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Saturday, April 4, 2015



Good Morning My dearest Friends & Followers and
Welcome to Saturday's 
Value of the Milkweed
So you may wonder why the Milkweed is import? 
Well these beautiful plants will keep the wonder of the
Monarch Butterflies population alive. 
Yes, those beautiful Orange and black butterflies of beauty.
So if you grow the Milkweed in your gardens you will be
lending a BIG! HAND to these lovely monarchs that are endangered.
It seems that the Monarch population is at a all time low these days
and that recent estimates of the monarchs that overwinter in Mexico show their number
are nearly half of what they were only a few years ago. 
It was said that in Mexico in the year 2012, about 60-million 
Monarchs had arrived for the winter but for this year of 2015 it is down to 
only 33-million. While they say there most be a number of reason for 
the drop in the Monarch Butterflies, one of the main reasons that they 
have found is the lack of milkweed. However, from what I have found
we can help the Monarch's in or own Gardens by growing the Milkweed. 
As I am going to do in my garden too. 
~History of the Milkweed~
It seems that about Twenty years ago, the Milkweed was 
very common plant - as common as dirt in every field in the vast stretch
of the American Midwest and in the East too. 
This was great for the Monarchs, because the Milkweed is their host plant
for breeding. And since the Milkweed is slow in decline they are having
trouble keeping the next generation of monarchs going. 
Some said it could be the fact that the plant was heavy herbicide 
and it couldn't tolerated it. Unfortunately because of this many crops of the
milkweed has been killed off because of this.
Researchers say this could be the main reason why there isn't 
any of the common milkweed left that used to thrives along the roadsides today.
It doesn't stop there, they say it could be millions of acres of 
this special plant that is putting the monarchs in danger list. 
But even with the danger of the Milkweed we can
still help the Monarchs by planting Milkweed.
There are many different kinds of the milkweed too that you could plant too.
Here are a few of the different known milkweeds
1-Green Milkweed
2-Heartleaf Milkweed
3-Narrow-leaved Milkweed
4-Poke Milkweed
5-Prairie Milkweed
6-Purple Milkweed
7-Sand Milkweed
8-Showy Milkweed
9-Spider Milkweed
10-Tall green Milkweed
11-Wavy-Leaved Milkweed
12-Whorled Milkweed
13-Woollypod Milkweed

I hope that you enjoyed the Saturday 
I love you all my dear friends & followers 

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