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Well, Again, Honor Our Friend
Robin Williams on his passing2yrs 2014
At the tender age of 63~
Robin's Birthday was on July 21 so he's had two birthdays since his passing. This last birthday, he would have been 65years old. That in my mind is so young. And he would have so much to live for....
To this day I still miss Robin very much as the world does. Everyone shows their lost in their own way too. It is truly a testament to his vibrancy that even 2years after his death, he still remains a cultural touchstone & the psychic shock that some of us will never quite get over that he is gone. However, is he really gone. In my heart, I feel him in some way he is still here. How? Well, in our hearts and souls that keep him with us and alive today. It is quite amazing to think of all the acting he did and movies he did in such a short lifetime. Also the comedy gigs that he would do for all of us. Not to mention the Comedy relives with Whoopi and Billy... Yes, those were some good times.
Robin was and still is in my heart an amazing man. Yet when I have done these post of my beloved
Robin I have never had the guts or I don't know what it is in my heart of hearts to put the message
that I remember Robin doing a few years before he die. I have thought about it but
I just wanted to remember the happy times however in this post I have written a lot more about his struggles and given you a lot more about my own struggles. And it really did help at the time. I
just wish it would have help Robin himself.
I just hope you all don't hate me for putting up on my post. I any of you don't like I do understand, but
understand being just like Robin I will not be able to comment on those kinda sorry...Wendy...

The Oscar winner & stared of the Movie 'Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society and
Mrs. Doubfire too. That is just a few of his Movies lists...for which I will put in this post pictures of as many as I could find for you all. Even at the age of 60 with all the stuff going on in his head, he made one more movie for us called Boulevard.. At the end of this post I will try to find it and put a
trailer of it for you all...

Yet privately with addictions that he had conquered before his late 50's he still had to deal with many illnesses which included a form of dementia; depression and Anxiety too. These I wish that in some way I could have talk to him personally. For I myself have dealt with Depression and Anxiety  to the point that I had to retire early because it effected my whole personally. I am not the same person that I was 20 years ago. So I truly understand... And I wish that all the people that love you and will always love you... That understand you pain.. could have got to you sooner before you took the only action that you felt that would stop the pain... More needs to be done to help folks like us all with Dementia Depression and Anxiety ... It is only slowly becoming out in the public eye. It just missed YOU MY DEAR FRIEND..
Robin You were amazing man, actor too! The Oscar winner and star of so many modern classics like that of GOOD MORING VIETNAM, DEAD POETS SOCIETY AND MRS. DOUBTFIRE ARE JUST A FEW... We all know how he died- What we need to focus on is the joyful moments, memories, that he beat his addictions & illness, that he was a father, husband, Is still and always will be vivid presence to the public and his family and fans. His family focus only on the happy times as do I. William's son Zak, 32 recently told the magazine People; even though it would have been his father's 64th birthday on July 21, they are going to be moving through the process of healing and recovering. Zak continued to say that he relies on the wonderful family and friends to help with the grief. Also in honor of his father who always gave generously his money, time and influence to various causes - most famously the homelessness charity Comic Relief, Also he was invariably upbeat in public and with his friends and colleagues, and was known for his philanthropic efforts and support for U.S. Troops and veterans. Zak now gives back just like his father. He also teaches financial literacy to inmates in San Quentin State Prison, providing his students with invaluable budgeting and investing skills.
There have been many books written about the death of Robin and the reasons why he probably took his life. The only reason that I am touching on this a bit is the fact that we lost yet another beautiful man to a illness that is mostly hidden in our society. I am just lucky that I have a lovely and loving family just like Robin. It is that, I guess that Robin had more demons than I. I just wish that we could have saved him.. He put this happy face on the outside/yet on the inside he was slowly sinking into a deep depression that he just couldn't escape from even with all the family and the world around him that loved him so very much. I was at that point two times in my live- One time in my 20's and probably 4years ago. I just wish with all my heart and soul that we all could have saved are ROBIN!
An quote from Haig'
'Its worth remembering that suicide is a symptom of a illness. The illness is called depression. People die from other illnesses and it is not called selfish. Also, depression is one of those illnesses that don't care about your bank balance or your nice house or the Oscar you keep in your bathroom. Depression is not a movie. It is not always 'about something. Its also something that can be invisible. A depressive will very often pretend to be something else.' In reading Haig words about our dearest friend Robin I see much of myself. We do need to make this more of a public illness so that we don't loose anymore wonderful people. We need to encourage greater empathy for everyone, even if we don't know if they are struggling...
You know my dear friends and followers I truly didn't mean for this post to be as deep as it has become but sometimes my thoughts get ahead of me when I do this post...
I don't know if you all knew this too about our dear Robin but on top of all the other struggles that he was going through, In a statement from his beloved wife Susan Schneider- Robin was in the early stages of Parkinson's disease at the time of his death.. Susan had also said during that time, her husband Robin was struggling very had with depression, anxiety and the knew news of Parkinson's diagnosis ...Even though he had his sobriety intact, which he was so brave to end, he still had more struggles to face and the Parkinson's might of just been to much  at this stage in his life....
[Parkinson's disease is a long term disorder of the central nerves system that mainly affects the
motor system. The symptoms generally come on slowly over time. Early in the disease, the most obvious are shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking. Thinking and behavioral problems may also occur too. Sadly it is an incurable nervous system disorder that involves a loss of brain cells, controlling movement. Tremors, sometimes starting out in just one hand in the early symptoms .It can also cause rigid, halting walking, slowed speech and sometimes dementia. Symptoms will worsen over time and can often be treated with drugs.] 
Actor Michael J. Fox-
Pop star Linda Ronstadt -
Boxer Muhammad Ali-
Radio Personality Casey Kasem
Late Pope John Paul ll -
These are just a few well-known figures diagnosed with the disease.
It must have been very difficult for Robin and his family learning about the
diagnose however, I know that if he would have let them help he would have been
find.. So many love and still love the man. With so much heart...
He was and still is a very loving soul and very much missed on this 2yr of his passing
and all I can say is I

