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The Aughisky Fairy Horse of Ireland-

The Aughisky Faiy Horse of Ireland-
In Scottish Gaelic, water horse is a mythological Scottish water
spirit, called the eachuisce or The Aughisky Fairy Horese in Ireland. It is very 
The Aughisky Fairy Horse
of Ireland
similar to the Kelpie of,but far more vicious. These are the water horses 
of Ireland and are similare to the Uisge and the Cabyll-Ushtey. These Aughisky Fairy 
horses gallop out of the crashing waves onto the shore, venturing onto inland.  They
are supposed to make excellent mounts of whoever can catch one although for an ride, but
riding on the Aughisksy Fairy Horse is not without risk. If they hear or see the sea they will
 set off in an uncontrollable charge or gallop straight back into the watery depths where they 
came from, taking their helpless rider with them to be torn apart once they have gotten to
Aughisky Fairy Horse
the bottom of the sea. Eyewitnesses have described the animal as a Water Horse which is capable of assuming the characteristics of a man, save for its ears, which retain their horse-like appearance. According to legend the Aughisky pastime was to pretend to be grazing quietly at night in order to lure unsuspecting humans onto its back by appearing to be a docile horse. Once the trusting individual was firmly situated on the creature’s spine it would suddenly bolt
Aughisky Fairy Horse
into the sea.   It has also been claimed that the skin of the Aughisky has adhesive properties, which would explain why its victims aren’t able to leap to safety before plummeting into their watery graves.
Generally once they have gone to the depths of the ocean, the Aughisky Fairy
horses will drown and eat its rider. Under water although it refuses to eat human livers, it will consume
the rest of the human.It seems to have developed a dislike for the human liver, so they eat everything but the liver and toss it in the depth of the sea for other sea creatures. It kills by constriction and can change its shape to a handsome man or a giant bird. It leaves a slimy trail when moving on  land. It has even been suggested that the Aughisky Fairy horse maybe
called the 'Irish-crocodile', which is more commonly referred to as the Dobhar Chu.
Aughisky Fairy Horse 
There have been even Eyewitnesses that have described the Aughisky Horse Fairy as an 
Water Horse which is capable of assuming the characteristics of a man, but he still retains his
horse-like appearance. According to the legend of the Aughisky Fairy his pastime was in
ancient times and maybe even in some area's of Ireland to lure unsuspecting humans onto
its back by appearing to be a docile horse.
Once the trusting individual was firmly situated on the creatures spine it would blot for the nearest 
body of water, usually the sea but sometimes a lake or riverbed will do. Then the human would be plumbed to their rather gruesome grave compare to the kelpie.  

 Irish Folk-Lore by G. H. Kinahan, Record 4, 1881
There are fairies like a horse that inhabit certain lakes, yet most people are afraid to pass a place they frequent after it is dark. If a person gets between them and the water, and can steal up and put a halter on

Aughisky Fairy horse
in demon form
them, they can be subdued and used as long as they are not allowed to see lake,riverbank or sea, but once they are allowed to see it, all power over the Aughisky Fairy is lost. There are many of  stories of Ireland that tell of the Aughisky Fairy  and their riders dashing into the water and never to be seen again.
Aughisky Fairy horse
in Demon form
An Aughisky Fairy is said to a few years ago frequent Lough Mask, County of Mayo, preying on the cattle until it was laid by a monk of Tourmkedy. Another that lived in Lough Corrib had a serpent's body and a horse's head; this used to feed on the bodies buried in the churchyard to the south-east of Oughterard, but one of the Lees whose sister was buried watch her body and killed the monster, its blood staining the church wall to his day; the holes through which this Aughisky Fairy horse
Aughisky Fairy Horse
in demon form
came up can be seen alone it track through the Lemonfield Bog. There is a bit more to the tale; A Aughisky Fairy horse that lived in Litter-craffoe Lake was captured by a boy of the Cooney's who was told by a wise woman if he ever let it see the water it would be the death of him. For years it was a faithful horse, but one day he brought it in sight of the lake, into which it shot like a arrow, carrying its owner and once friend with it, whom it killed and tore his master to pieces, devouring him as blood and fragments of his body floated upon the surface of the water. 

