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Monday, January 26, 2015



Good Afternoon My Dear Friends & Followers;
Welcome to Saturday's Tips From the Garden!
For Today's Saturday's Garden Tip, I have a Summer Treat 
Since I just did last, Saturday on Bird-watching in Canada I
thought I would continue with the bird theme. I hope some of these
Tips will help you this coming Spring and Summer to Attract Birds
to your Gardens, Yards, Backyard or Porch like Me!
1~ Place your birdbath as nearest to the ground as
possible. Birds will think it's a puddle and dive right in!
2~Birds prefer a birdbath that is only 1 to 3 inches deep. If
yours is deeper, just add a few flat stones so the birds have
a place to perch.
3~Keep your birdbath algae-free. You don't want any
algae to get into the baths because they use it for
both bathing and drinking. A hint to keep your birdbath
algae-free, just add a few pennies to the water.
4~If you're looking for an inexpensive birdbath, try some of these
idea's; terracotta saucers, old frying pans without the handle's, used
satellite dishes, old metal saucers, or even
overturned garbage can lids.
5~Another hint; birds are also drawn to moving water too.
So you can add a drippier or  a mister to your
birdbath to make it even more enticing.
6~Finally to give your birds that more natural look, place your birdbath close or
near trees, shrubs,tall flowers or ivy is great too.
Ivy is wonderful because you can hide the bath with more of a natural look.
The birds within your area are more likely to bath in your Garden!
~Well I hope you have lots of birds come your way this Spring~

I am sorry I am a day late on my Tips from the Garden!
I had a difficult weekend and migraines
but I do try my best to at least get a few posts out
I love yu all my dear Friends and Followers

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