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GREEN MAN-Raymond Robinson

Green Man-Raymond Robinson
Raymond Robinson - Green Man
This is an odd story but, what makes it so odd and kinda frighting in ways is the fact that it is a true story. It isn't a folklore or urban legend. Its about a horrible tale about a man's life journey and how he was in the most terrible accident that changed his life!  Actually till the day he died. When doing this tale I could only find the one image and for that I am truly sorry since usually I am able to find more. When I found this tale I felt for this man Raymond and how he most of felt so sad and alone all his life after the horrible accident that had caused him to live a live in hiding because of what it had done to his facial appearance. He was given the horrible names too, because the only time anyone would catch a glimpse would be very late at night in Koppel, Pennsylvania, and it was common to see the horribly disfigured man walking down the darkened streets at nights. He was given the name Charlie No-Face and or Green Man for reasons I do not know just yet, I hope by the end of this post I will have a answer for you.
Raymond Robinson was born in 1910 and at the age eight he was trying to view a bird's nest on Morado Bridge. This is where the terrible accident happened. At a tender age of only eight he touched a power line, to get to the bird's nest which electrocuted him. And in 1910 having being electrocuted and it causing the horrific facial injuries which never properly healed was probably do to the time he was hurt in 1910.  
Raymond T. Robinson was born Oct. 29, 1910, in Beaver County, but little is known about his early years. He was a son of Robert and Louise Robinson, and the family lived on the outskirts of Beaver Falls. Robinson's father died in 1917, when Raymond was 7. So Raymond at age 7 only a year before his fatal accident had lost his father, the year before. His mother that was widowed that year who had married her brother-in-law, who was a widower and between them they had seven children, including Raymond before the dreadful accident the following year. So until the spring of 1919 Raymond Robinson was your typical kind of the 1900's. He would swim in the Beaver River in the hot summer days, hang out with his playmates around the Morado section of Beaver Falls and like ever typical boy at the times liked to take dares with his friends. However, Raymond would never realize how much of a dare would change his life for ever at age 8-age. On June 18, 1919, Raymond and several of his friends were heading for the swimming hole on the Beaver River like they always do every day that summer, when they came upon the Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler and New Castle Railway Co. bridge spanning Wallace Run. It seems that the bridge that was always there, was torn down years ago and has been replaced by a Route 18 highway bridge, that was connected to Beaver Falls and Big Beaver. Now the Harmony Line, as it was known had regular daily trolley service between Ellwood City and Beaver Falls. 
If the boys crossed the Beaver River at Koppel and paralleled the river as it made its way south into Beaver Falls. It came to a dead end just over the Wallace Run Bridge in Morado, where Passengers transferred to Beaver Valley Traction Co. trolleys serving Beaver County.
You are probably wondering where this is all going with the young boy Raymond and his friends at the swimming hole. But don't loose faith I will get to that part of the tale, my friends & Followers. These trolleys lines ceased operations in the 1930's.

Ok I think I found the part where it tells about the young boy Raymond and his friends in 1900's and the terrible accident that changed his life for every at age 8-years old.
[Note Bill Fronczek of Peters who had done extensive research on the Harmony line for
the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington, Pa, is said that Harmony trolley were powered by over 1,200 volts. and the Line form Ellwood City to Beaver Falls which opened in 1914 which featured a main transmission line carried over 22,000 volts AC. so this will give you an idea why the boy Raymond was so terrible disfigured and almost died].
So the Wallace Run bridge would have carried both voltages, in the 1900's - 1,200 volts and 22,000 volts. So the massive wooden structure was an attraction for local youths, like that of Raymond and his friends to go play in the hot summer days in the late September of 1918. There was another Beaver Falls boy before Raymond and his friends - Robert Littell age 12 who died from bad electrical burns he received while playing  on the bridge with his friends.
But it didn't stop their curiosity, even though the boy that died was much older that Raymond and his friends. So Raymond and his four companions knowing about the fatal accident still ventured out into the span at twilight on June 18, 1919. All of them were probably 8-10 of age. However, a newspaper had said it was account that the boys were looking for a birds nest high on the bridges structure.
This is what the Beaver Falls Evening Tribune re-creation of the following conversation between the boys; 
[' Who will see how many bids are in that nest," young Robinson said. "Not me, for there are electrical wires up there and a little fellow was nearly killed up there six months ago,'' one of his companions replied."Well, I will find out,'' Robinson said, and he began climbing a 'girder'' (The Daily Times of Beaver reported that he climbed on a box). But he went to far and Robinson was
horribly burned by the high voltage. It was amazing the young boy survived. The Beaver Falls paper gave the young boy little chance for survival. 'Their Headline 'MORADO LAD, 8 SHOCKED BY LIVE WIRE, WILL DIE''
However, even though the newspapers of the time didn't believe the young Raymond would survive, as he was in hospital for over a month, he started to show improvement against all odds. The Doctors all said that the young boy was a miracle.]