hope his has found peace in heaven and I know in my heart that there is a lot of laughter now in the heavens above...

Well, as Robin says goodbye it really isn't because he will always
be with us in spirit...
I hope that you enjoy the post my dears

I love you all Wendy...

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In Honor of My Friend Robin Williams

In Honor of My Friend
Robin Williams-
Hello, my dear friends & followers. While I was down in the Redwoods visiting my family, I would
read the newspaper every morning -called the Times Standard- with my parents. I found a few Articles that I hope you enjoy.
The one story that I found was about Robin Williams personal Photographer....
''The entire time Robin and I worked together or knew each other, he never once said to me,
'no, you can't shoot this or you can't shoot that.' It was amazing.''
-Arthur Grace, Photographer and Friend...
Arthur Grace met Robin in 1986 at the Pittsburgh comedy club. As you have probably figure out,
anything that I find about Robin Williams - I will post on my Blog😄 I hope that you all will enjoy These posts on my blog about Robin😄.
After Arthur Grace meet Robin in 1986 at the Comedy club the two became fast friends- until it was about 2years upon his death. I guess after watching Robin do his Gig at the Club they must of really hit it off as friends.
Why, you might ask? Well, from that night Grace became Robins personal photographer and dear friend to the year 2002. He would travel with Robin to all his various stand-up gigs during the late 80s. In between those times with Robin, Grace would do many other assignments such as covering the former President Ronald Reagon while in office. He would do many different photo assignments while at the White House during President Ronald Reagon's 8year term. Also other type of news during that time too.
Yet he would always caught up with his dear friend Robin in what he was doing too! whether it was
acting or the gigs of stand-up. Grace was by Robin's side throughout his life taking photo's of everything that he happen to be doing at the time/acting/stand-up and the Comedy Relief with his friends Whoopi and Billy. He even stayed with Robin during the holiday's to shoot Robins Family
portraits and Christmas Cards too!⛄ which was almost every year❄❄⛄. It would seem that the photographer Arthur Grace had so many lovely memoires and stories about his dear departed friend that when he would photo Robin as he would say 'Nothing was off-limits for Robin'.
One of the most private of moments that Grace remembers with Robin is at the San Francisco home. As he was just snapping away photo's and talking, he found himself inside his friends most private room. It was a room that only but a few are allow in. Grace felt very honored to be one of those few.
Inside this room it was a kinda like a James Bond hidden pass way to get in. Or if you will a Private man Cave. But for Robin it was more like a private Sancturay for him to escape fro the world.

