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Friday, November 4, 2016

Real Haunted Houses & the Stories behind them2016…

Real Haunted Houses & the Stories behind them…

Good afternoon my dears, Halloween is pasted but, I thought even though you might enjoy a few Haunted House stories for today’s Post. I found about 25-different kinds. Some are very creepy to downright scary while others are just very interesting. I think Everybody has in their life time, been exposed to some kinda ghost story involving a haunted house, a ghost with or with not a terrifying experience. However, these stories aren’t like many stories that you might have heard or experienced yourself. Putting the urban legends in as some factors, the pure fear, unknown occurrences, pure speculation, paranormal which has been reported for years and documented too. In the passed the Haunted house has been a far-fetched type of thing, but now not so much…There are so many houses across the country and the world that have been found to be haunted to a point that some won’t even go never these haunted houses. There have been a lot thru the 3years I have been posting…It is interesting when I have done a few of these posts on the hauntings of homes across the world. It really doesn’t matter what type of style, time period, ordinary famers to wealthy businessmen, the country you live, wealth, high society families or poor. It is said that many homes that are haunted have a common trait and that would be that someone had died within that house. As for how haunted the house may be afterwards it really depends on how the person or persons died. It can also happen, when a traumatic death occurs in the house such as a murder, suicide or even the occupants inviting a hostel entity in their home without knowing it.  I found this can be the difference between a sighting of a ghost to a very malevolent or even a violent entity within a haunted house. Note; You will find that some of these will have longer statements than others on the haunted homes, it doesn’t mean they are any less important it just means that more has happened in the house…

Sturdivant Hall – Selma Alabama-

The Sturdivant Hall was built in 1856 in the Greek Revival Style, this beautiful antebellum mansion was bought in 1864 by John McGee Parkman. In the years after the Civil War, John McGee Parkman was arrested and imprisoned for cotton speculation. While he was in prison, Parkman attempted to escape but was shot and killed in the process. When his wife was forced to sell their house a few years after his death, his ghost began to appear regularly throughout the house and the grounds. And even today he is seen to this day at the Antebellum Mansion. People often have report hearing windows and doors being opened then shut when no one else is in the house, as well as doors that will close behind people and lock on their own too! The apparitions of two little girls are also frequently seen too! Though their identities remain unknown. We don’t know if Parker had any children before he was sent to prison or if they were to young slaves that had work in the house.

Whaley House – San Diego California

The Whaley House in San Diego was once a private Residence, in the mid-19th centuries. However, it is now a museum that is dedicated to its former owners & the history they created in that home. Part of this house was once rented out to the County of San Diego for use as a Courtroom…which may explain the appearance of several unidentified ghosts within the house. Apart from these unnamed apparitions, the original owner, Thomas Whaley, his wife, one of their children, a little girl, and a convict are repeatedly seen within the house. It would seem the house was apparently haunted as soon as it was built, as the spirit of a man who had been convicted and hanged on the site took up residence in the house upon its completion – The two – story Greek Revival house was designed by Thomas Whaley himself and construction began on May 6, 1856 and then Completed in 1857, the cost of the house was more than $10,000. It was made from bricks created in the Whaley’s own brickyard on Conde Street. The house was the first of its kind in San Diego. It would seem that the Whaley House was originally built where a graveyard once was. Thomas Whaley was of Scots-Irish origin, born Oct 1823 in New York City – Seven child of a family of 10. After taking over his fathers, family business, he left New York for the Gold rush arriving in San Francisco where he engaged in his business. Then soon left for San Diego in 1851. After living there for 2years he married Anna Eloise and they started a life together in 1857 in San Diego in the Whaley House. I thought by telling you all a bit of the history would help understand the haunting of the house. Thomas and Anna had six children, Francis Hinton-1854B, Anna Amelia, Thomas Whaley Jr, George-1860B, Violet-1862B and Corinne Lillian-1864B. Sadly, it would seem their family had terrible lost when their children were very young to even when they were adults on their own…So I don’t know if this all had to do with the House but it very much could have…  After losing two children in the Whaley house, the couple decided to move the family back to San Francisco of 1859, while Thomas turned his affairs over to business partner Frank Ames. By the summer of 1868, Thomas invested some of his new Capital of Stock in merchandise and then headed back to San Diego. He decided to fix up the old Whaley House for his family and then he brought his family back home to San Diego in 1868.

The Bad luck of the Whaley Family continues:

In 1882 Violet Eloise Whaley and Anna Amelia Whaley married in Old San Diego. Violet Eloise had married George T. Bertolacci – Anna Amelia had married her first cousin John T. Whaley, son of Henry Hurst Whaley. It seems that only two weeks into Violet Eloise marriage, traveling on their honeymoon she awoke finding her husband gone. Later she found George Bertolacci was a con man only after her family money. Due to the restrictive morals and societal standards of the time period, Violet never recovered from the public humiliation and betrayal and suffered from depression after her divorce. Corrine Lillian was engaged at the time of her sister Violet’s death, sadly her fiancé broke of the engagement due to the scandal it had raised.

1-Thomas Whaley Jr. born 1856 suffered Scarlet Fever at 18months died 1858.

2-Anna Amelia born 1858 died by fire of their wooden store.