Well It may have been a miracle that the young 8 year old Raymond had survived the horrible accident but, he was scared horribly for life at a tender age of only 8 years old. His face had looked as if it had been melted with a blow torch. His eyes and nose were gone! His lips and ears were terribly disfigured. Finally Raymond left arm was burned off at the elbow. Also his upper torso was burned and scarred. It was amazing said the Daily Times which was the last to report on the terrible accident dated Aug 16, 1919, They said that in spite of all his affliction the boy was in good humor. Well that was at 8 years old.  According to a nephew 
Robinson would carry that trait for the rest of his life even with all the terrible stuff that had happen to him.
Uncle Ray~
Well it seems that Raymond had spent most of his young life in Pittsburgh hospitals after his release from the Providence Hospital. And from there he had hundreds of surgeries to try to improve his appearance, however according to his nephew who wanted to remain anonymous for fear that curiosity seekers would show up at his door step, non of them really worked. Family members cared for Robinson until the last years of his life, when then he moved to a nursing home. His family didn't talk much about how he look and nobody really though about it. Uncle Ray was Uncle Ray and that was that said his nephew and they all loved him.
He never discussed his injuries of his problems said his nephew, It was just a reality and there was nothing he could do about it, so he never spoke about it or never complained about either. Raymond wore a prosthetic nose that was connected to a pair of dark glasses. He also received help from the sparse social services which was available 24-7 to him. Since he was blind he new rudimentary braille and passed his time his time at home weaving rubber door mats and making leather wallets and belts. Raymond also had a collection of metal puzzles consisting of horseshoes and other hardware that he deftly worked to the amazement of his young nieces and nephews.
He loved to listen to the radio and kept a shortwave in his bedroom. He also had a old phonograph on a stand by his favorite easy chair in the living room, which he would spent hours listening too. Raymond would spent most of his time indoors however, sometimes he would venture outdoors, to help with chores, he liked the push the old fashioned manual mower across the family lawn. The other was and favorite was hiking in the wood around his home. Since he was blind he would always take a stick to guide himself, on the gravel path.
No one would bother him or at least the locals, It remained that way until Raymond started to walk at night.
Things were going find till Raymond decided to start walking late at night between Koppel and New Galilee - behind his home. After that, Robinson established a routine. Several times a week in good weather, he would grab his walking stick around 10 p.m. and head outside. He walked for miles, and he usually stayed out until after midnight. Raymond's Mother hated it and was very concerned. She would plead with her son not to go out that path at night for fear that the people would come. However, he would go anyway. He was an adult, and his family couldn't stop him. Whether it was for exercise, or to talk with people other than his relatives, the family never knew for sure. What they do know was it caused no uncertain amount of worry and anguish for the family. His mother couldn't sleep until he returned. If he came home before 11 p.m., things were fine. If he didn't, the entire household was out looking for him. The nephew recalled family members walking the road in the middle of the night.
Sometimes he would be gone all night!
Well the family of Raymond worst nightmare did come true. Word soon spread around that there was a strange man walking around late at night in the area of Koppel and New Galilee and soon local teenagers began to drive out that way to get a look at their beloved uncle. And from there the story snowballed across the country and everybody wanted to see as Raymond was now being called Charlie No Face or Robinson the Green Man. It was scary to see scores of cars loading up in their uncle area of Koppel-New Galilee Road in search of their Uncle Raymond that they all have now called Charlie No Face. Bring beer and cigarettes just to get a look or a few word with as they though the legendary figure which was really a kindly man that just wanted to take a walk out side of his home with a badly disfigured face from a horrible accident as a child. The Robinson's family never understood what drew the crowds. They resented the derogatory nicknames and particularly disliked the fact that people gave him booze. Alcohol was never consumed in the Robinson home. The sad thing about all of this is, Raymond would  occasionally get drunk and lose his way. Once his family found him on the side of the road. He had spent the night in woods and crawled to the roadside after hearing traffic. Another time, they found him lying in a farm field. The incidents only served to increase their worry. Doing this post I truly felt for the family and I never understood people how they treat people that are different. Just because Raymond had the disfigure doesn't mean you can treat him any lest of a human being. He just wanted to have a walk outside I truly felt for this family and was angered by the people that did this to Raymond and his family and the awful people that had the gull to ask if they could hire Raymond for the freak show i would had kick them in the butt!!! It got really bad said his nephew adding that he nearly cam to blows several times with people. Because people would pull up right to the house at all hours of the night honk the horns and shouting they wanted to see You know!
After that he had a quiet life as far as I know, at least I pray that he did with his family.
he was a very kind man.. even with all his issues..  He died on June 11, 1985 seven days before the 66th anniversary of his accident at the Beaver County Geriatric Center, now Friendship Ridge, in Brighton township where he spent the last few years of his life. he was buried with the same young boy Robert Little the other Beaver boy who was fatally burned on the bridge nine months before Raymond. in Grandview Cemetery.
Robinson stopped walking Koppel-New Galilee Road several years before he moved to the nursing home, but his legend is permanently ingrained in the folklore of western Pennsylvania. I hope that Raymond had peace in his later years..