Robin would stay in this magick room for hours at a time. Inside the room was amazing fun things to do! It had computers; laptops; computers games of all kinds you can think of; video games; scripts stack high as you could see/ and in many piles; And of course he had his private toy soldiers that were his as a child too.
The photo in the center is much different  than when the time they had dinner in 2013 at Grace  
house. I just thought it would be fun to have a photo of the two friends one last time at what looks like  a dinner house...If fact there was no photos so
we will never no what that dinner was like nor do I want to know myself
Grace couldn't truly remember the last photo he took of his dear friend, however he did remember, the last time they saw each other. It was late 2013 when Robin had come to Grace house for Dinner. By this time there was no need for the camera anymore. And the subject that they would talk about was about not the camera or the next shot/or next gig/ acting job. It was about their friendship and how they had been friends for such a long time in the good and bad. How important their friendship was to them. And that they hoped that they would grow old together with their families. During that dinner  
the last time they saw each other. It was late 2013 when Robin had come to Grace house for Dinner. By this time there was no need for the camera anymore. And the subject that they would talk about was about not the camera or the next shoot/or next gig/ acting job. It was about their friendship and how they had been friends for such a long time in the good and bad. How important their friendship was to them. And that they hoped that they would grow old together with their families. During that dinner the camera never came out.
They talked about other stuff and Robin was funny as he always was. 
Grace felt the camera had no place in their lives anymore.
It was only 3years after that when Robin died and it hit Grace to the core just 
as it did everyone in the world.
Its like the laughter had stopped here on earth yet I know it is 
going strong in heaven. If only Robin knew how much he is missed,
loved by so many people around the world.
We all understood the enormous pain that he was in, We all just wish
he would let us all help him. Let all of us love him and let him know
it ok to have depression, anxitiys and other metal issues. I myself 
have had them since 2005...
The world loved him so much!!!!
He gave his heart and soul full of love; laughter giving to the Troops too.
If only he could hear this all today 
Anyway sorry I do get side-track sometimes...
As Grace delated with his own grief , it was about eight months 
after Robins passing when Grace started to think about all the photo's 
that he had of his dear friend Robin.
   That's when he decided to create a book in his honor
called 'Legacy Book' for his friend.
It took a long time to figure out which photo's to use
since he has so many over the years of 1986-2002
Even the name of the book changed a few times.
However, he will always remember the time when Robin was
with him taking photo's Clearly he never once said to him,
'That's enough, stop taking pictures or No, you can't shoot
this or you cant shoot that..."
In the end Grace finally was able to pick 190 photographs
He also change the book cover too.
I looked up the book on my
Just look under Books search....
write in ... Robin Williams: A singular portrait, 1986-2002
Hard Cover 29.76
Kindle 28.29
Well, I know that when I can I am going to get the book
I had a look & it look Amazing

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Hello my dear friends and followers, I am sorry for not being around for the entire month of
July. But when I got back from Vacation I had so many things to be done around my app... I hope that you enjoyed the one post about Master Moka😎😌😛 & by the way he is back to himself too! I have written a few posts while doing my cleaning about the house, too! What have I have been doing you have been probably wondering! Well, I have been working very hard in my garden you have seen when I got home the garden was so dry that it almost died, and a few plants were root bound. Many other plants had to be cut back and re-potted. Some didn't make sadly, but that was only a few. I even brought a few seeds from my mum garden to plant to see if they root. I also got some new lavender too. As for now the garden is set. I just have been having to water quite often because of the heat here in Kent WA. The other thing that I have been working on is my old laptop and getting it ready for my nephew. He is going to be a SR in high school in the fall and hasn't had a laptop so I been getting It's ready and then my sis is going to fix the fan that is broken. Unpacking, writing a new short story, reading the new Harry Potter book and just spending time with my son you seen he too is growing up fast.😎😐😄😄😄 He is going to be a JR in the fall. And he is starting to take College class too. And spend time with my hubby😎😄😄. So that is a quick write up of July 😎😎😎😎😎😄😄😆😆😛😛😛💝💝💖💖
So I thought I would do a few fun posts first in the month of August. I found this good browsing on my bing.... It was interesting and I hope you like it too!
Exceptionally very Large animals of all Kinds do EXIST😄
1-This gentle, yet massive cow, standing at
6 feet-6 inches and weighs over a ton.
Chili's diet consists on nibbling on grass and
The occasional suede.
2-You better watch out when Big Jake is coming your way!
This tall horse weighs about 2,600 pounds and has a height
Of 210 centimeters.

3-This is no Piglet! This giant Pig claims the Title of  The Worlds Biggest Pig!!! Weighing in at 1,984 pounds.
Owned by a farmer in Wafangdian City.
He was fed quality food for its entire life.

4-Meet Blossom. She held the Title of the WORLD'S TALLEST COW! With a height of 6'4" and a
Weight of 2,000 pounds. Sadly, at the age of 13, Blossom
Died from a leg injury, yet she will always be Remembered.


6-Darius the Bunny is another Animal Friend that also holds
The title of the WORLD'S TALLEST BUNNY!. Darius has a height
Of 52 inches and easily devours copious amounts of 
carrots & apples!

7-Jamison Stone may only be 11years old, however he has Managed to take down his 1,051 pound wild hog.
The wild hog ! From snout to the base of the tail, is 9feet!
This kid will be enjoying bacon for months to come or even years!

