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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Grey Man of the Scottish' Highlands’
Hello my dear friends & followers. I found another interesting legend about, ‘the Grey Man.’ However, this spirit lies in the Scottish Highlands called ‘The Ben Mac Dhui Mountain’. It happens to be the 2nd highest mountain in the Scottish Highlands. Unlike the post, I did on the ‘Grey Man’ who warns the people of Pawley Island of hurricanes. He’s a good spirit in my opinion.

However, the Grey Man of the Scottish Highlands has a much different tale. Anyone who ventured up the Ben Mac Dhui Mountain of the highlands, always felt a dreadful fear going through their body. They say, as soon as they get to a certain spot up on the high mountain of Ben Mac Dhui a fog or mist would roll across the cairns. That’s when you would see a shadow of the creature. It is said that’s also where the spirit lurks about as a huge creature terrifying monster if you happen to encounter it! They call it, ‘I am Fear Liath Mor’ or The Big Gray Man’.
Some see him as an old figure in robes; a giant or even a demon. Ben Machdhui, also has a reputation of being haunted entity, popularly known as Grey Man or the Fear Liath Mhor in Gaelic.  The creature doesn’t just threaten you with un-earthly forces of physical power but it can also cause people who encounter it to have a strong suicidal sense of depression & panic. They have said that the Mountain Ben Mac Dhui is the 2nd Highest mountain in all of Scotland, standing over 4,000 feet high. It’s an imposing sight & substantial test for experienced climbers, so if an average person were to try you could only just image! Many of the witnesses who have seen or felt the presence of the Scottish Grey Man are serious hardened Mountaineers not prone to flights of fancy.
It was the year 1891 when the first person reveal he had encounter the creature in on the Ben Mac Dhui Mountain Highlands of Scotland. His name was a Professor Norman Collie. Norman was a respected & well known climber in those days. When he gave his speech at the Cairngorm Club in 1925, his audience was truly stunned. This is what he said; Norman explained after the climb-up the mountain which he had done many of times, however this time it was very different. When he was coming down from the peak, he suddenly heard footsteps behind him. At first there was a think shroud of mist that came into the area without warning. Norman rationalized that it must have just a fog or the heavy clouds being so high on the mountain. He also thought the footsteps must have been an echo of his own. But Norman realized the noises were not corresponding to the movements he was making down the mountain. It sounded like a huge giant was following him. It was as if the giant was walking after him but taking steps of three or four times the length of Normans. So, this time down the mountain he was terrified and blindly ran for 4+5 miles down the mountainside until he could no longer hear the terrifying noise. Norman never returned to the mountain top to his dying days. He did resolute to believe there was something very scary that lived on the top of Ben MaDhui of Scotland.
The next two encounters of the Grey Man, apparently set the trend for the hundreds of other reported incidents on the High top of BenDhui of Scotland! Each person after Norman’s encounter would tell of either lumbering footsteps crunching towards them/or of huge grey figures looming out of the swirling mists. Most of the encounters are explained as paranoia & the effects of loneliness on the very high elevation of the highland mountain. This is especially when each person has seen the mist that descends upon them as often as it does. And as quickly too! Of, course some say that; the creature may require some investigation. However, I haven’t found any information where they have done this. Which makes me believe that even the skeletal are afraid to do their deep investigation? At some point, I might come back to this post and see if I can find any info that has been investigated on this! For now, The, two people that started this trend were Wendy Wood & Peter Dem Sham.
First will talk about Wendy Wood who’s one of Scotland’s pioneers of the Scottish National Party. She is also about as rounded about and rational person you could ever meet in Scotland. She too was gripped by a blind panic when walking through the Lairg Ghru Pass of the Ben MaDhui Mountain of Scotland. Wendy had thought after hearing the strange noise – thinking it might have been a fallen climber so she went to see if she could help…Suddenly she was overwhelmed by the feeling that she was being followed by someone or something, with an enormous size!
After that she was so Spooked, she took off down the mountain, not stopping until she reached the Whitewell, Farm which was five miles once she was off the mountain. Wendy Wood knew nothing of this legend. Others did know of it and dismissed it out of hand!
So, what do you believe? I’m just curious?
During the Second War2 there was another Scotsman that was also a grand mountaineer who served in the war2 as a rescue mountaineer. His name ‘Peter Den Sham’ who would located & save pilots who crashed in the Cairngorms mountains-Ben MaDhui of Scotland. In this Encounter Peter Den Sham decided one day in 1945 to climb Ben MaDhui. He arrived at the summit around noon. It was a clear day and beginning the second highest mountain in Scotland it was breathtaking. However, the mist as many have experienced before descended upon Peter so he decided to finish his lunch as quickly as possible and make his way back off the mountain. Peter knew the hill well, so he was in no way disturbed by this mist even though the visibility was very poor. As he set off he soon heard the familiar ‘Crunch, Crunch’. On the top of the Plateau behind him. Intrigued rather than afraid Peter went to investigate thinking of the ‘Grey Man and the paranoia of others encounters. However, the same happened to even Peter. The closer he got to the top of the Plateau he too was suddenly accosted by a sense of foreboding and his desire to flee the mountain was getting intense. It began to get more and more intense the closer he got to the Plateau. Finally, Peter too could not fight the feeling either and his desire to flee the mountain overcame him. Without even thinking Peter’s instinct took over him. He was soon running like everyone else had done (Running without thinking where you’re going). Just thinking in fear that you have to get the hell out off this mountain! You must remember the mountain is a very, very steep, over a 1000+ on the pass where you get down. It’s really not meant for running at All! Mind you Peter is a very experience climber too…So as he was running he was barely missing the steep cliffs of Lurcher’s Crag of 1000+feet down to his death. Peter Den Sham was left utterly convinced that something unnatural was stalking him on top of that mountain!
The stories above are legion in Scotland! I guest most only hear the noises. However, there are some that actually see strange figures.