Fairy Herbs~

Fairy Herbs~
Faeries siting watch humans
with her herbs to made sure they
do the right way of using them.
In this post today my dear Friends & Followers I have some Ideas on Fairy Herbs!  I have always been curious about what how these herbs can sometimes help humans and other times  can be harmful. So sit back with a warm cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the story. It is said that the fairies are quite skilled with healing powers the herbs that they use. Some of these herbs that they use, will share with the humans, but only the ones that are kind to them especially if they look after their fairy infants. 
In Russia, it is the Rusaika who offers this knowledge! It is said that some of these faerie healers attribute their experience to inter-breeding with faerie folk generation centuries ago. Knowledge was not only given  to the humans of which plants were use, they also were told when they should be harvest by the Fae. 
They seem to gather the herbs mostly at midnight when it was the safest time of the 24-hour period of an day, also they Fae liked this time because of the dew is covering the plants or at dawn. It seems to make the herbs more magick of sorts. The faeries also would be heard to look for herbs during the time near midsummer solstice too. This was a very important time for  the Fae bothe faerie and elves. Making the right selection of rose or flower petals and roots of plants are very important and the gift of the fairies would be to see one sitting upon a toadstool where you might be looking for herbs. However, if yu break a branch from the wrong tree or use a herb incorrectly and you may be struck down on that very spot where the faerie was sitting and you will never see a Fae again.
Here are a few of the different Kinda Faerie Herbs that will either protect you or if used incorrectly will you know what will happen!
Rue- This herb makes British and Persian Faeries alike powerless; Whey? Well I will tell you why! Grasp two handfuls to escape their world to wear the dried leave of this herb Rue in a little bag around your neck; this should get you out of their realm if you want this. Another 
trick, indoors with the herb Rue is to rub the floors with it to send any spirits flying away. Also Rue is used medicinally to strengthen the eyesight, of humans though there are no reports stated whether it brings fairy worlds into focus for humans. 
Wormwood~ This herb is found in the shade, and is one of the most important herbs  of the Fae's ointments. It is used to put an enchantment spell onto a human or to remove the enchantment spell on the humans. The herb can be consumed but if eaten to much of his herb it can cause to much stimulate to the brain. Some have said who have taken too much of the herb Wormwood stimulate the world will turn blue, then yellow. They have said that the herb Wormwood in one of the ingredients of La fee' Verde Absinthe, its fameist for its narcotic like effects. The herb was known to repel Evil some say. Faeries are said to fear this herb wormwood and would fly away as soon as they would see it in the woods.
Its repelling properties is most popularly expressed in it s folks used as a worm and flee the tonic. Who would carry a sprig in their pocket at night to insure safe passage through the dark woods, especially in Russia, where it is supremely effective against the Rusalka. 