8-We have another title of the worlds largest once again! This one
Goes to a largest moth in the world named Hercules the Moth. These are
Endemic to New Guinea and northern Australia. The Moths have a
Wingspan of 27 cm-which is over 10inches wide.

9-Now we have a very rare giant Oarfish! Apparently these
Creatures of the sea are quite rare. And to find one even that has
Washed up on the shore is amazing. To date, no one has found one
Alive... This one it took 10+people to carry it off the beach.

10-Now this one is very Creepy...Well, I really don't like spiders at all!
However, I felt I should include all of Gods creatures. This one is a
A scary one! The size of this

11-Now we come to the UK. For the Field Marshall as they call him.
He is the Largest Bull in the World, measuring at an incredible 6ftx5in tall.
And weighting more than 3,500lbs.

12-This creature is found off the small island off the coast of
New Zealand. It's kinda hard to believe that this giant crickets really
Do exist!

13-This one is one of my favorites my dears. I love dogs of course...

14-Yes, Ligers really do Exist! Hercules is a hybrid Liger,
between a male lion and female tiger. This amazing and very unique
cat weights up to 900 pounds and it comes at no surprise that his name is
Note: I believe that I did a post on Ligers so if you would like to
check it out you can do to things on my search but Ligers and you
will get up to 10+ results of posts to look at + I will put one of the links
here for you to look at too😄 

15-Well, we have another Hercules - Mr Flynn - This is the Worlds
Biggest Dog who happens to weighs 282 pounds. This is the amazing
part! He is only 3years old! His owner has never put Hercules on any
special diets but he continues to grow. 

16-Now were in the Mekong River where they caught a catfish
that happened to be 6.5 feet and weighs up to 644 pounds. Amazing😄

17-In Africa they have these Giant African Snails which are considered
to be a invasive species. This could be the reason why! They can grow
up to 8 inches long - consuming pretty much any vegetation they can
get their mouths on. Plus they can lay up to 1200 eggs per year.
These creatures live up to 5 to 6 years so if they aren't controlled
their numbers can quickly get out of hand....Oh my!!!!

18-You are looking at one of the Largest Stingrays ever caught!
Amazing Yeah! Snagged in Thailand Rivers it took 13 men to drag
this 7foot long ray out of the water.

19-Well, This 21 foot Indo-Pacific or Saltwater Crocodile by the name of  Lolong was the first ever largest crocodile caught alive! Sadly as one would  already figure out he would not make it very long in captivity being such a large creature. He truly was meet to be free. Soon after he
was caught he died
on in 2013.

20-This Maine Coon Housecat named Ludo is quite the Cat!
Weighing at 24.5 pounds. At only 17months old
and is still growing strong.

21-These amazing Macroptychaster Sea Stars
were found in the Antarctic waters
of New Zealand in 2008, are estimated
to be up to 2feet wide.

22-This might be my favorite horse Why? well, just look at Moose
he is so handsome and beautiful too. Ok, the name might throw you off.😄
but he is a beautiful horse Bred for war-not a Moose with the antlers 😄
Moose stands at 19 feet tall and is the Percheron supreme world champion.
This may not be a Moose with antlers but this is a tall horse named Moose. Bred for war, Moose stands at 19 feet tall and is the Percheron supreme world champion.

23-Now this one is very odd creature. Its called the 'Bismarck Flying Fox'
However, just by looking at the image it looks more like a giant Bat to Me!
So what do you all think? Fox with wings or Bat? Hmmm.
Oh, I should have read more sorry my dears it is a bat but has a Fox name weird eh!
huge bat it is said it can weigh more than 3pounds and have a 5to6 foot wingspan!

24-The Coconut Crabs are the largest of all crabs. They can
grow up to 3 feet in length&weight up to 9pounds. They are the largest land living anthropods in the world and are found on the
islands across the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They get their names
because their claws are strong enough to crack coconuts

25-This is Norm- Talk about body proportion! He is 1,600 pounds
And from his snout to his tail, he measures 71/2 feet- WoW!

26- Radar is, not only deemed the Worlds Biggest Horse
but he also has the biggest appetite too. Radar consumes up to
20 gallons of water and 18 pounds of grain, so naturally his weight 
of 2,400 pounds is no surprise!

27. We are down to our last exceptionally Large Animals & its
A Grand one... In fact I really thought I had done a post on Zeus the 
Great Dane Who has a height of 44 inches and is one of many tallest great
Danes in the world. However, I had a look on my blog and it wasn't.
It was a Great Dane Called  George the Great Dane. It's a great 
post so I will leave you the link too.;postID=8461158467234041829;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname

Well I hope that you all enjoy 
the post and the links my dear
freinds and followers 
your friend always 

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