3-Violet-22yr Suicide by shooting herself in the chest with her Dads 32-calibre in 1885

5-Anna Amelia Whaley died 1905 [meanwhile the Whaley house remained vacant in disrepair]

6-In late 1909 Francis Whaley undertook the restoration of the building and turned the home into a tourist attraction.

7-Anna Whaley, Thomas’s widow, Corinne Lillian Francis and George all lived in the old Whaley House in 1912.

8-Anna died at 80yr 1913

9-1yr later Francis Whaley died 1914

George Whaley died in 1928 and last of the Whaley family died was Corinne Lillian Whaley till her death in the house in 1953.

To this day the house remains haunted. It is said that it guests and the staff from time to time will catch a glimpse of the ghost of a Whaley family member who died inside the house such as the baby Thomas Jr. Violet, Anna, Francis, George and Corinne Lillian Whaley too. It is said to be one of the most haunted houses in American. Shortly after the Whaley family moved in, they told the San Diego Union that they would heard heavy footsteps in the house which they believed to be the ghost of James “Yankee Jim’ Robinson, who had earlier been hanged on the property. There were some visitors that reported seeing apparitions of Thomas Whaley or Anna Whaley.

Octagon House-Washington D.C.

It is said that the Octagon House is another very much Haunted House in the US. Let see why? It was completed in 1801 and is a former mansion of the most historic in the nation. It was built for Colonel John Tayloe lll. It was also briefly the site of the French Embassy during the War of 1812 – As Well as the Temporary Residence of our President Madison who signed the Treaty of the Ghent in its Central Parlor.  It was also the home for President James Madison and his wife Dolley on Sept 8, 1814, after the White House was buried down, by the British, during the war of 1812. Today, the Octagon house is used by the American Institute of Architects as a museum, but it has also made quite a name for itself too. Apparently, the Octagon House is also the center of paranormal activity too! Creepy!  These go far back as the mid-19th century’s. The central staircase is the major hotspot in the house. They say it is the supernatural hotspot. What they mean by this is- they would often hear footsteps there along with the saddened voice of a woman. Doors have been locked only to suddenly be found standing wide open. Lights would turn on & off on their own, and footsteps would be heard all the time. From the loudest to the faintest footprints too! There have been even reports of objects that have been seen moving on their own without human interference. I found later that it was the Formal oval curved stairway, that had all the creepy apparitions and a presence of another worldly force that many had either felt or even seen. For some reason The Octagon Spiral staircase seemed to be a portal for either ghostly apparitions or entity’s that sometimes were not very nice is some cases. It has happened also on the second-floor landing, the third-floor landing, the third-floor bedrooms and the garden area in the rear of the home too! Among the eyewitnesses, who have seen these ghostly apparitions & entities – is the curators, other employees hired by the museum and visitors of the museum during the day. These variations ghost stories in the Octagon House in Washington D.C. have been reported and seen for over the last 200+years. There is also the Angled Service Stairway too!

Another interesting thing about the Octagon House was its ancient ghost legend of the mysterious ringing of the servants call bells. It is said that one of the legends was linked to the African American Slaves who once lived there. You see, when the house held bells to summon servants, the spirits of the dead slaves would announce their presence by ringing these bells very loudly. The ghostly bell ringing is believed to have first occurred in the mid-1800s. It was Virginia Tayloe Lewis, a granddaughter of John Tayloe lll, who grew up in the house and recorded this family memorate in an unpublished manuscript… It would seem that the bells rang for a long time after Grandfather Tayloe’s death. And after that everyone said that the house became haunted: the wires were cut and the Bells still rang…In the dining room the servants would come upstairs to ask if anyone had rung the bell, but no one had! There is a story by Marian Gouverneur or actually an account that had happened, who was the wife of Samuel Laurence Gouverneur Jr. who tells the story of General -George D. Ramsay Chief of Ordnance for the United States Army and commander of the Washington Arsenal in Washington D.C. and his experience of the BELLS. This is what happened at the House of Octagon overnight told by the daughters of General George D Ramsay – which it is said upon one occasion their father was requested by Colonel John Tayloe… It would seem that General George D Ramsay was obliged to be absent that night however, he said as a protection to his daughters he had to be there. This is what happened:

While the members of the family were at the evening meal, the bells in the house began to ring violently. General Ramsay immediately arose from the table to investigate, but failed to unravel the mystery. The butler, in a state of great alarm, rushed into the dining-room and declared that it was the work of an unseen hand. As they continued to ring, General Ramsay held the rope which controlled the bells, but it is said they were not silenced still with being held by the General. One gentleman, that was dining with the Colonel Tayloe, when this mysterious ringing began, being an unbeliever in mysteries & a very powerful man, jumped up and caught the bell wires in his hand, but only to be lifted bodily from the floor, while he was unsuccessful in stopping the ringing! So, declared that it was discovered, after a time, that rats were the ghosts who rung the bells; others, that the cause was never discovered, and that finally the family, to secure peace, were compelled to take the bells down and hang them in a different fashion. Among other remedies, had been previously tried that of exorcism, but the prayers, of the priest who had been summoned availed nothing.”

The servant’s bells are no longer in the house, and there are no more reports of their continuing to ring to this day. This legend was established in 1874.

The White House, Washington D.C.

