Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cactus Cat

Cactus Cat
 This is about a creature from the folklore of the lumberjacks of the
forest in the U.S. It is especially seen in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Cactus Cat was described  as having fur that looks like a hedgehog or even that of a porcupine. His spines that are all over his body consist to his his ears to some areas the spines may be particularly long and spiky protuberances of sharp bone and are similarly armored on his tail too. Which is branched out in many different directions. 
The Cactus Cat had a taste for the fermented juice of the Cactus in desert. At night it is known to slash their trunks which makes the juice of the cactus flow from several at once. The Cactus Cat will
then return to the cactus juice that they slash after it has fermentation has occurred. When they drink the juice and do so quickly these Cactus Cats will become intoxicated with this juice after which humans heard their wild shrieks and cries throughout the night. This magical Creature belongs to a group of beings affectionately know as the Fearsome Critters... 

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