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Sunday, February 22, 2015

~WendyTales-How to Find a fairy Lair-


Welcome to my New Post Called
Like TipsFromtheGarden~ This too will bring you
helpful tips for your Garden, Stories, Poems and
some of my own experiences in life. These which will include 
how my Garden/Hummingbird has helped put light and 
happiness in my life.  You will find its new home on 
Sunday's. So when I get myself together I hope that you all 
will come and visit me also on Sundays as well. 
For my first post 
How to find a fairy lair?
 There are a few helpful guides
to finding fairy Lairs. 
First you must remember when looking for a Fairy Lair, 
they are very important to our ecology why? Because of the 
many taboos that surround them. The faeries have largely been left
untouched in these certain areas such as;
Farmlands, Valleys in the highlands of the cliffs in
Scottland too. These are just a few places where humans
haven't touched the fairy world. 
Below might be a few Fairy Lairs that you might have
heard of! However, you must always respect the Fae world!
Hill or Mound
Even though are small in size, the hillock might be 
the haunted homes of the faeries. They are usually circular in
shape. The welsh elves are said to haunt this hills/mounds
'dingle's or hollow by the wayside.
Note: some can be very large too!
Wooded site
These faeries homes look more mature, ancient and indigenous
with broadleaf trees on them. They too are often in a circular 
cluster too. In Scotland you might spot what they call them
Scots pines.
Archeological Features
If you happen to see one of these on a map, look for
nearby barrows and tumuli. In particular burial sites. 
In Celtic Mythology, underground fairy world are associated with
the underworld.
Visually Distinct
Fairy Sites tend to stand our from their surrounding. Meaning in
the farmlands they will look wild because of the taboo on their 
culture for generations.
Boundary Site
Often these sites will be, mark with a boundary between 
the different communities and may be some distance from 
humans habitation. 
Why? because people both fear and venture to these
sites with either good or bad intentions.
So that is why the faeries always avoided human 
building homes, roads that might be near them. 
Legend & Lore
Look for places & names that are associated with 
faeries or mythical beasts/creatures. Also ask about local
superstitions too.
The very best place to look if you are lucky is to find
faeries in your own backyard or Garden..
I hope you have enjoyed my'new
post and I hope to see you all next 

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