So as the tale is so true. Even after years of companionship these creatures can turn into
vicious creatures much more than the Kelpies of Scotland. So you much take care with the Aughisky Fairy Horse of Ireland.These Aughisky Fairy horses are about 21 feet in length and as thick as a bull. It has a
Aughisky Fairy Horse
horse like head and it's neck with an mane of hair. It has sometimes been described as 'Serpentine' in shape.  It's behaviour is most frequently in the month of November - Samhain. It grazes with normal horses. If someone tries to ride these dangerous creatures, it will gallop off to the nearest body of water as if the moment the human body touches his spine, something in the creature goes off. and turns him into a demon. As they gallop with speeds that now real horse could every do into any body of water where it will drown it human rider. Than devourer it by tearing the body apart. Eating everything but the liver. It can change shapeshift into a handsome man or a gaint bird.
Aughisky Fairy Horse
One trail that the crature leaves is a slimy trail on land when moving about.
I did find out one interesting fact about this creature which it seems that when the Aughiskey Fairy horse is in his human form it is said to appear to be quite a handsome man and can be recongnised as a mythological creature only by the water weeds in its hair, because of his people of the Highlands were often wary of lone animals and strangers aby the waters edge near where the each-uisge was reputed to live. 
I hope my dear Friends and Followers that you find this to be an interesting post. I certainly did myself.. 
Aughisky Fairy Horse 

 I hope my dear Friends and Followers that you find this to be an interesting post. I certainly did myself.. 
Love you All! Your Wendy!

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Trauco & Fiura Creatures
The people of Chiloé have in their legends that this creature is characterized by an extraordinary force and power his name Trauco. He is a very sexual potent Dwarf who has
The Trauco Creature
the power to paralyze women with just a look, even before having sex with him. The interesting thing is, the Trauco as they call him is described to be very ugly and troll like looking, often wearing a hat and suit. His feet are stumps and he will communicate to the ladies through a series of grunts mumbles. There are some reports that have suggested that this creature doesn't ever need to have sex because, his victims, that he can, in fact, the Trauco Demon can impregnate them with his gaze. 

It is said that the Trauco can be helpful if you are interested in a woman. but you must take care and precautions if you do as for an Trauco's help. The first act that you must do in communicating with an Trauco, in the presence of the girl that you are interested in, you must deposit their droppings yellow in front of of his house door. Then it will be announced when to visit the house of her dreams by sending at lewd, in which he will transformed into a handsome young man magically. If the girl's family is aware of these facts, should take precautions, as the Trauco could sneak into the house transformed into a bunch of quilineja with the rest of the branches or wood in the house. If so the Trauco can take his victim. 

The Trauco Creature
The Trauco Creature
and a Young maiden
There are many Myths of the Trauco Creature, in some areas of Chiloe', it is customary for mothers of very beautiful young maidens, when they suspect the presence of this foul demon creature, they will leave on the table a handful of dry sand. As the Trauco is attracted to count each grain of the sand, he will miss the chance for the young maiden and with the first light disappears for fear of being surprised by the family. Another way they would pull the Trauco from the woman's body,was to expel it from her, as the Trauco is very clean in relation to everything it touches, so when you see dirty things away and greed
no longer is truly his girlfriend. It's can also be removed by burning their droppings, but do be careful because their dropping if stepped on or even touch could soon cause death of anyone who has touched and those untouched with the droppings. Finally there is an special magick oil, which is said that can be used to catch the
The Trauco Creature
Trauco and hang it on a fireplace where it will become a stick, thus achieve in killing the creature. This oil would be a choice of excellent results that should be rubbed on the victims of the cursed of the Creature Trauco.

