Friday, February 22, 2013


The Selkie are descends from the seals, that live a good percentage of their lives on and below the polar ice caps of the Arctic. There was an intense competition of these species & development to adapting to the cold and elaborate politeness rituals to keep from attacking each other.
Most people assume the Selkie's were the most polite race & they would never encounter any problems with the humans, back in the day.
But the selkies being descends from the seal had the carnivores side that resided in them, it was very close to them all the time, just under the surface.

So they had to use great elaborate rituals to keep them form reverting to their descends style of carnivores and attacking each other.
The Selkies move with great restrained and practiced this both on land and sea. They are a very graceful race both on land and sea. For one, they will bow and seem polite if nosy strangers  come by.
Looking like they are sliding over the ground rather than floppy. But they can take offense very easily and have long memories. In fact the Selkie's can live, as long to 400 to 500 years. And are repositories of great wisdom. 

In the water they move with ballet type of grace and incredible speed and stamina. When fighting they have distinct martial arts and fight with blinding speed.

This takes consuming something that had the races genetic structure - even hair or poop will work for this - and then, over the course of the month, gradually shedding their outer form in favor of the new race form. 

Likewise it takes a full month to change back, to their original race form. In the different race form the selkie loses its resistance to it long range swimming skills & deep depths ocean skills as well. 
But the selkie will look enough like the new species to be able to pass undetected. During the 'Great War' the selkie used this ability to great effect and incidentally caused the internment of a great many selkies that were  completely loyal to our Hero's Cause.

While in the form of a new species - human - they are fully carpel of interbreeding. Often a child of such a union has the abilities of a selkie as well.
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