Saturday, May 21, 2016


Yuki Onna - The Moon Princess-
Hello, once again my dears I am on a roll today I hope you find my post interesting
for this post I am going to talk about the Yuki Onna-the Moon Princess. In this tale of the
legends of the Yuki Onna, the Moon Princess was once a princess of the lunar World, and lived
on or in the Moon. Her life was full of luxury and indulgence - however to her it was
extremely boring. The Moon Princess became fascinated just looking at the world below her,
wondering what it was like. What kinda people lived there and mostly what it looked like too.
So one dark night she decided to have a look so she snuck out of her beautiful castle and then she
fell down to Earth, traveling on the snow. However, coming down was much easier than going back
up to her beloved home in the moon. The Yuki Onna tried so hard to get home and know one could
hear her cry's for help because she was so far away from the moon now. The Moon Princess became stuck on Earth. But on very snowy nights the full moon would appear pining for her old home.
I found this one to be a lovely tale I hope you enjoy it too.
love you lots Wendy...

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