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The Elves-
There are many different writing on the originality of the 
Elves. The problem with that is; the elves themselves aren't sure of their exact origins because, some say all was lost in the dawn of time. Others have their own opinion, where their forefathers origins came from. It's almost impossible in my opinion because there are so many different races of Elves, just like any race of the humans.The Elves are a quiet people and lived a very long time ago. The few that are still living among us, well they are in the deepest forest, caves and ice mountains, to be a few places. They are in deep hiding and really don't trust us for good reasons in my option.  Even though they have said to have lived before time - they are still here today...
This is only one opinion of many that I have found in my studies of the Elves. But one thing that does not change in my thoughts of the mystery  around the Elves, fairies, dragons and all magical creatures that are Unseen! They are all real and live today, just not in the way that you might think.  Also I believe that the Elves and Faeries choose who they want to see them too... 

Elves lifespan is very different when it comes to the many different groups of for their sexual maturity, this too is very different when it comes to comparing human/elf. But there are even some differences among the different groups of Elves too.
As far as the differences with each of  the different Elfin Life spans groups-being that there are so many of them, it would be too hard to, but all the life spans in just one group...but for the most part they all lived every long time... Some could be even in hiding today...
The few exceptions for these groups - Drows, Ghost Elves & possibility the Wood Elves  
Well it's a curious thing about pregnancy with Elves because they are magical creatures. So it's going to be different, the question is how much different than a human mother...well they do not need to carry a fetus in their womb for nine months. 
The Elves on the other hand will carry the Elf-fetus for one year,  but hence fewer pregnancies.
Too bad we didn't' t have a chat with the elves on this subject thousands of years ago and we wouldn't be in such problems with our Planet... 

The families are quite different for each group of  Elves...
 The groups that are the most different from the surface- the elves of the  valleys, forests, mountains and even the snow elves...
Would be the Drows- 
Most of the surface world [Elves that live not in the dark caves etc.] know very little about the society of the dark Elves - Drows. Only a few exception's that have decided to live on the surface after living underground with the Drows or Dark elves for many years and these elves usually aren't the most friendly type.  
The Society of The Drow/Dark Elves is dominated by female Drow. Their Goddess is the Lolth the Spider Queen, males are subservient and slaves, warriors, or assassins. The Drow do have families but, not what you would think... In fact the drow society is frequented by having upheavals, relations among the drow are usually more complex than a typical family. The head of the family is a patron goddess of the drow- and is average families of the drow it is still a female drow. I go more into the life of the drow in other posts if you are interested... 

Poisons and toxins are favorites of the Drows, especially a powerful knockout poison made from a slippery black fungus that only grows in a certain area of the deep caverns called the 'Underdark'. Others poisons can be made from purple worms, scorpions and many different kinds of spiders. The Drow favor a mithral chain armor when it is available, but will always wear non-restrivtive armors that will not hamper their natural dexterity. They also favor fast weapons like rapiers and will choose hand  crossbows when possible, to deliver their poisons from a distance...

It is common for a Drow to place magical symbols or glyphs outside their homes, which can ward off intruders. These home defense with the glyphs are only one of the three types of that can be used...the others are a ways of marking ancient ruins and sacred glyphs. The drow loves magical items of all kinds and all-powerful families give some enchanted items to those who we service them. 

The origins of the Elves, have always been a mystery...
How it is time for you the reader of this post to decide.. If  there was an origin or a beginning of the Elves... Do you Believe that the elves were here and Still here in 2013 
I Most give credit to the great article in which
I got much of the info from-
The World of Lyran Tal  


Unknown said...

Very nice story~ I believe said...

Like any other legends or myths I believe that there is a basis to some truth, for how else would the legend or myth be born from.

But we need to also take into consideration of the interpretation from an actually eye witness could be slightly askew their interpretation is to what they actually eyes witnessed.

But I do believe there have been many strange things observed and categorized either handed down by word of mouth of inscribed on stone walls or parchment back in the day, by comparing it to what they are familiar with in their surroundings.

All this means is I believe there are phenomena that have been witnessed back in the day that is no longer here today.

Or if they are, they are in a state of being where they can not be detected with our senses nor even our modern day technology.

But perhaps some day, Actually it is quite possibly there are those with a sixth sense that are witnessing these phenomena to this day.

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