Friday, January 3, 2014

Yellow Dragons-

Yellow Dragons-
I thought I would do another Post on the Dragon!

For the Love of the Dragon!I haven't done one in a while and TheYellow Dragon is just as Beautiful in his own way as his cousins.
The Yellow Dragons love the desert and they prefer area's of the sand, 
wind-swept, and desalinated places. They are most comfortable in the daytime temperatures of the hot  desert sun of 105 plus+ degrees.  Although these Yellow dragons can easily survive in subfreezing temperatures in the deserts at night fall too. So in some ways the YELLOW DRAGON! Is quite versicle, compared to his cousins of the either Black Dragon, Purple Dragon or even the Green Dragon.
The Yellow Dragon scales at birth are a tan color and have no luster of shine or shimmer, like that of his cousins of the Purple Dragon, Gold dragon or even the Red Dragon. This is to their advantage, for they don't reflect in the light very well, as well as their teeth and claws. As adults  and as the dragon ages their scales will change to a desert yellow sand color, but they lack the luster and shimmer.  This becomes a great camouflage for the Yellow Dragons in the hot desalinated deserts. This way they can get a huge jump on their prey you could say! 
The Yellow Dragons are very Solitary, Selfish Creatures that form no close bonds with any other dragons including other Yellow dragons! They are highly territorial too! The only time that they'll let another Yellow Dragon into their territory is to Mate! Which is quite rare! The mating of the Yellow Dragons could be odd you could say, compared to some of his dragon cousins'. When there is a rare mating  within the hot deserts of the Yellow dragon, immediately afterwards, the Male and female dragons will separate never to see each other again. The mother of the yellow dragon will raise the offspring, but wont' go out of her way to protect the young dragon from any attacker's or prey. 
The young yellow dragons usually will leave home before they reach juvenile age. This makes it hard the young dragons to survive. It is probably why the yellow dragons are such rare dragons. 
When the young yellow dragons leave home their main enemies that they will  face is the Brass Dragons.
The Yellow Dragon Breath weapon is that of a cone of scorching
air and earth. His Spells are silence [ he can move along the desert sands as quiet as a mouse you could say, to catch his prey] Other Spells are; he can either create/destroy water. He can improve invisibity and make a wall of wind or stone. 
The Yellow Dragons are fierce and cunning. They are also very good fighter even if forced into a situation where direct combat. In this type of situation they will use the spell abilities which they have many. 

I hope you Enjoyed my Yellow Dragons!

For my Love for the Dragon...!!!

I am thinking of doing some more of my Love for the Dragon.
I found some new material on different dragons for you my dears
love you all 
Wendy -ooooo)

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