I have read many accounts of folks living in the area of the Mountain in Scotland. Many have had different experiences. Some, have just heard the sounds, others seen the Creature. And other have been unfortunate to see both and been scared out of their minds. Of, course many theories have been thought of what might be up on that mountain. I myself believe it is a mythical creature. I have always believed that both Scotland and Ireland have had many mythical creatures both good and bad. Both countries are Magical Places to me! There is so many area’s in both countries that have still lots of remote areas for this kinda phenomenon. All I can figure for this is how can two men sitting right by each other see the same enormous creature walking towards them.
And the unexplained noises plus the creepy cold mist the always rolls in when the creature comes to call! The Liath Mor’; The Big Gray Man’; Some see him as an old figure in robes; a giant or even a demon. He also has a Gaelic name in a part of the world where Gaelic hasn’t been spoken for over 150years! Suggesting a long standing with tradition. Indeed, locals have and still do, take the apparition for granted.
It would seem that the ancient times of the Gaelic tradition are still alive in the haunted mountains of Scotland, even if some to the people have forgotten those old days…But the Creature on Ben Mac Dhui is still isolated and a very lonely mountain deep in its granite kingdom in the otherworld. Yet I believe he comes out when people come up to the top of his mountain to protect the ancient times of the Gaelic Traditions. So, he can be either a good/evil entity. In the folklore of the Gaelic Traditions I have done a few. There are a few that range for the hideous like the Nuckelavee which I have done if you want to check out on my blog to the Goddess Morgan too…who is a great one too.

As for the Marvelous Mountain of Scotland’s Highlands. I hope that they remain untouched and keep it a wild area in Scotland. It is a stunning and prestigious place, just the fact that it’s untouched by man. Whether its haunted or not the mountain will hopefully be remained unspoiled for Scotland into the future. Me Personally, I believe in the Grey Man as I believe in the Big Foot & Yeti too. I believe that people are getting to involved with the computer world and forgetting the past and the wonder of old legends and to belief! In them…
I hope that you Enjoyed my first post of 2017 I have always love the legends of Scotland and Ireland could be that I have Scot and Ireland blood... I love you all so very much.
Your friend Wendy always and forever...


