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Saturday, May 2, 2015



Good afternoon my dear Friends & Followers
and Welcome to Saturdays Tips from the Garden...
For today's tips for your Garden I have a great tip that I have been
using for the past couple of years in my garden.
It happen when I was looking in one of my garden magazine's
and needed a solution to watering my plants/flowers when 
I was not around for a few days during the hot months that we have
here in Washington state. So my solution was wine bottles. 
I saw that in a article they used wine bottles, and they hold quite
a lot of water, have a larger opening making them 
easier to fill and they are
made of thicker glass so they are harder to break too! 
They are transparent as far as white, green in colors so you can see how
full the bottle is from a distance and they are free. You can either get them 
from the recycled  places or when you buy wine just keep
the empty bottles like I have over the years.
Also I have found that being able to see how much water is going 
into your  pots/plants is quite useful because it will prevent you from over watering
or under water you plants. With the wine bottle system it will give the plants/flowers

just the right about the plant/pot it needs.
Plus it helps with those hot months too with watering I have found myself.
As you know the wine bottles come in many different shapes and sizes. 
Each wine bottle is a different style and some are easier to push into the soil, than others.
However, so tend to hold less water than some other too.

To use the system you need to water your plants thoroughly first, then push a hole
into the soil of the pot at the edge, so that you won't damage the main roots. After 
you have made the hole then take the wine bottle out and fill with water and put 
it back it the same hole you made in the soil and have it lend against the pot.
 It is important to water the plant first as the bottle will release water as the soil dries. If you are working with larger pots or large plants, using multiple bottles can be greatly helpful.
If you do not drink wine, you can still get these bottles for free by going to a winery and asking to go through their recycling bins. Some wineries will even hold bottles for you. Bottles come in many colors, including clear, green, brown, pink and even cobalt blue, adding a touch of beauty to the garden for absolutely no cost!
Also if your like me and cant drink there is non-alcohol wine which is great!
And I've been drinking for years
So anyways I hope that this will help you all my dear friends & followers
I love you all very much

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