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Niagra Falls Froze Over! 2014

Niagra Falls almost Froze over, And
Looks Spectacular!
Jan 8, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Huldra~

The Huldra~
The Huldra is said to be many different Legends/Myths the first one that I came across is the beautiful human looking troll from Norse folklore. These female Huldra trolls usually have long blonde hair and some were a crow feather around their body as flowers. The only thing that separates her from humans is the tail of a cow which is why most men flee when they see her. 
She was known to seduce young unmarried men and take them into the thick mountains, where she wouldn't let them go unless they would marry her.
However, if a man did marry her in a church - In the name of God as the tales were told, she would then suddenly turn into a ugly woman,but return she would and gain the strength of ten men if not more.  She would lose her tail too. 

Another Tale of this same Female Huldra Troll~
It is said that the Huldra is much smaller than that of the Jaette Troll. The

Huldra trolls are usually very beautiful blonde women and often
naked, most of the time. They look very human like - The only thing  that would show that they are a Magick Creature or Troll is their tail which they will hide. These beautiful women troll - like humans will use the environment of nature in which they live and protect to make clothes to hide their tails. So that they can lure men as a human female. 
Their species have been known to untreated human males by their beautiful voices and their love appearance too.
Sometimes even naked to do their bidding or simply as mates or pets.
These Huldras will hold the poor males under a spell for many
many years. Sometimes males are released or some manage to escape and they can be often found wandering in the deep wildness, not remembering what had happened to them or the time that has laps by.If you are adventurous and want to hear the huldra's song, then you need to travel to a place called  Myrdal, located nearby Voss in western Norway. Then take the Flamsbana railway train. Remember to fasten yourself to a rope to the train, because somewhere in the
middle of your travels down the emerald waters of Sognefjord you will hear the song of the Huldra or even get a glimpse of one of these naked beauty's who will be calling upon you to come them. And you won't be able to stop yourself.. Sometimes the rope don't even save you.

In the legends of the Scandinavia, there is another type of
Huldra called
a Slattenpat or a Jotun Huldra troll. It was also called the Wild Hunt for these female trollkin. These Huldra Trolls are not beautiful human-like, in the above  described, of  the first legend of these Magick Creatures Trolls. The Slattenpat Trolls are best described as massive in size, hideous looks, with breasts so long and shaggy that she slings them over her shoulder to run faster. She has large pointed ears, brown spots all over her body, quite hairy all over and two horns protruding from her forehead.

Another Type of  Huldra; is the Scandinavian Elf Huldra. These Magick Creatures inhabit the Woods, Bogs and Hills. They are also known as

Skogsra mainly in Sweden and Ellefolk -Danish. These
Huldra's are young women and are described as stunning and very beautiful. Almost to strikingly beautiful, but they have a hollow-tree  trunks as their backs. Inside their hollow-tree trunk back is where twigs, dead leaves of even worms and maggots might live. You can even see the skeleton spinal cord right through their backs. This would make sense to me, why they are the Elfin Huldra; I believe that no other Creature could live with an opening like that.. Of course, this is only my opinion  These I believe these are the most beautiful of all the Huldra trolls..  
It is also said that these Elfin Huldras seduce and enthrall men with their dance. There are legends of men joining these beautiful Elfin Hudras in dance, then losing their sense of time [this could be a day; two a year; two hundred years] And the dance is death. Being that they are Elves and of the Fae World; they always leave a faiy-rings of mushrooms growing wherever they have danced.

Finally the last Huldra that I found Is a Humanoid with fox ears and fox tails, and sometimes Not always as the legends goes, their backs can resemble an old tree bark. Now this could be either hollow or not. She too is the Keeper and Protector of the Woods and Forests. As all beautiful Huldra's, the Fox Huldra will lure men out into the forest just as the others.. I found this one fascinating. I hope you all do to my Dears.
I found it interesting that there were many different types of this Magick Creature if you will. 
I hope all is well with all of you much love -ooooo)
Your Wendy 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Bronze Dragon-