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Baku Dream Eater

Baku Dream Eater-
Good Afternoon my dearest friends & followers, Today I thought I would bring you into the world of
Japanese folklore/urban legend. They have so many different stories that are so interesting, so I hope that you like them too! This one is called the Baku the Dream Eater. Which in some ways I could use this spirit if it is a good one. You see I have had bad dreams most of my life and I take medication to stop the bad dreams, which works most of the time. When I started doing the research for this post I tend to look for the images first, this gets my interest going. Then I look-up the legends. I found many different kinds of images of the Baku Dream Eater. Some were even a bit scary as other were more kinder looking. So on with the tale of the Baku Dream Eater of Japan.
In Japan if a child wakes from a nightmare, he/she knows what to do. They been told by their parents or grandparents of the Baku dream eater if they were to ever have a nightmare what to do. And this is what the children of japan do 'Hugging their face in the pillow after they awake, the child will whisper 3times- Baku-san, come eat my dream. Baku-san, come eat my dream. Baku-san, come eat my dream. As you see in the drawing to the left, if the child's request is granted, the monstrous Baku will come to the child's rescue and suck the bad dream away. However, a word of caution- You must remember that the Baku is a monster and cannot be summoned without consequences. What I mean by this is: If you happen to summon a hungry Baku, he might not be satisfied with just a single dream and suck away the child's hopes, ambitions & soul along with the bad dream, leaving them hollow.
What is the Baku Dream Eater-
From what I could discover, the Baku Dream Eater is said to be a legend according to
Japanese. As to how it was created, one legend says, it was the Gods of Japan when they were finished creating the animals of earth- they took all of the odds and ends lying around - then put them back together creating the Baku Dream Eater. What the Gods of Japan ended up with was your classic Baku- the body of a bear, the nose of an elephant, the feet of a tiger, the tail of an ox and the eyes of a rhinoceros. But of course there is the dark side to everything, as there is to the Baku the Dream Eater. As I said earlier in the post, the Baku eats all dreams, not only night mares. This includes dreams of aspirations, dreams of your future and dreams of hope too.
History & Legends of the Baku Dream Eater-
As for the History, legends, & folkloric of the Baku Dream Eater, there are many different creatures of the Baku that have changed over the centuries. It was said in some of the most ancient Chinese legends, the Baku were hunted for their pelts. Why? Well, Some said by using a blanket from a Baku, was a Talisman. And it could be used against illness & other malice evil spirts too.  However, due to the lack of the unavailable Baku pelts and hunting the creatures were eventually none to find...
The Baku was change to an image of the Baku over the bed to afford you equal protection.
During the Tang Dynasty 618 -907, it was very popular to have folding screens that were decorated with the Baku Dream Eater to protect the Emperor & his Dynasty. Later the legend of the Baku  transmitted to Japan. This is where the beast became associated with the Dream Eater Monster Baku that is best known today.
Since the Tang Dynasty the Legend of the Baku Dream Eater has stayed consistent with Japan.
However, I did discover in this post and my research of the Baku Dream Eater that there are not just one way of summoning the Baku. Yes, there's a variety of ways.  

1- In Fukushima they say, if you wake after a bad dream and say, 'I give this dream to the Baku'
    Then that dream will never trouble you again.
2-Other ways of summoning the Baku is if you repeat, 'Baku-san, come eat my dream' three times 
    in a row'. He will come eat your nightmares, A word of caution- You must remember that the Baku is a monster and cannot be summoned without consequences. What I mean by this is: If you happen to summon a hungry Baku, he might not be satisfied with just a single dream and suck away the child's hopes, ambitions & soul along with the bad dream, leaving them hollow.
3-During the Muromachi Period of Japan-1337 to 1573, it became popular for people on their
   death bead to hold an image of the Baku as a Talisman.
4-Finally during the Edo period 1603 to 1868 there were pillows in the shape of the Baku Dream Eater, that were said to protect the sleeper from bad dreams.
Baku Dream Eater in Modern Japan-