Wild Thyme~  If you every gather the wild thyme! from the side of a faery hill an d wear a sprig or use the tops in a potion that enables you to watch the faery world, especially if you sleep out! When placed under the pillow, it keeps away the night mare- night this be related to its use as a respiratory tonic and to relieve muscle spasms? Medicinally it is valued for anti ageing properties too.
Wood Sorrel~ This fairy herb is used in Fairy and Elf spells, it could be because of its triple leafed habit. In the 19th century this herb had magick properties that were co-opted to the 
Christian Trinity, though it retains the nickname FairyBells. Interesting Eh!
Yarrow~ The Yarrow Herb is an protective herb plant against fairy glamor and a potent wound healer too. It will also help with speeding recovery too! It cannot be harmful with supernatural forces, miraculously until midwinter. Also its good to hang over the cradle for human babies to give them powers of prediction and is used in love divination. At the Harvest at noon on a sunny day near a full moon for concentrated potency is the only way this herb will work its best.
StitchWort~  This herb if picked may caused you to be pixie - led warn people in Devon England Since it is a plant considered, special by fairies.
Elecampane~ This herb has a aromatic root, that is an active very active and used by the fairy world and their magick. Other names for this herb include are 'Elf Dock and Elf Wort. It Grows or is Scatter around the home if you fancy drawing the little fairy one in your home. Also elves have also have a fondness for the lavender herb, or elf leaf as they world call it. 
Ground Ivy~`Well the Ground Ivy is called Lady Wilde , some say. And that it ground ivy safeguards against spirits and is a cure for many fairy ills. 
Clover~ The Clover Well many of fairy love this herb why because this plant is also know as the shamrock and the Tom Thumbs which gain some of its supernatural powers in the weather prediction and fairy love. From the sacred to not so sacred. If you are lucky to find a four -leaf clover of even better a five-leaf cover make a wish, place it in a hat or behind your ear and your will see faeries some have said.
Similarly if you contact an ointment of an four - leaf clover or an amulet containing  a clover and seven grains of wheat. Clasp a clasp a clover also to extinguish fairy glamor. You must be very wary about faulty herbs of the Clover - the old leafed clovers have a most potency when you stumbled across one of these rare herbs rather than activity sought out and those who carry a clover are considered fair game for fairy enchantment.
Mugwort~ The Mugwort is an charm herb plant, which if placed in the shoes during journeys and famously worn proudly in the Isle of Man. Scene of much fairy lore, on the national day, July 4. Mermaids love this plant and will occasionally used in a similar way to the herb wormwood. I hope that You all Enjoyed the Fairy Herb Post  my Dear 
Friends & Followers 
Love you all my dears 

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Haunted San Francisco - Scary Story of Golden Gate Park's Haunted Stow Lake
Lady of the Lake
Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California is pretty well-known for its paranormal stories. If you believe locals, it is so full of spirits that you run the risk of crashing straight into one while jogging. They might as well rename it “No One Is Alive Here Park.” But one ghost story has been the most popular and circulated, ever since it appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 6, 1908. That’s the story of the Ghost of Stow Lake.  