The White House, Well I bet you would never guess I would put the White house in this list of Haunted Houses. However, a lot has happened in this National treasure of house of our Presidents that you might think! As they say the no residence in the country has had a history quite like that of the White House. That was Completed in 1800, sadly burned to the ground by the British in 1812 and summarily reconstructed

Over the last two centuries. Of course, during those rebuilding there were many different changes to protect the house of the president and to help insure the safety of our nation. So really no one knows all that went into the re-built of the white house but the people directly involved. However, through all that construction in the year 1812 of the new White house, it was told through generations and generations of reports of ghosts & apparitions that have come from those living and working in the building including from such sources such as presidents as their family members, visiting rulers and dignitaries too! The most frequently of all the Presidents that have shown their presence is that of President Abraham Lincoln. He has actually been seen sitting on his bed and tying up his shoes, lying in bed with a contemplative expressive, as well as walking down the halls. Also, Abigail Adams has also been seen too!

Villisca Ax Murder House – Iowa 6

This one happened to be a creepy & scary one! I was on the night of June of 1912 that a family of eight people including 6 children were murdered in this house by an unknown assailant wielding ax. The murders, not surprisingly had caused a national sensation.  Even though there were many suspects & many were questioned plus tried in the court of law sadly all were acquitted later. To this day the mass murder has remained a cold case as you say… Either from the violence of the people deaths, or by their unresolved nature or even a little of both, this house has subsequently has become a very active sight for the supernatural. It is said that Apparitions have been seen often and disembodied footsteps and voices are very common occurrences in the home. The sight and sounds of the children that were murdered are the most widely reported with a EVPs and personal accounts indication laughing and then crying as well as some children telling others to hide.

The house is nearly lost among the rolling hills and fields of southwestern Iowa in the tiny town of Villisca where this horrific thing accrued in a house in 1912. It was a quite peaceful place of only a few hundred people that lived in the town – when one terrible tragic struck the town and the enduring mystery continues today. I was a morning of June of 1912, when the horrific mass murder took place that wiped out an entire family of ten. Murder never solved to this day ‘COLD CASE’ WHICH CASTED A SHADOWED OF CHACOS OVER THE TOWN OF VILLISCA THE LINGERS ON TODAY! This dark cloud many not be the only thing that still lingering here in the town.

Pirate’s House, Savannah, Georgia

Now, were in Little Savannah Georgia, one of the oldest known cities with haunted houses. The Pirate house happened to be construed in the years before 1753 when it was first used as a private residence. Sometimes later in the century it became a tavern an inn, which it remained for many decades. Today the building is used as a restaurant with the former inn space on the second floor used for storage. During its time as the Tavern and Inn, it was mostly frequented by mariners and others of the rough sort. It was apparently the site of many Shanghaiing episodes where privateers would get men very drunk or drug them so that they could secret them away through a tunnel and to their ships, pressing their victims into service. Today many spirits from this time period still would frequent the establishment …Apparitions are often seen on the second floor and laughter is heard there as well. The first floor and the basement are also very active, with chairs and place setting being rearranged in the dining rooms and people reporting being suddenly overcome by cold and nausea. So, that is the Pirate house.

House of the Seven Gables, Salem Massachusetts

Now, were’ in one of the most well-known historic houses in New England -THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES…It was immortalized by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel of the same name. The house was built in 1667 and over the many years the house has evolved. What I mean by this is; it has had many additions to the home and then later renovations that had altered the house. There were even removed items and additions until finally being restored to its original grandeur. The house is now a museum and the staff and its visitors which are many often report supernatural occurrences quite often. Some of these occurrences could be, the electrical and plumbing systems to have minds of their own, as lights and faucets would turn on and off unaided. There were shadows and full apparitions that people at the home which have been encountered, including a woman believed to be a former owner and a little boy who plays in the attic.

Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts

Well, my dears I have done an entire post on this House and the famous Lizzie Borden sisters if you are curious. Sometime you’ll have to check it out just look on my labels or just look on my search on the top of my blog and put in Lizzie Borden… Well, as we all know undoubtedly in Massachusetts the Lizzie Borden House is the most infamous of residence. You all must know Why? It’s because the house was the site of the notorious ax murders of the parents of Lizzie Borden and her older sister. Lizzie was the main one who all believed that she alone had killed her own parents and in time even her older sister had come to that conclusion and left her sister, to never speak again. The thing about this case is that there was so much evidence against Lizzie, that she was quickly charged with the crime of her parent murders and sent to court however, even with all the evidence she was still acquitted of all guilt. To this day everyone doesn’t really understand how she got away with it. Also, the fact that no other person at the time was ever charged with the murders, which makes this one of the nation’s most well-known Cold Cases murder cases of all time. To make things even stranger, Lizzie Borden remained in Fall River for the rest of her life, residing in a neighborhood not far from where the murders of her parents took place. It is believed that her desire was to remain close to her parents’ home and held the true even in death. I have discovered a lot about the case over the years and there are many things that were discover after her death. It is said that her ghost has often been seen throughout the house and has been heard laughing on the second floor near the stairs of her parents’ home. Her father and step-mother have also been seen and heard, along with their former maid who had been heard calling for help.

