Monday, March 30, 2015

The Legend of Shon ap Shenkin-

The Legend of Shon ap Shenkin-
Shon ap Shenkin returning home
This is the legend of a young man called Shon ap Shenkin who was waling about one hot summer early in the morning and heard the most captivating melody he had ever heard. It would be the last thing he would hear too. What the young man didn't know, the music was coming from the faery's that was just finishing their nightly faery dance.
Shon ap Shenkin loved the music so much, he decided to sit down beneath a beautiful young green leave tree that was just starting its growth. He thought just a few minutes wouldn't be to bad, then he would get back to he daily chores that his father and mother needed him to do. You see he lived on a farm up in the woods.
As the music died away and there was no more enchanting melody Shon ap Shenkin stood-up and was ready to get back to his daily chores. However, to his surprise the once young tree that he was taking the very short nap under, had withered and died. It didn't stop there! When the young man returned home to his parents home, it looked strangely different. There was an odd older look to it an there was ivy growing all over it. As he move closer to the house he saw an older man standing in the doorway. So Shon ap Shenkin, decided that he would see who this old man was doing in his parents home.
Once he got to the entree way of the doorway where the old man was, he started to tell him who he was first; he told the older gentleman that he was Shon ap Shenkin and he had just left his father and mother's house/ this house just a few minutes ago. So he couldn't understand why the house looked so old and had ivy growing all over it. Well the old man had to say Shon ap Shenkin name once again. Then he asked the boy his name to make sure that he got it right. And the boy replied Yes my name is 'Shon ap Shenkin' why do you seem so anxious?
The old man suddenly became deathly pale and replied to the young boy, and said
'I often heard of my grandfather, your father speak of your disappearance'.
At those words Shon ap Shenkin the young boy that finally made it home, crumbled to dust
on the doorstep. 
Even though this was a tale that was inspired by the great story writer Washington Irving. I wrote the tale in my own interruption. I have always love the tale and I hope that you all do.
One should always be wise of the power of the Fae. So if you ever happen to 
been is the Valley, forest, or woods and here a most enchanting music that you have
never ever heard before my advise is, close your ears and leave the area.
It is always best to be invited by the Fae. That way you can go home
to your family or have the journey of a live time.
I love you all very much my dearest friends & followers 
Have a wonderful evening  

This tale was one of many tales inspired by Washington Irving.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Good Afternoon my dears and Welcome to 
WendyTales, my time personal time with 
you all to either tell stories, my own experiences in life or 
even helpful hints from my own garden. 
So for today's Sunday Post I thought I would 
tell you More about my Journey
~My Journey~
So find that cozy chair and a warm cup of coffee or tea
 and have a sit and I will give you a bit of a tale about me.
Well last we were together talking about my Story 
I was telling you how I told Mark my husband of 18 years at a 
card store with our four year son, who is now
15-years old now. That I found out I had Breast Cancer.
Also that we as a family had a rough December, Christmas, but
made it as best as we could for ourselves and for our son. 
We really didn't know what lied ahead of us in January of 2005 when all
the craziness started and really didn't slow down till 2009. Now
It is not as bad just slowed down.
I still have health problems and other issues at a younger 
age that I never thought I would when I took my vows 
'through sickness and health'
However the key to all this is having a strong 
For today Sundays 
I thought I would go back a little farther  so you can see how 
important my family [parents, brother and sister] and 
my Family my husband and son are to me. Plus my dear 
friends and many other sisters that I have 
Paula, Cynthia, Agnes, and so many more 
that have got me to where I am today.
For today I thought I would start with a story that my
father told me.... I found it to be kinda fun I hope you like.

It was 1960 in Oakland/California and my parents had to rush there first 
child over the bay bridge at 2:30 am then they came to the train
that was coming. I kinda remember my momma saying 
 if my father doesn't bet the train he will be delivering his first 
child here in the car. Well you don't know my dad but 
he got me! hehehhe to the hospital safely, bet the train
and I was born just after he park the car. 
I guess I wanted to make a grand entrance into the world.
I was born at 3-am on Dec 7  1960
I guess there was another faults alarm two day prier to the day
I was born. My parents had said that I held up the entire 
BAY BRIDGE because I gave them the faults alarm that 
I was coming and they had the police stop the entire bay bridge
to help my parents get to the hospital 
Well as you know by my two stories it wasn't till the next few days.
So I hope you like my next stories of my beginnings 
I will tell you more next time 
I love you all my dears 

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Painted Gourd Birdhouse

Good Afternoon and Welcome my dearest Friends & Followers
to my Saturday TipsFromtheGarden...
For today's Saturday's Garden Tips, I found two interesting 
and fun things you can do for you gardens for the spring
since its SPRING!
~First one is Creative Bird Houses~
Since this is the grand time for bird watching & birds are
looking for homes. 
Here are few ideas that you can try;
1-A Birdhouse made out of an old broken
Cuckoo Clock.
2-There's another idea that you could try, an old 
fashioned kerosene lantern.
3.A Birdhouse made out of old licences plates is another idea.
4-Since its Spring you can always try dried out Gourds.
They can make great bird houses.
5-Finally you can always make a birdhouse out of your 
many scraps of wood for a very creative Birdhouse. 
~Second Idea is making Junk into Treasure~
What I found was this Treasure to share.
Have you every seen those lighted Christmas deers decorations during
the holidays? That folks put in their yard during the holidays. Well there are
other ways of using these when they have gotten old or
you can look for them at salvation used stores, garage sale etc. 
Once you find them, you strip off all the Christmas lights, spray the whole
frame with brown paint. Then fill it with many different sizes of rocks one
at a time; until the frame is full. 
So I hope these Ideas are fun and helpful for your Gardens
for this Saturday TipsfromtheGarden
I love you all very much 

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