There is more to this story, of the Creature Trauco. As I have said, the behavior that of a Trauco presented in the society of Chiloe' is when a young maiden became pregnant and did not know who was the father of the child. Her disgrace was covered up by attributing the Trauco in a special ceremony. It is argued that chilota the male population is in most believe in this myth very much so. And they use this myth not only as an explanation for what they would call in the day 'miracle births' but as a warning to young peopl to fear the Trauco creature and to retain their virginity. 
This brings me to the next Magick Creature the Fiura.
The Creature Fiura
Now this Magick creature is very different than the Trauco I thought I would first give you a brief description of the Fiura and then, I will talk about this next interesting creature. The Fiura has many forms; An ugly little woman with foul breath, who lives in the woods dressed in nothing but a moss dress. She is coquittish and likes to bathe in the cascades, grooming her very thick long black hair with a comb of crystal. After she finishing her bathing she will sit naked for hours in a bed of moss.The Fiura likes to bathe only in the local steams, As I had said before the Fiura enjoy lay in the moss naked for hours as she brushes her long black hair. From the distance it seems that she is a very beautiful woman,
Fiura & Trauco 
with very large breasts, and hour glass shape and great long legs, but anyone who has gotten close enough to see the true form of the creature, well looks can be deceiving. This creature as one gets closer has a horrible face factions, with sparkling eyes which are almost hidden behind the most hideous huge nose. The Fiura has deformed fingers that twitch on these hugh hands and her feet are about the same very larger with very sharp long nails. She also has the ability to to lengthen and rotate her deformed fingers in all directions. The Fiura sometimes will use strange postures or even red robes to hide her hideous grmaces face. She will also spend lots of time wandering in the bush in search of the Chuaras fruit. She isn't a very brave creature. Whenever she hears something she will change her body in quite bizarre positions. 
It is said that she is a shameless woman and lover of single men, she will cast a spell of 
The Trauco Creature
sickness upon those that will rebuff her, be they animal, men or the actual female. To many she is the daughter of a she-devil and from this comes a expression that indicates temptation or possession by an evil feminine spirit. Fiura is an irresistible seductress and having satisfied her sexual appetite drives her victims insane. Her power of her breath can 
scar or turn any animal lame. If a person/male or female may be mocking her by calling out 
The Fiura
"donde ba ese Fiura", as if to say; "what's up with that scarecrow?" the same curse could become upon them as well, but even worst. 
It is very dangerous for ordinary folks to look upon the Fiura creature. It is believed that looking at her will deform your hands, legs or even both. In some cases it is possible to cure these cursed deformities from the Fiura, but first you must look for a plant called 'Pahueldun. After and if you find this plant the person has to drink a juice extracted from it. To get the juice a person must be Whipped! Immediately after the treatment, branch's of the plant that are used, after treatment have to be thrown into the sea. My best advise is don't ever every go near one of these Fiura Creatures. One of the Fiura passions is to cast spells on young woodcutters. Once the Fiura has casted a spell on a young woodcutter they become confused & disorientated. She will then force them to have 
sex with her. The people of Chiloe have in their legends that the Fiura is the only daughter and the seed of perversion of the acts of the sentence, his father would be the Trauco, who also is married in order to continue spreading the evil that comes from the actions of its mother. It can thus have children with her father which have the same characteristics of Trauco if they are male, and if you are female it. Therefore retain the same names of these two being creatures. It's curious the legend of the people of Chiloe. I found these creatures to be fascinating too. I wanted to explore differnt creatures that have a bit of edge to them.
The origins- Its origins of the Fiura leads to malignancy and ferocity to his father-husband so lavish delights in evil people of Chiloe'. It is said that wanders of the woods of Chiloe' and folks that sneak in the bushes, looking for the fruit of the prickly chauras, eating greedily and the people can known that the Fiura has gone through that place, noting the depostions that leaves on protuding roots of large trees. You must also take great care, when you can see her Fiura in the woods,  carefully combing through glassy water or highly   polished silver like sun rays, while bathing in small lakes that are in the woods. After the bath take care too. You must hide even after her bath too, for she sits on the moss, and remains naked for hours or goes to dance on the tremors.
 I did find one interesting note about this Creature Fiura. Its is Characterized by superhuman strength and the ability to make use of the stench of his breath for members twisting or breaking the animals or the people who watch it, being that its power, which may take effect at a distance. I being the Fiura is also characterized by being attracted to animals and manly men, because of his great strength and skill, it is impossible to get rid of it. To attract uses his great power of seduction evil vices inherited from his mother, so one man or animal will be drawn to the Fiura and ask you to have sex, and popular expressions that say'tempted the sentence. " The only condition he would ask the love spell you would not see the face  if it comes to watch her, she uses her breath to punish evil. Once satisfied his sexual appetite, causes the unfortunate insane. Some accounts suggest it is also dedicated to abduct children to raise them as their own and so corrupt.
So there it is my dear Friends and Followers. I know it isn't a happy kinda post,  but as all things in the world are not so good in the balance in the world, so is the Unseen world. You have to have both good/bad for balance in bothe the unseen world of enchantment and our world. It just seems like our world is a bit unbalanced for a time, with a bit to much of the bad. This is my own opinion of course. 
I hope that the post was at least interesting:o)
Love you All! Yur Wendy!
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KUR- Sumerian Mythology First Ever Dragon!