The Bronze Dragon-

The proud Bronze Dragons are the guardians of the timeways throughout the different dimensions and  parallel worlds. Protecting time from interlopers, restoring them to their proper place and maintaining the balance of time throughout the universe. It is said that when the Bronze Dragon is not traveling through the passageways of the Caverns of Time and keep the Balance, they can be most often found in deserts or in the coastal regions. 
Bronze dragons are very cunning, much like, their cousins the Blue dragons and value wisdom and patience over all else. Its their duties of guardians of time and keeping the balance of it, that gives them this patience through the centuries of time. 
Bronze dragons exist only, to keep Time in a flowing stream. So that all events will happen in the order as fate intended them to.
Bronze dragons have been sensitive to the flow and balance of time throughout the universes for decades. And possibly today. Even in their deep caverns underneath the vast sands of the deserts or caves by the coastal regions, these guardians of Time can often be found maintaining and repairing as mortals by entering the mortal world.  All this just to keep the balance of Time throughout the Universe. 
The Bronze dragons are often solitary dragons. They can best described as aloof and introspective, constantly thinking and debating options in their minds. Bronze dragons are often, if not most commonly seen in the mortal communities.
They disguise themselves [shape-shift] and join the mortal societies for extended periods of time, often without ever revealing their true identities, possibly for the reason of just a way of keeping the balance in a closer way of doing his job. It is said that Bronze dragons sometimes become very actively involved with the communities of humans that they have joined and will lend a hand in order to maintain the safety of the present world at large. These dragons will keep monitoring how events impact the progress of how fate affects the worlds and universes too. 
Their Physical appearance-
The bronze dragon is quite fierce in appearance, despite its good nature.While most of its body was a reflective bronze color, the
wings are often tipped with green. They have three large horns protruding from each cheek, pointing back towards his tail. These tips are black and are very sharp, and are often used for grooming. The tongue of the bronze dragon is that of a purple-gray, long and pointed, but not forked like that of most of his cousins dragons.He
has a large frill that runs down the upper part of his neck. They can
smell like that of a sea-spray. These dragons possessed the ability to alter their form as I had said before, as shape-shifters. They can assume the appearance of any type of animal or humans when they chose to.
For an Example; A friendly dolphin that saved a drowning child; a mercenary sailor eager to fight pirates; a diver specializing in searching undersea shipwrecks for possible treasure - all these things could be a Bronze Dragon in a different form/

As many of these dragons uses their abilities to shape-shift into many forms of what they may what do blend into the mortal world. They have even used their abilities to get closer to an enemy of theirs to target them. They always say it is best to have your enemies closer and the Bronze Dragons can do so without being seen with their shapeshifting ability's.
Combat- The Bronze dragons are often fascinated with battles, especially fighting to defeat evil, they have a strong moral compunctions against killing living beings unless absolutely necessary. These dragons will often join a good aligned armies to fight the forces of evil, either in human form or their own. 
In battle, their weapon of choice is to breathe if in their dragon
form - a repulsion gas, which is so putrid that it will force absolutely everything away. They also like to relocate a foe to a remote location where it can do not harm when possible. But when the Bronze dragon is absolutely forced  to kill and there is no other way, the dragon is a deadly dragon into his enemies. By roasting his enemies with bursts of lighting or ripping them open with its claws.
The Bronze Dragon Breathe weapon is;
Well he has two separate breath weapons. 
1-is an electrically similar to a lightning bolt 
2- is that of a cone of gas with that make the mind feel a great repulsion to the dragon.
History- These  dragons enjoyed observing and interacting with

other animals, but mostly especially humans.
They will go out of their way to them - the humans even shape-shifting and living among them for sometimes centuries.All along
the humans never knowing that they are in the presence of a  grand Bronze Dragon. During these times the dragon never seeks for payment for their help in any form. They always sought justice as best they could. They could not abide to see any creature being treated with cruelty of any sort. 
Now the older the dragon, the more pronounced the passion for justice becomes. They are probably the most social species of dragon, and often swam and play together in groups. These dragons also love to attend human festivals and their parties which they always attend in a human form.  These dragons are also spiritually connected to Silver Dragons . 
They are able to speak with animals, create food and water, make fog, control the water and the weather and detect thought.
The Lair - Most  of the Bronze Dragons are often found along the coastal regions of the world. They like to dwell along the sea, or deserts regions of the world. When they have made their homes along the coastal regions it is to make use of their aquatic abilities, while staying close to the human settlements. These dragons are exceptional swimmers and have quite the Lair's by the sea as they do in the desert too. As the coastal lairs are usually above the water level and they preferred to make their lairs in an island volcano.
Mating-the bronze dragons mated for life and the duties as
parents are a serious as a parenting on both parts. They both protect their eggs at any cost. And lay the eggs in a dry cave and is relatively warm environment for their young ones.Upon hatching they are protected by both  parents and taught by both it matures.
This is the beauty of the Bronze Dragon
I hope that you all Enjoy this most beautiful Dragon as I love all
Dragons in my blog. I will be looking for more interesting dragons to add to my blog for my continual quest on my Love for the
Much love to you my Dear! 
Your Wendy -ooo) 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tale of the Bakunawa Dragon-