Adam Thorough Good House, Virginia Beach Virginia-

This haunted home dates back around 1720, although previously thought to be much older that it was, this quaint brick cottage was once the home of Adam Thorough Good, a very successful Tobacco famer and businessman. While this story has had a rather uneventful history over the past three centuries, Inside the house it hasn’t been quiet at all. The activity within has been very active over the span of 3 centuries. By this I mean; Two apparitions are commonly sighted there, one being a man and the other a woman, both in the 18th century attire. The woman has been known to carry candles through the house while the man is simply observed passing from room to room, perhaps looking for something. It is said a large group of visitors even witnessed the sudden movement of in animated objects!

Manresa Castle, in Port Townsend Washington State-

Well, we are now in my home state of Washington. However, Port Townsend is quite a way from Kent Washington. This Manresa Castle was inspired by Chateaux in the French Renaissance style. This beautiful former mansion is now a hotel and it was completed in 1892 at the behest of Prussian born Charles Essenes. The Manresa Castle was originally supposed to be a hotel, but his business venture fell through so Eisenbeis turned it into his family home. It remained empty for a couple of decades after his death and eventually became a Jesuit school, before finally achieving its original purpose as a hotel. While throughout the building there are instances of electrical devices switching on and off and doors opening and closing on their own, it seems to be the third floor that seems to be the most haunted of all! Footsteps and voices are often heard on the third floor too! But the room 306# is the most active of ALL! It would seem that a female apparition has been seen and felt quite often on the third floor and in the room 306. The female apparition especially likes to go through guests’ belongings and usually moves things around; she’s often heard singing in the bathroom as well. The dining room and the former chapel, as well as the dining area are very active too! With apparitions of Eisenbeis’ wife Kate often seen and reports of glasses have been knocked over or even shattered all over the dining areas’.

Ann Starrett Mansion, Port Townsend, Washington State-

We are now in Washington State again, at the Ann Starrett Mansion which is an enduring monument to love in the Port Townsend of Washington State. This Beautiful Queen Anne Victorian Mansion was built in the year 1899 by George Starrett for his new wife Ann. They lived happily together in the mansion for the rest of their lives. The house stayed in the family for some time before finally becoming the bed and breakfast it is today. The house exhibits a great deal of paranormal activity, some of which has been attributed to George and Ann. However, the majority of the activity is continuously linked to the nanny they hired to look after their only child, Edward. Both George and Ann have been seen throughout the house, but it is the nanny who has been seen and felt. She’s generally pleasant, but can take offense to certain people. She’s been known to make pictures fall off the walls, pages of books turn and create extreme cold spots within the mansion. Lights get turned off when they’re left on in empty rooms and has been known to thump guest on the head for offensive remarks too.

Cedar Grove Mansion – Vicksburg Mississippi

In Mississippi, there are many Mansions that did survive the Civil War even today. One of these is the most striking antebellum mansions in Mississippi, Cedar Grove which has for all of its beauty, it has seen its fair share of tragedy. Originally the Cedar Grove Mansion was the home of John and Elizabeth Klein. It was also the site of some of the family’s deaths too. One of John and Elizabeth Klein sons was killed on the back-porch stairs when a gun accidentally went off – he was only 17years old. A daughter and two young infants died at the Mansion as well, with their deaths attributed to disease. John Klein would enjoy smoking a pipe and near his study the smell of a pipe is often caught. As for his wife Elizabeth, she is frequently being seen throughout the house, acting as if she’s simply carrying out her usual daily chores. The apparition of a little girl has also been seen coming down the main stairs and footsteps on the back-porch stairs have also been heard too. Apart from all the activity linked to this family, many of the guest have reported seeing Civil War soldiers throughout the house and the grounds – hardly surprising since the house was also a hospital during the Civil War.

 Morris-Jumel Mansion, New York City, New York

This is another Mansion that was built during the Pre-Revolutionary War. It’s also a Revolutionary War landmark of the Era. It was built in 1765 by a British Military Officer & would later feature prominently in the Revolutionary War with George Washington. They even use his house as a headquarters at one point during the war.

It would seem with all this past history in the house, the spirits in the house are a little restless themselves. There were several different, distinct ghosts that have been sighted over the years in the mansion. Most of which seem to be from the Revolutionary period and the early decades following the period. The former owner Eliza Jumel has been seen in the house and the presence of both of her husbands – one of which was former Vice President Burr – have been reported. Ghosts here have a bit of a history with startling visitors. One visitor fainted upon seeing a Revolutionary War soldier step out of a painting and another suffered a heart attack upon seeing one of the houses ghosts.

Sauer Castle, Kansas City Kansas-

The Sauer Castle was built in 1871 by Anton Sauer. Anton was originally from Austria but decided to build a beautiful Derelict Italianate home that was Anton Sauer residence for several generations during which time it was the site of many family traumatic tragedies. In the house two people have committed suicide in this house; while a third, a little girl, drowned in the pool on the property. The original owner, Anton died in his beloved home. With so many deaths in the home. Most of which were not peaceful, the house has become a hotbed for the supernatural. Various disembodied voices have been heard, either laughing, shouting or crying while door often open and slam on their own.

People have even reported having the feeling of being watched and having objects shake or rattle violently on their own around them.