I thought you all might like another interesting urban legend myth, this one is more of a ghostly kinda one but it has the Golden Gate Park as part of the urban legend too. I hope that you all find it interesting.. The story is said to have a few various starting points, however when I started looking into the legend I discovered that the main story was of a mother of three children who lost one of her children in the Stow lake that drowned from a boating accident. It seems that someone had took the mother and her young toddler on the Stow lake for a boating trip and her toddler accidentally fell into the lake; in a panic, the mother jumped into the water to rescue her baby. Sadly both her and the young child drown in the lake in the late 1800's. There was another version that was told in the 1920's or 1930's about a woman that become pregnant. Of course in those days a single woman pregnant in the 1920's isn't a good thing. It was highly look down upon. So the young girl decided to hid her pregnancy from her family and everyone she knew by disposed of the baby. So she killed herself in the Stow Lake.
These are the two versions and the only ones of the Ghost lady of the Stow Lake. It is hard to say which one is true since it was so long ago and there was no records of this young woman. There is only sighing over the many years of hundred's of people who claim to see a woman late at night searching for her baby around Stow Lake, Haunting her only home the tourist lake in the Golden Gate Park where she died so many years ago. Her spirit never able to be at rest since she is always searching for her lost child.
The woman was usually described in the same way every time. She was seen wearing a dirty white dress, in some cases she was seen soaking wet. She has long dark hair, with an anxious look on her face and is always wandering on the lakes edge. Sometimes the woman is also seen on a hill adjacent to the lake, known as Strawberry Hill too! 
There have been Countless witnesses that have seen this ghostly woman and their  descriptions  of her, have all been the same over the 100 years.
Here are a few stories that I found of true folks and their experience's creepy stuff!!!

1-i went to the lake last night  thinking the story was fake, we parked next to the 2nd bridge and turned the truck off. in the silence we heard someone humming. so my boyfriend and i got out of the truck while our friend,Jeff, stayed in the truck. i put my hands on the bridge and my boyfriend said that i started to hum a song and froze for about 2 minutes. while i was standing there Jeff and Paul were yelling my name, i didn't even hear them, i was fixed on something in the lake that caught my eye, it looked like a little girl dressed all in white reaching for me to help her out of the water. i couldn't even walk away from the bridge because i had forgotten how to walk. then i ran to get in the truck and we left and drove around again and got out of the truck again, this time at the first bridge. i put my hands on the bridge and the humming got louder then we saw a cloud of smoke approach the bridge so we took off. then on the way out we slowly pulled up to the second bridge we stopped for a second and we saw a cloud of smoke come in front of the truck and went back and forth in front of the truck and the humming began to start again. we got out of there so fast that i don't think i ever want to go back there again.i belive the story now.
2-Man, I was there on Halloween too!  Just a couple hours ago actually... I must say.. I didn't experience anything that you guys did, but that place scared the life out of me and my friends. We couldn't find that bridge, but we went to the side of the lake and walked around. It was rather weird.. like you just get this weird feeling. Then we left... Then we went to the statue... we actually walked around it... and was messing with it but tot ell you the truth, i felt the most chilling feeling on my spine, no joke. Man, i must say that that place is weird. The statue didn't move.. and I didn't want it to but yeah... It's a scary place.
3-I went to the lake about 3 or 4 years ago with my ex-boyfriend David and his friend named david S. I was very skeptical but at the the sametime intrigued and curious about the legend i was told. I was told that the woman drowned her two kids in the lake and in her despair, grief, and guilt is doomed to wander the stow lake site for the rest of eternity in search of her children murdered at her own hand. I was told if you go to the lake with no more than 3 people after 12:00am she will come to you and ask you if you know where her children are if you say you know where they are she will drown you in the lake if you say you do not know where her children are she will pass you by. On this particular night all three of us were looking for a rush. Armed with a baseball bat in the trunk of Davids car. We stood before the statue laughing and cracking jokes. After about 3-5 minutes of doing this David S said "hey shhh you guys i think i hear a baby crying!" David and i laughed and called david a wimp amongst other names. However david and i got quiet for 30 seconds and heard a baby's cry coming from inside the statue! we got scared and ran back to davids car. Later that same night we went back with two other friends and nothing happened. Perhaps because we had too many people with us the ghostly being was too shy to come out. It is true that you hear the baby's cry theres no mistakening that when three different people hear it all at the same time.
 Well I hope you enjoy the 
creepy legend of the Haunted 
Stow Lake

Love you all very much 
my dear Friends & Followers 

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