Kur- Sumerian Mythology First Ever Dragon
In Sumerian mythology, Kur is a monstrous dark dragon with a scaly body and massive wings. Kur, as a word, can also refer to a variety of other things. However, the cuneiform sign of kur historically means "mountain" but came to refer to "land" in general and as a determiner is placed before the name of a state or kingdom. The Assyrian pronunciation is 'mat'. The dark dragon of Kur personifies the home of the dead. According to history, Ereshkigal spoke to Kur when she found him isolated in the Underworld. Quotes - "I am not afraid of you. Of any of you" she said out loud, and she meant it. "You are my half brother, Kur, and so are the dark little ones. And somehow I feel there is beauty within you all, even if you and others don’t have eyes to see. But I have. Dive into your essence, brother, search for the seed that brought you, me and all into being. I also came from that seed. There you will find what unite us, what make us One of a Kind with the One who is All Kinds".
In Sumerian mythology, the Kur is considered the very first ever dragon. How you are all probably
wondering how could one find the very first dragon? Well you must remember
that each of the dragons that I have posted of my Love for the Dragon! has come from
many different cultures and counties. So everyone has their own opinion on which dragon
is considered the first dragon.  In this Post I found in the Sumerian Mythology, and they are  referred to 
the Zagros mountains.  Although the word for earth was Ki.  Then Kur came to also mean land, and Sumer itself. was called 'Kur-gal' or Great Land". 'Kur-gal' also means Great Mountain.
A second  and more popular meaning of the word Kur was 'underworld' or the world under the earth.
Kur was sometimes the home of the dead. It is possible that the flames on escaping gas plumes in parts of the Zagros mountains, which I have mention early in the post would have given those mountains a meaning not entirely consistent with the primary meaning of the mountains and an abode of a God.
The eastern mountains as an abode of the God, is popular in Ancient Near Eastern Mythology.
So it is liking that the name Kur with the modern day Kurds who are the predominant ethnicity inhabiting much of the Zagros mountain range. So the Hennerbichler believed the term Kurd and the similar ethnic labels to have been derived from the Sumerian word 'Kur', which meant mountain.
I know you are wondering where this is going? and where is the first dragon Kur? but just bare with me
the Sumerian mythology and all the ancient history has to go together to make since. I myself when I first did this post once before had to re due it a couple of times before I could post it. until I was sure I understood it myself.  The Kur is almost like an identical with the Great Land, which is the Underworld, thus the ruler of the Underworld is Ereshkigal 'Goddess of The Great Land'. In later Babylonian myth Kur is possibly an Anunnaki, brother of Ereshkigal, Enki and Enlil. In the Enuma Elish in Akkadian Tablets from the first millennium BC. Kur is  part of the retinue of Tiamat and seems to be a snakelike dragon. In one story the slaying of the great serpent Kur results in the flooding of the Earth. A first millennium BC. which shows a fire-spitting winged dragon and a nude woman between its wings pulling the chariot of the God who subdued the Kur.  There were only small details of the myths ending to the KUR, but they say that they are inscribed and still are in the ruins of Sumer. The briefy story runs as follows in the version in the ruins of Sumer.