The Sallie House, Atchison, Kansas

There are few haunted house in America that have come to the level of the Sallie House in Atchison Kansas. This Haunted house has a level of malevolency that has put this house on the Map! And as far as even movies and books too. This is one Scary & Terrifying house…The Sallie House was once a doctor’s house, where a little girl named Sallie had died there during a botched appendectomy and her spirit has been there ever since. This is when things got scary and terrifying in the Sallie House. In the 90’s a family moved in the house. This is when the spirit of the little girl, that had died began to create mischief. It started with knocking of pictures down, toying with electrical appliances and leaving a trail of their children’s toys throughout the house. The level of activity escalated to a violent level over just a few months. Originally the family that moved into the Sallie House in the 90’s thought it was the little girl that their child had seen & in the house as a ghost. However, they inevitably learned through a medium that it was actually a middle-aged woman responsible for the violence. It happened to be from all this middle-aged woman’s ghost and all of her malevolence was directed toward the male of the owner to the house. He was being repeatedly scratched and gouging him, leaving deep red welts and scratching deep enough to cause bleeding and bruising all over his body. After this evil entity shoved the male owner/father and almost sent him careening over the railing of the stairs on the second floor, the family finally decided to move out of fear for his life. These activities have been documented by several paranormal groups that had tried to help the family during that time it was going on while living in the Sallie Home.

The LaLaurie House, New Orleans, Louisiana

This happened to be a very sinister and scary house that had a very deep secret within its walls. Delphine LaLaurie and her husband bought the house in the year 1831. They did extensive and extended remodeling for this elegant New Orleans Mansion which was in the height of luxury and refinement for its day in the year 1831…After they finished the beautiful luxury of the New Orleans Mansion the couple had no idea it held a far more sinister secret in its slave quarter and the attic space above. While Madame LaLaurie seemed normal on the outside to her white, high-society counterparts, she was the devil in disguise. Why? Because she enjoyed the sadistic torture and murder of her slaves in private. In 1834, there was a slave that had been chained to the stove in the kitchen. In an attempt to either commit suicide or gain help, the slave chained to the stove in the kitchen stared a fire in a mutilated slave were found, causing a huge backlash of anger that culminated in a large mob descending on the mansion and destroying it entirely. It would seem that LaLaurie had been able to escape from the mob and fled to France where she died about a decade later. However, the aftereffects of her malicious actions are still felt to this day in the house. There are extreme paranormal occurrences have been routinely reported at the mansion ever since the mid-19th century. There are Screams and groans that are heard all the time. Apparitions of chained and mutilated slaves are often seen, much to the horror of visitors. Some have even reported being attacked by what appears to be the spirit of Madame LaLaurie.

Molly Brown House, Denver Colorado

The last haunted house is the home of the famed Titanic Survivor Molly Brown and her husband James Joseph (J.J.) This remarkable Victorian is now a house museum dedicated to her Life. While the museum’s collection is certainly the main feature here, the presence of spirits tends to draw a bit of attention as well. Both Molly and her husband have been seen in the house, with the smell of J.J’s pipe and cigars often reported. Another apparition commonly appears in the dining room and occasionally likes to rearrange the chairs here. The couple seems to have a child who died young and in this particular child’s room the blinds raise and lower on their own. Molly’s mother as well as a former servant are also frequently glimpsed.

I hope that you enjoy  the stories my dears, these were just a few of the 38 haunted homes that I found...
love you all my friends, followers and viewers too.



Monday, August 29, 2016


Powerful Photography's-
In the 20th Century
No period of time has ever been better documented or more influential in the human
history than that of the 20th Century. Why? These are some of the things within the photograph's
that I found that truly so a Powerful Image! Technology, War, Population growth & Freedoms
through the entire Century. In these photo's it seems to reach a zenith kinda time during the 20th century and these photo's have reflected on this to show just how far the human race has come in such a short time in the 1900's. The days of dawned horse carriages and ended with the missions to Mars, handheld computers/laptops. Technology that seemed like science fiction only a few decades earlier. However, I must point out, even with all these short comings through our history into now the 21th century. I feel we have a long way to go. Not so much on the technology but on the human factor. I must say this year all over the world and the US we have had more problems with human compassion than any year that I can remember. So many young men/woman of many different race being kill for no reason at ALL! So my hope & pray for the coming year is that we come together as one people...
Take a glimpse at some of the past of the 20th Century photo's and reflect on how far we have come in many ways...Yet lets hope that the human fact we will do much better at in the years to come!

1939- The Big Apple FlyoverA DC-4
passenger plane flying over midtown Manhattan.
These type of photos
were extremely difficult to
take especially in the late
1930's when this image was taken.
A helicopter had to fly above the flight pattern
as the plane was coming
in for a landing at JFK.

1942- The Women of the Armed Forces-called WAAC
(Women's Army Auxiliary Corps members)
wearing gas masks
as they participate in a training
drill at Fort Des Moines in Iowa.
This image was published is
September 7, 1942. The WAC was
created to assist with operations
during World War II.

1944- The Omaha Beach Invasion
One can never forget this ONE! ON D-Day the 6th of June 1944
there were more then 34,250 American troops that landed on the
beach that has become known as Omaha Beach today. It took less than 24hours for the allies to take back the beach at Omaha, but it came with massive loss of life. The cemetery at Omaha contains the graves of up to 9,389+ military casualties, most of which died in the D-Day landing and ensuing operations. This one day marked the swinging tides of war....

