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Quadruple Amputee dog

Quadruple Amputee Dog-
This is Brutus happy & a new home with people
that love him and care for all his needs.
I found this amazing story about this Quadruple Amputee dog named Brutus
who got full prosthetics on all his limbs so he could walk again. Now he can have a life
that will be full of love and fun because of a few loving people who like me loves Animals.
I found this wonderful story on the Huffington Post and I put the link and who wrote the beautiful post at the bottom of this in case you want to find out any more info about the story.

I am just writing about my thoughts and love of the story. I did find out that his name is Brutus & when he was just a little pup, he didn't have a very good start on life. It seems Brutus was from what you could say was a puppy mill/breeder for Rottweilers.  The first part of this story is quite horror so if you are like me take care when reading this part. They said that he was left outside in the frigid temperatures of Colorado I think but don't quote me on that my dears. I just read through the post and I think it might be the state that the puppy was in the terrible frigid temperatures in the puppy mill/breeders. Well, it seems that Brutus ended up getting severe frostbite on all his paws. Sadly it seems he wasn't rescued before this horrible acted was done, leaving the puppy severely injured. As for how badly the pup's paws were damage; I found that through to article they meaning all four paws were taken off except for the left forelimb, which luckily had a bit of residual padding on it. The pup was cared for and rescued from the horror of the breeder's.  I couldn't find any info if the breeder's were shut-down and taken to court for the abused of the pup and probably many others too.  But at least Brutus was in the care of his rescue family briefly for awhile when he was a puppy. He was adopted by Aquilina. I think so after that & she is the one that help get the artificial limbs for Brutus after she saw that he was having a hard time getting around the yard and inside the home. So it wasn't  too long after that she got a hold of a group that develops animal prosthetics in Denver. She also got a fundraiser going that was very successful too. Some time later which is very exciting Brutus was able to get some of the harm that was done when he was a pup with the botched amputations of his paws, with surgery. And later received his artificial limbs so that he could walk regularly for the first time. He even attends physical therapy for animals to help him get adjusted to his new walking happy life with his new prosthetics.
I did find that Brutus is slowly getting used to his new prosthetics and
in time he should be a star showing that even Animals can bet the odds
with disabilities & humble beginnings that most would think they
would not make it out alive. I loved this story and I hope 
that you all will to. For the love of Animals and to help stop
the abuse of All Animals I hope that you all will read my thoughts 
on this wonderful story and go to Kimberly Yam who wrote
the original story. I have the link to that has a lot more info too.
I have always loved Rottweilers and so has my husband...
I pray that so pups ever have to go thru the pain that this guy went 
through but it has made him so much stronger because of it, I am 
sure of this. And Brutus has helped so many other dogs&cats with
disabilities no matter what they might be...
    I hope that you all enjoyed the post 
on Brutus for my Love of Animals...
Love you all my dear friends & Followers 
Have a great week ahead and a great Monday

The images are from the post on Huffington Post too. So they are not Mine! by Kimberly Yam

The Unari Elves/History Images -2015

The Unari Elves/History Images-2015
These Elves that I am going to go over once again are quite unique. They are also very difficult to find images of they too. In my original post that I have done, which you can find in my labels on the right side of my blog at the bottom. At the time I had only 4-5 images, I hope in this post to find more for you all. However, before that I thought I would give you a bit of history on these amazing Unari Elves. They are a mix of the Elf and the magic of the Unicorn. whose origins are attributed to divine interventions. They share the elfin passion for song, dance, and poetry as well as maintaining close ties to their woodland heritage with the animals. The Unari Elves are a very peaceful 
clan of elves but not pacifists and will take up arms to protect those 
things that they hold dear to them.
The Unari Elves are a passionate race and are born performers. They
like to nothing better than to entertain an audience and move 
other elves or humans to the point to great emotion. 
They are far more excitable than their cousin elfin and are nearly
always the eternal optimists. They know only selflessness and have a very 
giving soul. A Unari Elf companion would not hesitate to 
sacrifice himself/herself or and innocent and would travel to the
next life with a contented smile in his/her face to help his person in need.
The Unari Elves are not much taller than their elfin cousins. They typically stand about 5' to 6' tall
and weight up to 135-pound to 250-pounds.
The Unari Elf male are noticeably larger than the female and both sexes are covered from Head to hoof in very soft white fur. Their hair is typically, ranges in hues from silver to white to gold. Most all Unari Elves kept their hair in long flowing manes. Men usually have short beards on their faces-
A Unari elves legs are jointed just like that of a horse and move and like that of a horse too.  
Yet their face is similar to that of all the elfin cousin's. 
Though, their faces are a little bigger & longer than most elfin clan's, they still have the same pointed
ears and facial features as their cousins. They also have an ivory horn that projects from their forehead that is no more than 3 inches long, but this all depends on how old they will get. Some Unari elf's  can grow ivory horns to great lengths, it just depends on their heritage of the Divine origins of the Unicorns and how long the elf will live. The Unari foals mature at the age 60-years old and can life quite long into many centuries depending on their lifestyle and environmental conditions.
 They take great care in their grooming skills over the hundreds of centuries. These Unari elves have been known to live very long and happy lives due to their good grooming skills of caring for their ivory horn and the beautiful white, silver or gold flowing manes that they constantly brush and keeping their tails braided and clean. They are even known among the kin to be particular about grooming and keeping their manes and tails very clean and always braided neatly. They also enjoy clothing that is very loose and has flowing lines. This is probably due to the fact that they are half horse/unicorn. They also like bright and cheerful colors too.  
~Relationships ~
The Unari elves get along well with all elf's and can be usually found among them for they are highly
valued as performers and entertainers.
These Elves and half-elves share a certain bond for they are both half-breeds. They suffered the same predigest as it is still in the year how 2013- 
I found the Unari Elves fascinating and so refreshing. It was wonderful to find these elves that were both a peaceful, passionate, love of song - dance and poetry. And that they are a kinda divine elfin clan you might say..  In the earlier part of the blog, I've mention that they are very selflessness and  giving souls. And would give their lives freely to save another whether it being elfin or human. Well I tried to find more Images of the
Unari Elves but as they are a Rare Elfin race this could be
the reason I was unable to find anymore image than
the ones I had in my first post on the Unari Elves.

