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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Case on a Dark Night~

The Case on a Dark Night-

A FEW YEARS AGO ON HALLOWEEN. I was out trick or treating with my friends. One of my friends, Callie, told us about all the big houses down the winding roads, assuring us they had all the big candy. We agreed, eager to get our hands on king-sized chocolate bars and enough candy to last weeks.
So we followed her lead, walking down the long roads.

The first house we got to was huge. It had a big pebble driveway, and we ran up to the door, knocking with our pillow cases ready.

The door opened to reveal a younger guy. looking to be in about his twenties.

"Sorry girls," he said. "I just got home. I don't think I have any candy. "A little bummed, but still with high hopes, we said thank you and ran down to find the next house.

When we were back on the road, we walked for a bit, the sun slipping down below the trees. This is when I started to get a little scared. It was cold, and we'd been walking for some time. They told me not to be scared; we'd be to the big ones in a minute. Well, they were right. But candy is not what we found.......

Opening up to a circle-drive, we approached a large black metal gate, dimly lit by lanterns. "This is what I was talking about!" Callie said. "We're totally gonna get some great stuff here."

And we went down the path. It was lined by great big pine trees that eerily cast darkness on the path, spooking me even more.

We finally got to the house, and I was officially scared. It had creep decorations, like fake tombstones and zombies and stuff. But that didn't spook my friends. We went up to the door, and getting closer, we could see into the house..

It had little to no furniture. The only things we saw were this huge chandelier and a couch under it, covered in plastic.

They rang the doorbell, but nobody answered. So we went back down to leave, and my friend stopped me, needing to tie her shoe.

We sat for a second, our two other friends up ahead.

I was looking around, when we heard a scream. I looked up to our friends ahead of us, who weren't looking at us. but behind us. I spun around, and saw a dark figure moving toward us-fast.
I hit m y friend, unable to speak. She looked up at me, as if to say 'what?' and i pointed behind her. As she looked, i finally could speak, and screamed.
"RUN!" I screamed, and did.
She was behind me, and I ran and grabbed her. She finally saw the figure, closer now, and sped up, running with me.

We caught up to our friends, and ran and ran and ran until we reached the gate. Exhausted, we sat down, out of breath, when i saw some kids from our school.

"Don't go in there, " we told them. "its not safe. We just got chased!" They laughed and said it's probably nothing, and went anyway. We turned around, and saw that there was a "NO TRESPASSING" sign near it. "Wow, ' i said. "thanks for that, Callie."

So Callie, Jessie, Rebecca, and i ran home, scared for our lives, and went to bed. The next morning, when my mom picked me up, i asked her to take me somewhere, and directed her to that street with the gate, that had the "NO TRESPASSING' SIGN. trying to see the house.

When we got to the area where there were the houses were, we looked all over, taking different streets, looking exactly where my friends and i had taken the turn onto that road, and never found it.

I don't know what had happened that night, and how we found that house, but I hope something like that never happens again.......

personal experience by Chloe....

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