1949-Pablo Picasso
The famous Picasso, One of my favorite artist that I studied in college. In this pic Pablo Picasso used a lighter to draw a centaur in mid-air. This was taken by LIFE MAGAZINE in the southeastern region of France in the year of 1950. The famous painter loved his cigarettes, young women and wine while he work. He was one of the more lucky of the famous artist to enjoy his popularity during his life...And of course after his death his works became some of the world's most sought after Art. Even his old scribbling & notes that Picasso had would sell for millions at auction.

1951-A Country Not Yet Evolved?
This is our Country's worst hour in history of many in my opinion. Why? As one says A photo can say a thousands words/and emotions. Well, in this one image it just does THAT! I wasn't born to see the horror of what the men, woman and children that went through the enforced mandatory segregation in all public places during almost a century ago, which it seems it was called the 'Jim Crow Law' from 1876 to 1965. I myself , my sister and younger brother was born during 1960-1965...I feel so ashamed that being white and young not being able to do anything to help. However in grade school some of my best friends up to college were of all races to the man I married and my dear sister too.
In the laws of the 20th century Whites and blacks were not allowed to mingle in restaurants,
post offices, restrooms, schools stores or anywhere else it world seem. In my opinion it was a very dark time in modern civilization in the US. I don't know honestly if this was the norm around the world. However, African Americans were technically free, that was far from the truth until those laws were abolished in 1965..But are they with what is going on in the 21th century today is my question?
You just have to look at the news and it seems that a young child/teen or young adult is being killed for no good reason at all. So what are we going to do to make the 21th century better as we enter the 22th century?

1989-Bob Marley
I love Mr. Bob Marley Music and his son Ziggy Marley Music too. Bob Marley is of the most beloved
musical artist of all-time. Seen here playing a game of ping-pong between shows in Europe, Marley also fathered many children from women other than his wife Rita. Today those kids carry on his tradition of positive reggae music. His huge list of offspring include Ziggy, Damian, Stephen, Julian, Rohan, Sharon, Ky-Mani, Stephanie, Cedella, Robert, Karen and Mikeda. His Children carry on their fathers music in their own way and keep their father lyrics within their hearts to keep his love for his lyrics that  project his peace and forgiveness in all his songs. People all over the world just move, dance with the music of Bob Marley with their minds and body... There will never be another Man with music like that! He has kept his people of Jamaica and the world inspired even after his death. I have always been curious about how the Man of such beauty and music died of a malignant melanoma skin cancer, that was found under his nail of his big toe, of July 1977. Contrary to what I have heard, that most folks with more pigment in their skin don't have to worry as much with the sun rays however with the OZ layer being damage this could be a false...So contrary to a urban legend it is said that Bob Marley lesion was not the primarily cause by an injury during football batch that years later, might instead have been a symptom of the already-existing cancer. Marley sadly had turned down his doctors advice to have his toe amputated, siting his religious beliefs and instead the nail and nail bed were removed and a skin graft was taken from his thigh to cover the area. Despite his illness, Bob continued touring and was in the process of scheduling a world tour in 1980. Bob had a album coming out to called
Uprising that was to be released in May of 1980. His band completed a major tour of Europe, where it played its biggest concert to over 100,000 people in Milan. After the tour Marley went back to America, where he performed two shows in Madison Square Garden in New York City as part of his
Uprising Tour. Bob Marley appeared at the Stanley Theater which is now called the Benedum Center, for the Performing Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the 23 of September 1980; Sadly this would be his last concert. And it would seen the only known photographs from the show were featured in Kevin Macdonald's documentary film called
Marley. This is what happened; Shortly afterwards, Marley's health deteriorated told Bob that the cancer had spread throughout his body. The rest of the tour was then cancelled and Marley sought treatment at the Bavarian clinic of Josef Issels, where he received a controversial type of cancer therapy (Issels treatment) which was partly based on avoidance of certain foods, drinks and other substances. After fighting the cancer without success for eight month Marley boarded a plane for his home in Jamaica

While Marley was flying home from Germany to Jamaica his vital functions had gotten worse. So after they landed in Miami Florida he was taken to the hospital for immediate medial attention. Bob sadly died not in his home land of Jamaica but on May 11 1981, at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami -now called University of Miami Hospital, at the age of only 36yrs. The spread of the melanoma had gone to lungs and brain which had caused his death. However, his
final words were to his son Ziggy' "Money can't buy Life'
Ziggy and all his brothers and sisters brought their father home where their father received a state funeral in Jamaica on May 21, 1981. It was combined the elements of Ethiopian Orthodoxy and Rastafari traditions too! Bob Marley was buried in a chapel near his 'Kaya', which was on the charts in Britain for 56 weeks. He began to tour around the world and performed in Zimbabwe in 1980 to celebrate the country's independence from the UK. It would seem that Bob was jogging he collapsed and in the examination it was found that the cancer had spread to his brain liver and lungs. One will never really know how, but he's w/God.

