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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Purple Lilac

For today's Saturdays TipsFromtheGarden
I thought I would do a post on the sweet-smelling blooms
of Spring! So you would have some great fragrance coming
from your gardens in the coming months.
I know it has been a very long winter for ALL!
So with a little help of spring blooms with the
most beautiful colors and fragrance of their blooms should
help melt those winter blues away. I know I am looking 
forward to that. I have a beautiful purple Lilac
that is just beginning to bloom. I can just see its
tiny purple buds starting to come out. I can't wait to see
My Lilac if full bloom for it is a deep purple lilac and 
a Fragrant one too. When it is I will take a photo a post
it on here for you all to see.  
There are, other kinds Fragrant blooms like the honeysuckle, which
are wonderful on a warm June night. A branch of apple blossoms, 
a sprig  of lemon verbena, a carpet of chamomile and 
so many more kinds of fragrant flowers and plants that 
can tickle your senses in the coming of spring. 
I have 7 wonderful scented flowers for you all 
my dear Friends & Followers. 
They are renowned for their fragrance, for  for centuries.
All are easy to grow and everyone will add another layer
of delight to your Gardens. 
1- First Oriental lilies Zones 5-10
These huge, extravagant flowers of Oriental lilies are
showstoppers and their intoxicating scent is, so heavy
and sweet you can almost taste them.
To some, the fragrance is a bit much;
Plant in the middle or back of the bed of your garden
to dilute the strong aroma .
Just three bulbs are enough to perfume a large area. 
Pink Stargazer and White Casa Blanca re even more beautiful
 in the garden than in florist bouquets. 
Happy Gardening!
2- Dianthus Zones 3-9
The Spicy clove scent of these flowers, many have refer to as 'pinks'
actually have no sent at all. Sniff before you buy and you won't 
be disappointed. 
Bath's Pink is an old reliable with pastel pink flowers.
Mrs. Sinkins, a favorite since Victorian days, has fluffy white flowers.
These flowers are a tight mound of gray foliage. They
are appealing as the deliciously spicy scented flowers. 
 3-Heliotrope Zones 10-11 Annual elsewhere
These beauty's are grown in Europe for perfume. 
Heliotrope flower is beloved for its delicious vanilla scent,
with notes of sweet almond or cherry. It's rich purple flowers
are a real knockout; elegant white cultivars are available too.
These are beautiful blooms but don't do well until the frost 
is gone! Hence Annuals that they are.
However, you can pot them and put them in a sunny windowsill
all winter.
4-Lily-of-the-valley Zone 3 to 8
These dainty stems of dangling bells have a sweet, yet heavy
scent so unique that in France its a signature perfume 
called 'Muguet.'
Lily-of-the-Valley loves shade and it multiplies to form 
thick colonies. It can be aggressive, so plant it where it can
be contained. 
These beauty's leaves will turn golden yellow in the fall,
accented by stems of translucent red berries. Try Rosea with pale 
pink blooms as well as those with classic white flowers too.
5-Common Lilac Zones 3-7
This is one of my favorites the beauty of the lilacs that bloom in May
They come in many classic colors, deep wine red, blue-lilac,
pure white, even pink and the most popular the deep purple
that last throughout summer. 
These beautiful blooms live so long that they often survive 
even after a house  is long gone, a lilac needs no coddling 
beyond regular watering its first year. 
6-Sweet Alyssum Zones Annual
The Sweet Alyssum even though they are an annual they have,
a wonderful lemony hue to them.
They have a great warm honey scent too. These flowers are
a native Mediterranean wildflower and they can be planted either
in you garden or pots. They are a beautiful pink flower too.
Are wonderful to 
They work any time of the year

Well I hope that you Enjoyed my Saturday
TipsfromtheGarden Post
I love you all my dear Friends & Follower
Have a wonderful weekend 

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