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Garei The Picture Ghost

Garei-The Picture Ghost-
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For a few more posts before the month of June is out, I thought you might like the legend of the
Garei -the Picture Ghost... It is a very old Urban legend I believe from Japan... Sadly I could only find one drawing of the legend of the Garei the Picture Ghost... 
The tale was told in ancient times a very long time ago, when there was a dilapidated folding screen with the portrait of a woman holding her infant child. The screen was the property of the
Kanju-ji-temple in Kyoto, where it was kept buried away in a storehouse. One day there was a request that came from a retainer of the Samurai Honamiden to borrow the dilapidated folding screen with the portrait of a woman holding her infant child upon it. Sadly on the part of the Samurai, he thought is was nothing more than a worthless nuisance, however the temple was only too happy to comply with the request. The priests sent Honamiden to retrieve the screen from the old storehouse with all due haste. Even though the folding screen was very old and neglected, the painting upon it was still very beautiful & Honamiden proudly put the Folding screen on display in his home. Not knowing the history behind the mysterious woman and her young infant within the  painted, Honamiden had no idea that he would have ghostly happening that very night he brought it into his home. But that very night, there were many reports stated coming from a mysterious woman who appeared in the vicinity of Honamiden's manor. The woman was quite beautiful and was reported as carrying a small infant child. The unknown woman appeared every single night & she wandered on the grounds of the manor. Finally, Honamiden had one of his servants follow the woman, to see what the ghost does? He watched the ghostly woman as she entered his home, and gasped as she suddenly disappeared while standing in front of the ancient screen painting.
Upon seeing this, Honamiden returned the screen to Kanju-ji as quickly as possible, mentioning 
nothing of the mysterious woman or the incident that he just saw.
A beautiful picture was one thing, but he didn't need to attract strange spirits too.
Now, that same mysterious woman began to appear around the Kanju-ji temple.
Suspecting the painting was the origin of this apparition, a clever servant place a piece of paper over the head of the woman in the painting, hoping it would stop the strange ghostly spirits too.
Well, that evening when the ghostly woman was seen her head was covered by pieces of paper this time. So it work to some extend.
So Kanju-ji assembled some artists to investigate the painting, to see what is going on with this spiritual screen ghostly woman that comes out of it at night. The artists all agree it was the work of the artist Tosa Mitsuoki , very important work at that time.
Sadly the artist Tosa Mitsuoki was dead, and there was no way of knowing the history behind the woman in the painting, but the artist all agreed that it was a shame that such a valuable painting was allowed to degenerate to such poor conditions.
Once it was heard, that Kanju-ji had the screen commissioned to be restored to its former condition and then properly displayed, the mysterious woman never appeared again.
As far as this tale Garei the Picture Ghost, some have said it comes from the Fujiwara Ietaka's Monogatari-落栗物語-Tales of Fallen Chestnuts, is thought to be written sometime in the 1820's.
This tale of the Garei the Picture Ghost is build on the idea that certain works or craftsman are able to infuse some of their own soul into their art. And their art takes on a life force of it own...
This tale serves as a cautionary from the artist with a definite moral too! treat your works of art with respect, or they will come out and haunt you to the end of your times. Which probably is what happened to Tosa Mitsuoki ,the artist who did the painting originally. Tosa might have been  haunted by his painting so he tried to hide his painting, by buried it away in a very old storehouse so no one would ever find it. No one will ever know if it work or if the artist was haunted to death by the beautiful woman in the painting. Yokai researcher, Oda Kokki identified the Garei-Picture Ghost as a type of Tsukumogami.
Which is a belief in Japan that household objects can gain life after 100years. It is said that the Tsukumogami spirit will slowly gain life as human's infuse them with small pieces of their motive energy over the century. They tend to be house hold objects like that of a tools, instruments, containers etc... I did a post on the Japanese Tsukumogami-Spirit if you would like to check It out just check out this link - http://wendyjargonncom.blogspot.com/2016/06/japanesetsukumogami-spirit.html

This way you don't have to go to my labels to look for it...
I hope that you all enjoyed another urban legend of Japan, I love them myself... I hope you all have a lovely evening ...
Good night for now..love you all my dears Wendy🎶🎶❤💖💖💖☺☺😁😁😛💖💖💖

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