Many of the legends have faded away in time, but the Baku Dream Eater has not. It is still a
popular figure in Modern Japan.
It appears in many modern animations, comic books, trading cards too, Although in appearance they look more and more like authentic tapir and less and less like the folkloric monster on the ancient times.
So that is the tale & legend of the Baku Dream Eater of both China and Japan. I hope that you enjoyed the tale.
Love you all. Your Friend Always... Wendy.. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Yuki Onna - The Water Begger
Good Afternoon my dearest Friends & Followers and welcome to the last of my post's
of the Yuki Onna of Japan. I will of course do other legends of Japan but I think I will move on from
the legend of the Yuki Onna. The last of the legend Is the Yuki Onna - The Water Begger.
My you all my dears that there may and probably are more of the legend of the Yuki Onna,
its just these are the ones that I could find. The image Is that of the old style of Japan. I will try to find others if I can. The Water Beggar - Yuki onna Travels on the wind, and will appear on days with a light snowfall. She walks through the small towns swinging a white Gohei wand shouting 'Please give me Water - Hot or Cold!' to anyone she meets. If you give the Yuki Onna  Cold water, she will swell-up is size. If you give her hot water, she melts and disappears all together. So the moral to this legend is, if you ever incounter the Yuki Onna - The Water Begger, it is always best to find Hot water to give her so that she will melt and disappear. This way no-one will be harmed. If she is given Cold water well, you never know how much she will swell-up in size. It could be just a little or huge and then the entire town could be in harms way.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my posts on the Yuki Onna. I will find other interesting legends of the
Japanese folklore for you later.

Love you my dears Your friend always

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Jinshinuwo of Japan

The Jinshinuwo of Japan-
Artwork by bennyb92 at Deviantant
Good afternoon my dears and welcome to my humble blog. Today my dearest
Friends and Followers I have a interesting legend from Japan. The Jinshinuwo the
name of an ancient eel-fish of enormous size. It is in many of Japan's legends & traditions
of Japan too! Many of the older folk have said, that it's so vast that it lies in the middle of the
ocean and it supports the entire islands of the country of Japan on its back. It has
a massive head and is located beneath the city of Kyoto, while its tail is located seven hundred
miles north under the city of Awomori. In order to prevent Japan from failing off the Jinshinuwo back, there is a rivet that goes through a stone in the temple gardens of Kashima that secures the
entire country of Japan, to the beast Jinshinuwo. However, when this great beast of the ocean rolls
or lashes its enormous tail - this is the reason Japan has so many earthquakes and tsunami's.
Gigantic Eels have been around in Japanese folklore & legends for hundreds of years. Even now there are various of locations in Japan that have had reports of huge eels far larger than any known species in their country or any other no today. Workers doing construction on a floodgate on the Edo River, which people have reported seen coming across at a enormous  size. This eels were said to measure up to 2 meters [6.6 feet] long. According to the account, four of the eels were spotted and some of the workers even attempted to capture one, as the eels appeared to be rather lethargic and slow moving in the Edo River. Upon returning to the scene later, they with tools they felt they needed to catch the eel it was discovered that the mysterious giant eels were nowhere to be seen.
It would seem that it happened again from a different lake called Biwa, which is in Shiga Prefecture. This lake is the largest freshwater lake in Japan. In the 1980's there were several reports of giant eels inhabiting the lake.
There was one such sighting that was made by a large group of people aboard one of the lakes in the many pleasure boat cruses that they have on the lakes. The very startled ferry passengers reported seeing several very large eels swimming at the surface far from the shore. They also described the eels-what they looked like for the authorizes - These eels were described as being much larger about 3 meters [10 feet] long, a silvery blue color. They appeared to be leisurely gliding along beside the boat and were observed for around 15min. before moving off out of sight.
Lastly a fisherman on that same lake reported actually hooking and reeling in an eel that was reported to be around 8 feet+ in length. In this case the eel was kept and then eaten. Another fisherman on the same lake reported seeing a similarly sized eel rooting through the mud in shallow water near the shore.
I hope that you, all enjoy the post my dears
I love you all my dears
Your Friend Always