I hope that you all Enjoyed the post 
on the Unari Elves/History Images - I am sorry I wasn't
able to get a few more images for you all
Hope you have a lovely Sunday afternoon 
love you all my dear Friends & Follower oh so much. 
Your Wendy 

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Wood Elves Images/History- 2015

Wood Elves Images/History - 2015 
Wood Elve Druid
For today's post I thought I would take you back the to world of the Wood Elves Race. I have been going back through my archives of all the Elves that I have written about and thought, I would re-due each one with putting a short history of each one history with quite a few more images in the post. I have already done the Moon, Wing, Ice, High, Star, Dark, Drow, and Shur-Drow Elves I believe, but I will double check before I am done. Today I'm told that these elves are not easily found because they have learned quite well to blend into their surroundings which is the deep Oak forests, which has made them almost invisible to the human eye. One reason this could be, is the Wood Elves are much smaller than many of their Elfin cousin Kin and they often will dress in clothing that are made of wood bark, leaves, and rare living flowers. These are all used to make them very intricate patterns in their clothing that the wood elves would sew them within their clothing. Some of the wood elves will wear the hide or the furs of the animals, but these are only when they need to hunt for food. I discovered that the wood elves can speak directly to the animals & they can understand animal language too. It seems they are Animal whispers.
Besides being able to communicate with the animals they are able to do the same with all the plants, trees and flowers within their forest as well. Which brings me to the discovery that the Wood-elves are the most of all the Elfin race to be attuned with nature, that I have come across so far. Their Magick is directed only with the nature of the world. These special elves continued through ancient times to modern times to build great civilizations, however at a much smaller scale compare to the Grand Scaled Kingdoms and Empires of the Eastern High Forest Elves of Eladrin. It seems that later the Wood Elves stop building their huge Nation communities after the High Forest Elves of Eladrin had fallen, probably do to the crown wars. This left only the Wood Elves in the deep deep Forests to continue the Elfin line on a much smaller scale.  These wood elves as I had said before weren't very tall, standing on an average between 5'4 and 6'ft. They weight is between 130 pounds & 170 pounds which helps them to be very agile and athletic kin.
They are also very naturally slender and slim. The wood elves have
a similar range of complexions to the humans - like that of coppery 
or pale skinned. As for their hair types, it is typically dark - either brown,
black with copper red or sometimes blonde hair is found amongst the elves. It isn't unheard of to see a wood elf with hints of orange or 
even green hues in their hair either...
As for the Elfin eyes of the wood elves are either mostly brown, 
hazel or emerald green. 
As the history goes well it seems that the Green Elves who remained
in isolation from the Wild elves and lost their taste for civilization and 
nation-building for their Grand Kingdoms and Empires in ancient time 
became nomadic wonders of the forests. This was around the time
that, for the first time that the Wood Elves Emerged on Top of their Elfin
Cousins when some of the Wild Elves decided to migrate into the 
lands of Eladrin and start their own new kingdom there.
Well, the tale doesn't end here... 

I hope you enjoyed a bit of their history
my dearest friends & followers and you
are always Welcomed to my humble page/blog
to take it easy and listen to what every music you like
and read a few stories 
love you all 

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