After heaven and earth had been separated, An, the heaven-god, carried off the heaven, while Enlil, the air-god, carried off the earth. It was then that the foul deed was committed. The goddess Ereshkigal was carried off violently into the nether world, perhaps by Kur itself. Thereupon Enki, the water-god, whose Sumerian origin is uncertain, but who toward the end of the third millennium B. C. gradually became one of the most important deities of the Sumerian pantheon, set out in a boat, in all probability to attack Kur and avenge the abduction of the goddess Ereshkigal. Kur fought back savagely with all kinds of stones, large and small. Moreover it attacked Enki's boat, front and rear, with the primeval waters which it no doubt controlled. Here our brief prologue passage ends, since the author of "Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and the Nether World" is not interested in the dragon story primarily but is anxious to proceed with the Gilgamesh tale. And so we are left in the dark as to the outcome of the battle.
In the second Verizon of the Kur- it kinda goes like so- In which the Babylonian 'Epic of Creation'.
The Hero of the tale is Ninurta, the warrior-god, who was conceived by the Sumerians as the son of Enlil, the air god. After a hymnal introduction the story begins with an address to Ninurta by Sharur, his personified weapon. For some reason not stated in the text as yet. Sharur has set its mind against Kur. In its speech, therefore, which is full of phrases extolling the heroic qualities and deeds of Ninurta, it urges Ninurta to attack and destroy Kur.
Ninurta sets out to do as bidden. At first, however be seems to have met more than this match and he 'flees like a bird' . Once again however, Sharur addresses him with reassuring and encouraging words. Ninurta now attacks Kur fiercely with all the weapons at his command and Kur however a serious calamity overtakes the land. The primeval waters which Kur had held in check rise to the surface and as a result of their violence no fresh water could reach the fields and gardens.
The gods of the land who 'carried the pickaz and the basket, ' that is , who had charge of irrigating the land and preparing it for cultivation, are desperate. The Tigris waters do not rise , the river carries no good water.
Famine was severe, nothing was produced, the small rivers were not cleaned, the dirt was not carried off.
On the steadfast fields no water was sprinkled, there was not digging of ditches,
In all the lands there were no crops, only weeds grew. Thereupon the lord sets his lofty mind,
Ninurta, the son of Enlil, brings brings great things into being.
He sets up a heap of stones over the dead Kur and heaps it up like a great wall in front of the land. These
stones hold back the "mighty water" and as a result the waters of the lower regions rise no longer to the
surface of the earth. As for the waters which had already flooded the land, Ninurta gathers them and leads
them into the Tigris, which is now in a position to water the fields with its overflow.Sumerian Mythology
The link is for you all to show where I got most of my info.
I found this to be a very interesting about the Sumerian Mythology of the Kur,but it can be a bit confusing at
times too. As I had to find a couple different references to do this post. I did find link that was quite useful. In it all it was more of gods and goddess than that of a dragon Kur, but I do hope you all find this post interesting even though;

You have to decide for yourselves what you what to believe in this would. For me I believe there is alot around us that we cant see. but myself I have felt and sensed it around me the older I get.
The Magic is there! My friends and Followers you just have to want to let it in!
Love You All! YOUR WENDY!

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