Friday, May 31, 2013

Mushroom Magick

Mushroom Magick
One of the prime signifiers of anything fairy is a creature sitting on a fly Agaric Mushroom, the toadstool; Its
red and white spots shout "supernatural," like the iconic red outfits of many wee folk.
In some traditions fairies feed on these strange fungal foodstuffs, that are, at turns, delicious and deadly. Many bear fairy names: Fairies' Bonnets, Fairy Cake, Elf Cup, Pixie Cap. The names Dryad's Saddle and Fly
Agaric hint that mushrooms offer a way for the earthbound to fly: "magic" mushrooms have hallucinogenic properties; you can take a trip on them. Ethno-mycologists trace the association of hallucinogenic plants with the spirit world back to the Paleolithic period.
Agaric Mushroom house

Fairy on Red Mushroom 

dancing faeries 
A Fairy with Red Mushroom hat

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