This is the Tale of the Bakunawa Dragon-
It is said that it is the cause of Eclipses. Also during the ancient times Filipino's would believe that the Bathala created the seven 
moons to light up the skies, but then the Bakunawa dragon was so amazed by the beauty of these seven moons that would rise from the oceans, that he swallowed the moons whole, angering Bathala and causing them to be mortal enemies. 
To keep the Bakunawa moons from be completely being swallowed up, the ancient Filipinos would go out of their homes with pans and pots and would make noise in order to scare the Bakunawa into spitting out the moon back into the sky. Some of the people in the villages would play soothing sounds with their musical instruments, in hopes that the dragon would fall into a deep sleep. 
There were other tales of the Bakunawa who was a sister in the form of a sea turtle. The sea turtle would visit a certain island in the
Philippines in order to lay her eggs. However, locals of the islands in the Philippines - In ancient times soon discovered that every time the sea turtle went to shore,  the water seemed to follow her [the Sea Turtle  sister of the Bakunawa Dragon ], thus reducing the island's size each time she came to lay her eggs. This worried the people of the island very much. They worried that their island would eventually disappear, if the Sister turtle kept coming to their island to lay her eggs. So the locals of the Island had a plan to kill the Sea Turtle.

But the people of the island had no idea, what would come of their actions, because when the Bakunawa dragon found out of their plans for his Sister Sea Turtle, well one could only image as one protects one's sister as being a brother for a Big Brother. 
Bakunawa arose from the sea and he ate the moon. So it was pitch black when the sun would set everyday. This made the people of the Philippines Islands very afraid, specially at night since now there was no moon to give light on the tiny island.The people decided pray to the Bathala to punish the creature, but Bathala refused. Instead the Bathala told the people of the tiny island, to bang some pots and pans in order to disturb the Serpent dragon. 
The moon was then regurgitated up while the Bakunawa disappeared, never to be seen again. 
The people of the tiny island, where the Sister Turtle laid her eggs is said to still exist even today. Some sources say that the island might just be one of the Turtle islands. This is of course just one of many tales of the Moon Dragon in the Philippines culture. I hope that you Enjoyed this tale of the Moon Dragon and his Sister the Sea Turtle of the Philippine culture. 
I hope to find many more legends on many more Different Dragons 
For my Love of the Dragon!
Much love to you all my dears!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Yellow Dragons-

Yellow Dragons-
I thought I would do another Post on the Dragon!

For the Love of the Dragon!I haven't done one in a while and TheYellow Dragon is just as Beautiful in his own way as his cousins.
The Yellow Dragons love the desert and they prefer area's of the sand, 
wind-swept, and desalinated places. They are most comfortable in the daytime temperatures of the hot  desert sun of 105 plus+ degrees.  Although these Yellow dragons can easily survive in subfreezing temperatures in the deserts at night fall too. So in some ways the YELLOW DRAGON! Is quite versicle, compared to his cousins of the either Black Dragon, Purple Dragon or even the Green Dragon.
The Yellow Dragon scales at birth are a tan color and have no luster of shine or shimmer, like that of his cousins of the Purple Dragon, Gold dragon or even the Red Dragon. This is to their advantage, for they don't reflect in the light very well, as well as their teeth and claws. As adults  and as the dragon ages their scales will change to a desert yellow sand color, but they lack the luster and shimmer.  This becomes a great camouflage for the Yellow Dragons in the hot desalinated deserts. This way they can get a huge jump on their prey you could say! 
The Yellow Dragons are very Solitary, Selfish Creatures that form no close bonds with any other dragons including other Yellow dragons! They are highly territorial too! The only time that they'll let another Yellow Dragon into their territory is to Mate! Which is quite rare! The mating of the Yellow Dragons could be odd you could say, compared to some of his dragon cousins'. When there is a rare mating  within the hot deserts of the Yellow dragon, immediately afterwards, the Male and female dragons will separate never to see each other again. The mother of the yellow dragon will raise the offspring, but wont' go out of her way to protect the young dragon from any attacker's or prey. 
The young yellow dragons usually will leave home before they reach juvenile age. This makes it hard the young dragons to survive. It is probably why the yellow dragons are such rare dragons. 
When the young yellow dragons leave home their main enemies that they will  face is the Brass Dragons.
The Yellow Dragon Breath weapon is that of a cone of scorching
air and earth. His Spells are silence [ he can move along the desert sands as quiet as a mouse you could say, to catch his prey] Other Spells are; he can either create/destroy water. He can improve invisibity and make a wall of wind or stone. 
The Yellow Dragons are fierce and cunning. They are also very good fighter even if forced into a situation where direct combat. In this type of situation they will use the spell abilities which they have many. 

I hope you Enjoyed my Yellow Dragons!

For my Love for the Dragon...!!!

I am thinking of doing some more of my Love for the Dragon.
I found some new material on different dragons for you my dears
love you all 
Wendy -ooooo)
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