1953-The First American Royalty
When the Senator John F. Kennedy became the President of the United States, then brought his
new bride, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy to his side, to be in the Grand White House. The US would see a different era for a brief few year that was called the Kennedy's Royalties of America. I was only born in 1960 so I really don't remember any of it but the sadness of my parents on our huge black and white T.V in 1963. They say it was the first glimpse we world get of what would be called the
Camelot era. No other President in history has ever been able to captured the imagination of the world like the Kennedys' Sadly their Camelot era would not last long. 1953 -1963

1963-Dr. Martin Luther King
This is another great Man who had a DREAM THAT ALL WOULD BE EQUAL IN THE EYES OF GOD AND OF ALL PEOPLE. Well, I wonder sometimes as the great Martin Luther King in heaven above looks down if he is sad at what he sees. I am humble to his speech's that he said around the world. For civil rights and to address the racial tensions in the US. I thought we would have gone so far by now. Yet when I think of his speech 'I have a Dream' then think of this past year, I wonder I pray that the Dream will happen. This speech happened on March Aug. 28, 1963. In a form of a huge crowd that gathered during a march in Washington D.C. The Mall in Washington D.C was the location that the Man with the Dream 'Change the world when he delivered his famous speech'
I Have a Dream' speech to over 250,000 people who came to watch the civil rights leader address
racial tensions in the United States.

The Hydrogen Bomb Test-
This is quite a creep/scary sight to see. It's amazing
that a photography was even taken as a Test. They said it was 
a Hydrogen Bomb. Which was truly a 14 kiloton nuclear bomb, called
'Charlie' which was part of a project 'Operation Buster-Jangle' It took
place at the Nevada Proving grounds on October 30, 1951. Little was known
about the effects of radiation and what effects all the many soldiers
who had took part of the test on that faithful day. However, it was found that
many not if all the soldiers who were part of the tests later became stricken with
cancers that couldn't be stopped and all died at very young ages. 
I am just thankful that my Uncle and father that server in the war were
not required to be one of those soldiers who were part of the test. However,
my Uncle was in the Vietnam War and died of cancer from the effects of
Asian Orange. However, my Dad served in the Cold War is doing just fine...

1947-Roswell New Mexico UFO
Roswell in New Mexico is been a story that the government /military has hidden from the
public for over 70+years and I believe it will continue until they can't cover it up any more. for
some reason they all feel us human public just can handle the true that is happening out there in
the big skies above us. Well, After all this time you would think they would open their eyes to see
that they can't hold the lie much longer but they must think they can. Even with all these history channel shows with real evidence and movies with the sci-fi films books too. But no still they fill we can handle the true. The newspapers and the military all told the same story; They found a UFO,
yet one day later the military changed its story and the mystery only deepened as the country wanted
answers of what really happened at the crash site. Stories of alien technology and alien bodies
were told and recanted but the fact remains that after that incident is when our country started great
advance in tech, aircraft's and computers. Coincidence? I don't think so!!!!!!

2011- The horror of the Tsunami of Japan
I do remember watching this on T.V. and it was horrific. The tsunami
off of Japan off the Oshika Peninsula was the fourth largest earthquake ever
recorded at a shocking 9.0. I never thought I would see or hear about a earthquake
in my lifetime. The resulting disaster that came after the 9.0 earthquake in the form
of a Tsunami was in the northern portion of Japan + it destroyed a Nuclear Power
Plant that is still leaking  radioactive fluids. It has created it has been the worst nuclear
disaster even the one in Russia in history of the world because it hasn't stopped or it hasn't
been contanted like that of Russia's Nuclear disaster.
[Nuclear Power Plant that is still leaking radioactive fluids into the surrounding seas
each day (day and beyond; they haven't been able to figure out how to stop the leaking
of the radioactive fluids into the surrounding seas to this day since 2011]

1965-The Greatest fighter Ever
Muhammad Ali is that One! Muhammad, is one of the most iconic images
ever taken in so many roles he played in his life. One role that I will never forget is later on in his life- 1979 senor year at Arlington High school a surprise visitor at the end of school. I went to the field not known who it could be... then I say 3 to 4 huge black limo drive on to the field with lots of police cars. We were to sit be quite before we got to see are visitor. And guess who came out of the main limo. Yes it was Ali Yeah! He was there to give us a motiveative speech. It was the best thing to happen in highschool. There were no photo's because it was a surprise but I will never forget it. Till this year 2016 when the lord brought
him home. In this he stands over his defeated challenger Sonny Liston while shouting something
lost to time. The fight was short, only lasting a minute in the first round. While this titanic moment seems so powerful, in the video shot, it only last one tenth  of a second. The colors the feeling and the
moment stands as one of the most perfect sports moments ever caught on film.

1915-Babe Ruth
This is one of the rare photo's of a young Babe Ruth. The photo was found in 1988
in an old forgotten attic of all places, tucked inside its original envelope Wow! What
a find who ever did find it. The things people find in their homes is amazing!
There were two photographs of Babe Ruth, this amazing portrait and one of him
throwing a ball during warm-ups. Ruth was only 20 years old in this photo while he
was playing for the Red Sox.

1977- Happy Day
The top shows in the late 70's and early 80's was Happy Days. The show look back at a
simpler time in American history and gave our country a strong feeling of
nostalgia as we watched Arthur Fonzerelli. Which showed us what the real image of cool
looked like or what we thought it did? Campy and corny, the show will always hold a
place in the hearts of Americans.
I remember watching the show, and I truly though that is what it was like
in the 50's... So I asked my parents and they said it was a more nostalgia look of the 50's
but still fun for all to watch...