Friday, May 6, 2016


Albanian Dragons 
1-Dreq is the Dragon (draco) proper. It was demonized by the Christianity and now is one of the Albanian
names of the devil.
2-Kulshedra its twelfth year, the bolla evolves by growing nine tongues, horns, spines and large wings.
At this time it will learn how to use its formerly hidden fire-breathing abilites, and is not called a kulshedra or
a kucedra (hudra). The kucedra causes droughts and lives of human sacrifices. Kulshedras are
killed by Drangue, the Albanian winged warriors with their supernatureal powers.
Thunderstorms are conceived as battles beween the drangues and the kulshedras.
3-Bolla-In the Albanian Mythology Bolla which is also known as Bullar in South Albania, is a type
of Serpentic Dragon or Even a Demonic type Dragon-like Creature with a long coiled Serpentine body
Four legs and Small wings in Ancient Albanian Folklore. This dragon sleeps throughout the whole year,
only to awake on Saint George's Day - where its faceted  Silver eyes peer into the World.
The Bolla Dragon does this until he sees a human. Once he sees that human it will devour that human,
then close his silver eyes and sleeps again. The Bolla was worshiped as the deity Boa by the ancestors of
the Albanians, Illyrians. The Bolla also appears in the Coat of arms of the House of Bua Shpata.
Asturian & Leonese Dragons- In Asturias and Leon Mythology the Cuelebres were Giant Winged
Serpents which lived in caves where they would guard treasures and kidnapped Xanas. These type of
Serpent dragons can live for centuries and when they grow really old they use their wings to fly.
Their breath is poisonous and they often will kill cattle to eat.
Chuvash Dragons- These Dragons represent the Pre-Islamic Mythology of the same Region.
Romanian Dragons- These Dragons are called Balaur which are very similar to the Slavic - a very large,
with fins and have multple heads.
Siberian Dragons- These Dragons are related to the European Turkic and Slavic Dragons
Armenian Dragons- Are Related to the European Dragons
Slavic Dragons- These Dragons are very Similar to the conventional European Dragon, but they have
multi-headed. They breathe fire and or leave fiery wakes as they fly. In Slavic and related traditons, dragons
Symbolize Evil. Specific dragons are often given Turkic names, symbolizing the long-standing conflict
between the Slavs and Turks. However, in Serbian and Bulgarian folklore, dragons are defenders of the
crops in their homes regions, fighting against a destructive demon Ala whom they shoot with lighting.
Sarkany Dragons- These dragons are in a dragon human form. Most of them are Giants with multiple
heads. Their strength is held in their heads. They become gradually weaker as they lose their heads. In
contemporary Hungarian the word Sarkany is used to mean all kinds of dragons.
Zomok Dragons- This is a Giant winged snake like dragon, which is in fackt a full-grown zomok. It often 
serves as flying mount of the garaboncias a kinda magician. The Sarkanykigyo rules over storms and bad 
The Worm Hill Dragon- In 700AD the Anglo-Saxons Settled and called it 'Wruenele'this translates as
the Wruen worm reptile or Dragon. According to the local folklore the hill at the Knotlow was the lair of a 
dragon and the terraces around it was made by his coils of his tail. Knotlow is an ancient Volcanic vent 
and may explain the myth.
Welsh Dragons- In the Welsh Mythology after a long battle which the Welsh King Vortigern witnesses - 
a Red Dragon defeats a White Dragon: Merlin Esplains to Vortigern that the Red Dragon symbolizes the 
Welsh and the White Dragon Symbolizes the Saxons -thus Foretelling the ultimate defeat of the English by the Welsh.
Scandinavian & Germanic Dragons- Lindworms are serpent-like dragons with either two or no legs.
In Nordic and Germanic Heraldry, the Lindworm looks the same as a Wyvern dragon. The Dragon Fafnir
was a Lindworm.
 Sardinian Dragons- These dragons are named 'scultone' or Ascultone' and will appear in legends in 
Sardinia Italy. They had the power to kill a human with its gaze eyes/ Its much like that of a basilisk they live
in the bush and are immortal.
Catalan Dragon- These Dragons are Serpant like creatures with two legs (rarely four) and sometimes have
a pair of wings. Their faces can resemble that of other animals like that of lions or even cattle. They have a 
burning breathe too. And their breath is also poisonous, the reason by which dracs are able to rot everything with their stench. A vibria is a female dragon.

