine and my
tiny friendly bird friend Rosy the humming bird has been feeding
regularly on the homemade food that I make all winter.
My daffodils were beautiful a few weeks before. But

now I have what I could save inside in a vast.

I hope spring comes soon.
Love you all
Your friend always.

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