1981-The Reagan Assassination Attempt
This was a scary thing even thought I didn't vote for Reagan I would never want to see
any president live be attempted assassinated like it was in 1981 when I was only 21years old.
It was Monday March 30, 1981 Ron Hinckley Jr walked up to President Ronald Regan
and then opened fire, shooting the president once in the mid section and shooting James Brady
in the head. Here we see in the photo secret service guards take down the suspected shooter
who later admitted he had done it to gain the attention of actress Jodie Foster.
Now I understand why the actress Jodie Foster has been so private all these years with all these craze's doing these things for her love... I feel sad for her...
As for the President he recovered fully, as for James Brady he didn't come out as well
he did survive but he didn't go back to his position in the white house. However he did live with
respect for a long live most didn't think he would have..

1955-James Dean & his Porsche
It would seem that James Dean loved his Porsche 550 Spyder so much that he died in it.
Why do I say this, well this photo was taken not long after Dean was speeding down a
California road and lost control of his Porsche 550 Spyder. He died at the scene/I have seen the car
crash many year ago and by seeing it Dean probably died on impact. After the news of  one of
the worlds most popular actors death spread across the globe, one couldn't help think what if?
'What if he didn't have that car? What if he was saved by from the wreckage? We will never know those answers and the loss of Dean is still felt today. Note there are so many Great Actors and
people that are killed in fast cars... That we will never really know the answers.

1962-Brothers in Arms
In a tense photograph, which happened to be caught on film, President
John F. Kennedy confers with his brother-Robert F. Kennedy, then the Attorney General of
the White House. What they were talking about was the height of the Cuban missile crisis
which was between the U.S and the Soviet Union. It became so Intense that the countries were
within hours of a nuclear war....
I think this is the scary photo because of the meaning behind it!

1964- The Day the Beatles came to America!
It must of been a huge time, from what I heard, I have seen the old pictures
of young woman and girls screaming and fainting just to get a glimpse of the
Beatles. I was only 4yrs old but when I was a teenagers I too enjoyed their music but
never to the point the women and girls did in 1964.
They went on the Iconic Ed Sullivan show where he introduces a new band to America;
The Beatles; This photo was caught during a rehearsal for the Beatles first American
appearance ever on the 'Ed Sullivan Show'. in 1964. Ringo Starr, George Harrison Sullivan, 
John Lennon and Paul McCartney-The fab Four were watched by a record 70million viewers.

2004-The Tsunami in Maldives,Thailand, India and through Sri Lanka
This is other Tsunami that I will never forget besides the one in Japan.
In 2004 a wave rose and crashed on the shores of Indonesia meaning; Sri Lanka,
India, Maldives and Thailand. Many of the Maldives and Thailand were full of
native people and tourist right on the beach with no idea what was coming and coming
very fast and also enormous. Besides the beach; full of tourist resorts, hotels etc; there
were huge villages that stretched for miles and miles. Underwater there was a earthquake
that triggered a massive wave that overtook the Indian ocean that killed over 250,000+people
in one afternoon. Some were never found because they were taken out to the sea. The people
of those highlighted places never knew what was coming no warning just a massive wall of
water with such force that it took out entire villiages, huge tourist resorts and hotels. People
all alike would do all they could do hold on to something so that the waves wouldn't take them
out to sea. Or some would do all they could to help others. The photo yu see is just the
being of the horror. Most don't have no idea what is to come or what monster is behind them.

1971- The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones have been playing music together since 1962.
The group has made some of the greatest rock n roll music too. With dozens of hits like...
Satisfaction, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger have become rock legends... Today they still
perform to sold out across the globe.
They are a great group and have been around a long time however, there are a few other
groups that have been together just as long too so I just couldn't say that were the best all around rock n roll group. And besides I do like a few of their songs but sorry their not my favorite.
I did find that in 1964, Steven Tyler formed his band called the Strangeurs later Chain Reaction-
in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Perry and Hamilton formed the Jam Band - commonly known as
"Joe Perry's Jam Band. which was based on free-form and blues. Hamilton and Perry moved to
Boston, Massachusetts in September 1969. There they met Joey Kramer drummer
The Rolling Stones were in the vanguard of the British Invasion of bands that became popular in the US in 1964–65. At first noted for their longish hair as much as their music,
The reason I put both Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones is that I wanted you all to decided who you think is the all time band.. In my opinion its Aerosmith the Brooklyn boys...Why? Because both have been playing about the same amount of years give or take 2 years.

Millions of Americans took to the streets to buy their last legal drinks from
liquor stores and saloons on January 16, 1920, as prohibition took hold of the nation.
The next day the 18th Amendment outlawing 'The manufacture, sale or transportation of
intoxicating liquors' took effect and changed the country for 12 years till it was repealed. During
that time bootlegging and organized crime became prevalent as Americans wanted their old
familiar Friend ; Booze.

1976-Happy Birthday USA
The 200th Anniversary of the United States enjoyed a year long party celebrating the nations
birthday on July 4th 1976. The country came together after years of war with Vietnam and
strained race relations. If even for the day, the country celebrated togetherness and independence
in glorious fashions around the nation.

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