¸¸.☆♥(◡‿◡)♥✫¨´`'*°☆.❥•♪♫♥.(: ♥(◡‿◡)♥i❤*☆҉♡☆❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤*☆҉♡☆❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪
♫♪❤❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤◄*☆*°°﹒☆҉☆¸ \( °‿°)/ ☆҉☆¸.✿¸¸.•´¨¯`'•⋆❥⋆❀´¸ ✿ღڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪے❤
`"(✿◠‿◠)˙•٠•●Celibate life♥´Magic Surrounds Us ☆҉☆ƸӜƷ ♪♫♪♫♪❤❤
ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•´ ... ☾ ❤❤☼ღ(◕‿◕
) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ƸӜƷ•❤❤❤☼ღ(◕‿◕.•*""*•.¸ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•
ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•´ ... (◕‿◕)¸.•*""*•.¸


Jakotsu Baba - The Old Snake Bone Woman
Good Moring my dears, I hope that you all are doing well. I have sunshine today so I have been spending a lot of time in my garden but I will keep in touch with you all my dear friends, followers, supporters and readers too. For today I am going to one of my favorite legends and urban legends of sorts in the land of Japan/China. I hope you will find it interesting my dears WENDY...
The Jakotsu Baba - is basically an legend of the 'Old Snake Bone Woman' in Japanese/Chinese  folklore. It is so ancient that one doesn't know which culture it originally comes from. So this is how the tale goes; If you happen to be wondering through the woods at night and stumble
upon something that looks like a carved stone stamped with the symbol of the snake -RUN!!!
It could be nothing... Or you could have stumbled across the hidden grave of the long-dead
Jako Emon, which means that you are seconds away from an encounter with his wife, the 'Old Snake Bone Woman' called Jakotsu Baba. So you all might be curious - What is the Jakotsu Baba?
Well, in Japanese/Chinese folklore the 'Old Snake-Bone Woman's kanji reads exactly that! 蛇-ja-snake + 骨-kotsu-bone + 婆-baba-old woman. It really depends on the region and the dialect that you happen to be in Japan too! So there are other names too! Known as Jagoba- the 'Five-Snake Woman: 蛇-ja-snake + 五-go-five + 婆-baba-old woman. I hope this will give you a little idea of the culture and the writings too.
Also the Jakotsu Baba would seem to origin in Toriyama Sekiens Konjaku Hyakki Shui- 今昔百鬼拾遺, which means in English - [Supplement to a Hundred Demons from the Present and Past]. As it is shown in the illustration to the left as an old woman with her body is wrapped in Snakes. It is said that 'Toriyama Sekiens Konjaku Hyakki Shui wrote:
 'There is an old woman from in northern Funkan-koku -China. In her right hand she holds a large blue snake and in her left hand a red one. The people of this country call her the Jakotsu Baba - The Old Snake-Bone Woman. They say she is the wife of Jakoemon [Five-Snake Emon] and that she holds vigil over the family tombs. She is sometimes called the Jagoba-the Five -Snake Woman-depending on the dialect of the region'
So now that you know a little about the Jakotsu Baba I thought we should go over her Origins.
As I found out about this legend of the Old Snake Bone Woman or Jakotsu Baba I found that little is known about her origins apart from what Toriyama had wrote in his Konjaku Hyakki Shui. It is not known if Konjaku had invented or created the character centuries ago - or if he collected the legend from somewhere or from someone. However, it would seem that Jakotsu Baba doesn't appear in any prior collections in either China or Japan. Kinda makes you wonder but China & Japan are very ancient country's with very long ancient past so one could never tell? There are a few other names that are mentioned by Toriyama - these are - [The Snake Family-云蛇塚- Sadly it would seem that the 'Old Snake-Bone Woman's Husband Jako Emon has never been found in any type of text of either Japanese or Chinese. Nor has either of their tombs been discovered. However, all of these peculiar and particular details give more flavor to this tale. It would seem that the area of Funkan-koku is a region particularly touch by the supernatural & renowned for its mediums and fortune tellers too. Also the Yokai Books from the Showa period expanded on the Jakotsu Baba and moved her mysterious grave to Japan. If your curious about the Showa period, it is said that Jako Emon once was a human, but when he died the sign of a snake was stamped onto his gravestone, hence he became wife of the 'Old Snake Bone Woman' called Jakotsu Baba. To stand eternity guarding over his grave and his wife transformed into a yokai with a blue snake slithering into her right hand and a red snake into her left. She world attack anyone who came too close to her husbands grave. It is said that the Jakotsu Baba doesn't appear often in Japanese folklore.
I hope that you found the tale interesting
love your all very much
your friend always

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