Saturday, March 28, 2015


Painted Gourd Birdhouse

Good Afternoon and Welcome my dearest Friends & Followers
to my Saturday TipsFromtheGarden...
For today's Saturday's Garden Tips, I found two interesting 
and fun things you can do for you gardens for the spring
since its SPRING!
~First one is Creative Bird Houses~
Since this is the grand time for bird watching & birds are
looking for homes. 
Here are few ideas that you can try;
1-A Birdhouse made out of an old broken
Cuckoo Clock.
2-There's another idea that you could try, an old 
fashioned kerosene lantern.
3.A Birdhouse made out of old licences plates is another idea.
4-Since its Spring you can always try dried out Gourds.
They can make great bird houses.
5-Finally you can always make a birdhouse out of your 
many scraps of wood for a very creative Birdhouse. 
~Second Idea is making Junk into Treasure~
What I found was this Treasure to share.
Have you every seen those lighted Christmas deers decorations during
the holidays? That folks put in their yard during the holidays. Well there are
other ways of using these when they have gotten old or
you can look for them at salvation used stores, garage sale etc. 
Once you find them, you strip off all the Christmas lights, spray the whole
frame with brown paint. Then fill it with many different sizes of rocks one
at a time; until the frame is full. 
So I hope these Ideas are fun and helpful for your Gardens
for this Saturday TipsfromtheGarden
I love you all very much 

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